DEMON SENDS IT In Front of Cop at TX2K Meet! (GOT BUSTED!)

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This meet was wild! Tons of crazy cars, a couple of sends, people foot racing and placing bets, and much more! Enjoy guys!
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  • That GTR sick

  • Respect the law and all...but you could tell they were waiting for the baddest of the outlaws when they hopped on that demon

  • Blur the plates i would of checked u if u recorded me with out blurring my shit cuuuh

  • *Love* this vid (and others like it), and I cannot stop playin' that good ol' Demon (at 11:00) section -- just LOVE that acceleration sound it has!! But I must say, my _other_ favorite is that Corvette at 9:45 -- I mean, is that raw POWER or what?? (Like the one guy said...that guy was *bookin' it* !!) ;-)

  • Mopar Slopar. We all know the Chevy easy wipe them out. Light weight.

  • .j

  • Wish we had events like this in GA or at least get some hear say where they are!

  • I counted like 100 mustangs

  • I would have walk all of them for money :(

  • way to many shit stangs

  • Robert lovely

  • Forza horizon 5 needs to be in the US . I would love to be in Texas with a Lamborghini svj

  • Texas is where ITS AT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Y’all fucked up 😂 complain when they don’t do nun but say “go get em” when they give y’all sum 💀

  • Looks like the bombshells on 249 in Tomball

  • Why do cops hate cars

  • These make my heart happy. Thanks for sharing.

  • I pass by that Restaurant Bombshell all the time on the highway. I did not know they had car meets there. I need to show up at one of the gatherings.

  • Man it's 2020 and he still hasn't taken that 🍌 off!

  • Does a half send get a half ticket ?

  • Even Texas has gone to shit.

  • Just a pieces of shit none of them can contribute to society

  • That demon barely even took off, those cops were just trying to ruin the fun.

  • Gq in my city rn

  • Mopar drivers aren't very smart

  • I'm a simple girl,,I see a car I click...

  • 11:00 demon takes off

  • can't have chill car meets because people do these take offs

  • Demon should’ve ran. Ain’t no way in hell they would catch his ass 😂

  • I can’t help but notice how cordial that law enforcement is with you guys unless folks start acting stupid. I actually don’t think they would be as nice in the quaint 4 traffic light town I live in..:

  • Hide yo wives, hide yo kids, that’s a lotta crowd killers.

  • the corvette rev at 3:20

  • What the fuck is wrong with cops in modern times? So the fuck what someone did a burnout..... They always wanna try to arrest someone and steal from them. Write a ticket , and STFU. They always act so pissed off and angry like its not OUR fucking road anyway!

  • Social Distancing anyone?? nvm this was in march XDXD

  • "That thing was bookin' it" is 1940's slang for haulin' ass. Just sayin'.

  • Man i really love all these cars , i want one of my own but idk which i want 😭

  • Sure enough, you get a bunch of car lovers together abiding by the law, and the Po Po got nothing better to do, but mess with people having fun. I mean, go bust some families not 6 ft apart or not wearing masks in the FooFoo nail salon!

  • Mans just had 100k today n already got 104k CONGRATS BRO❗️❗️💯

  • No doubt about it-you know your cars!!! Impressive.

  • Mustang heaven .

  • Yessir

  • Love the cars. Hate the waste of time cops always seem to dole out on us gearheads... Go solve some real crimes.

  • Yooo I just saw that C8 being unloaded off the car carrier up in Katy, Texas not far from Tomball where you’re based. Sweet ride and the first one I’ve seen out in the wild and not on a dealership lot.

  • Red dodge demon: barely squeaks tires The police: 🚓🚔🚓🚓🚓🚓😡😡

  • You guys deserve way more subs

  • enjoy seeing all these super nice cars. brings back memories of when I grew up in the 50's and 60's and 70's young folks were into the cars of that era. GTO, 442, Chevy II, Chevelle, early corvettes and mustangs, 55, 56, 57 Chevy's with modified big block engines. Plymouth fury, Plymouth super bird with the hemi engine, Barracuda, engines with 2 4 barrel carbs or 3 dueces traffic on the local interstate was light at night and we could run as hard and as long as we wanted or late night drag racing on the 4 lane. speed was a drug, young men wanted fast cars, pretty girls and smooth whiskey and I see that hasn't much changed. stay the course, have fun, be safe, make memories

  • Wanna hear someone say the words "KAREN" and "BROTHER" wayyyyy to much?!? Watch this video!! Not hating, much respect for showing up for the kids and for pissing "karen" off some more. But dayyuummm ... if Karen was a drinking game, we'd all die of Alcohol poisoning

  • I subbed mid video and now feel like unsubbing because you stopped recording at the foot races why would you stop there!? Lol

  • 4:55 I’ve met Steve Hall before. I don’t live far from Provo and he often drives his projects down University Avenue

  • Dodge Challengers are so hot

  • Why can’t their ever be a moment like 2fast2furious where all racers run and run while cops all over the place now that’s what you call actual car guys helping each other

  • Your videos are fukin lame

  • You got great content love from Illinois

  • Dam Texas boys love straight pipes huh?

  • Camaro's are the best my dream camaro's are the 1985 Iroc-Z28 , the 67 Camaro rs , the gen 5 Camaro and gen 6 no 2nd or fourth gen for me. 1st 3rd 5th and 6th gen camaro's are my favorite

  • 11:20 Seems that was the high octane rice sake.

  • I love cars of all types. I love American muscle and what America is creating in America. This is a celebration of American muscle.

  • DEMON SENDS IT nah bro he definitely didn't. Stop putting up bs titles for views jerkoff

  • Too many shitty mustang's.

  • I'm only here to see pink neons on black cameros 😅

  • Its not choppin its loping.

  • Dodge drivers are stupid and they drive stupid.

  • why the fuck did he get pulled over

  • Always made sure to get a letter in writing from the property owner ahead of real big meets. Show it to the cops and send em on their way

  • Sir, I like your style. The birthday drive-by was what landed me being a brand-new subscriber. I like how you don't hate on anyone's ride or style. You are a good man sir. Figures you're from the state that still teaches respect still. Texas!!! I'm in DFW but still good people thru the entire great state. :)

    • Houston Texas represent!

    • Random man Chad Same, literally just subscribed off that same video 🤝

  • Thumbnail - 11:00

  • i’m sure it went something like “is it cool if me and a few friends chill in the parking lot?” they look outside.... holy fuck!😆😆🤙🏻🇺🇸

  • Cop: u got pulled over for speeding. Driver: bruh that’s called accelerating 😐 Cop: stfu, here a ticket for u.

  • Alright some more dudes! Jk. Good vid! Can't mess with the Texas streets and of course the law:/ Them cops didn't have anything better to do. Of all the other shit that goes down at that town, you guys were the primary suspects at a car meet with zero violence! Pathetic cops.

  • This was kinda click bate bc that’s a demon and that was not full send but still good video

  • Yo Dre, I got somethin' to say

  • This why houston livee yall cant mod cars like us

  • Smart with the title lol i watched it all waiting for Demon send! Great video

  • Hey man what camera did you use??

  • Hey! a meet where the famour crowd killers didnt wreck!

  • Florida had these types of car meets but fucking kids in thier hondas ruined it all!

  • 10:58 😷😷

  • This is basically how cars would go to church

  • Serious policing for profit for real, that should be the illegal part.

  • Dope video, but I’m confused af. Someone explain to me plz why he said they were gonna hit the streets of Guadalajara ??

    • Enrique Lopez because they’re law abiding citizens that would NEVER race on the streets in Texas. (Sarcasm galore here.) Hope that explained it even though super late hah.

  • Demon clip at 11:00

  • That bombshells is the newest location at that spot that's not their lot The other restaurants and movies probably bitched because the little dick convention in the parking lot was hurting business. Also I enjoyed the view from my back yard when. DPS shut that shit down with the helo a few hours later.

  • 11:00 cops hating had to be a tough guy pulling the gut over and probably wrote him a shlew of tickets so he'll have to goto court and get paid overtime.

    • Methinks those cops will be getting their quota for the _year_ ! (Let alone the *month* !) :-O

  • Thanks for the love on my c5 😌 and yea I know, she books it for sure ‼️💪🏼

  • So many Mustangs lol

  • those cars look like little girl cars

  • Can someone tell me why you get pulled over for open acceleration

  • I wouldn't call that squeal "sending it"

  • In all honesty that demon would've smoked that constable

  • he lost all control of that situation much like his car did in front of that thinking.

  • Boring.

  • Demon sends it at 11:00

  • Bad ass cars till the guy rolls in with 10,000 dollar car and gaps everyone them .

  • Man f*** the cops!!!😒 #StreetRacingIsAmazing💪

  • 4:39 no

  • Good Vibes in the End 👍🏼✅👌🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  • I can 100% confirm this is not a miss leading title.

  • “RUN IT BOY!” 😂😂

  • That Demon literally BARELY tapped it . Cop was hating or wanted to check the car out.

  • man he really “sent it” with that demon😂