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Today we check out the Speed Advocates meet, a low-key meet by choice to keep the craziness away. This insane mud truck had to be the star of the show. The tires were almost as tall as me and it sounded like a jet engine spooling up when it started moving. Lots of other fun things happened too like the TrumpStang and the Aventador shooting flames! Hopefully you guys enjoy!
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  • I like the hot rod

  • Your shows are really great. You are kind of the opposite of the Internet. You are nice, positive and seem to be happy. I really enjoy your work. Thanks!

  • This is how car meets should be

  • I was so surprised that through out the whole video I saw mustangs or Shelby’s and they are my favorite cars

  • Am I the only one that thinks the ballerina dancing dude in the vids he gay ASAB.

  • Just bought that signal blocker for my wifes daily 17 civic si, thanks for discount! 👍

  • Thank U 4 videoing all these cool automobiles. I like them all. BUT U made year. I hope I get the year right with that 1964 Shelby Cobra 427. It is awesome! Keep up with the great work.

  • that laugh tho with the dude in the orange shirt

  • What about if they hack the anti hacker? 🤔

  • Hey, that’s my Ferrari 360, thanks for catching it on video. The entire car was wrapped like the back panel when I got it, just left that for now so I won’t forget how much worse it could be 😅. I got an exceptional deal on the car due to some cosmetic issues and will be bringing it back to its former glory as I have time.

    • Cars Across Texas - Good eye! It is indeed Blue Pozzi and the interior is Cuoio and blue. I was lucky as this one already has a Tubi exhaust so the noise it makes is pretty epic, I need to take it to the Washburn tunnel here soon and get some sound clips.

    • Awesome man! I have a soft spot for those, one of my favorite sounding Ferraris! The spec otherwise is super clean. Is that “Blu Pozzi”?

  • Love the Competition Orange Mustang!!!

  • I just like the video because of that little music in the back I hear it all the time

  • What part of Texas yall at

  • My favorite car is always gonna be yours and keep up the good work man and stay safe with this virus going around

  • That big lifted Super Duty was badass

  • 7:52 that is not a Chevy ss that is a hsv

    • They don’t sell those in the US. It’s just an ss with Holden Badges. Doesn’t have the actual bumpers.

  • that S10 or sonoma is my favorite i want one now!

  • Mr tri aero doesn’t want in infect

  • Comr represent

  • When are you getting your car back?

  • That lambo sounds so good

  • You need a jetpack just to get into that truck

  • Whistlin diesels chevy is bigger than that truck

  • Hello

  • he looks like he is drunk.

  • You look terrible man. Look like you in your 40s. Get some sleep

    • You think so? Ion no never thought that. If you wanna judge i can say he looks older cause the facial hair

  • I hope you rolled over to the ac cobra. Was it real or replica? Yes you mentioned it on the roll out

  • That start up!!!!

  • Great job 👍🏻

  • Yeah, they're right, Trump is death, about 200k+ and counting of them...

    • @Elliot Simpson you mean like a country who's going through trad negotiations like china? It seems hey are the only ones that won in this virus. But I guess that's what happens when you release a bio weapon designed to create hysteria and chaos crashing trumps economy

    • @Ashish Patel You do realize the implication of what you're saying is Someone "master minded" the intended deaths of up to multiple MILLIONS of American citizens, yeah?

    • Plandemic.

  • Great seeing you again bro! You really making the Houston scene pop off 🔥

  • I definitely think my favorite vehicle from the video was that black/grey stepside C-10 #bowtietillidie

  • That truck has to be illegal as hell haha. Then again, my car is illegal as fuck

  • Gosh why would you do that to a GT350? 🤦🏽‍♂️ keep politics away from cars

    • 4PFLil. X that poor GT350 smh

    • exactly what i said keep it private & my public

  • 2 MPG ???

  • People in Texas have an obsession with Tr*mp

    • Hard to watch my fellow Texans fall for a lying, cheating conman Yankee. Trump is the Worst. He only attracts fellow Bullys.

    • It's because Texas knows how to pick a good president

    • It’s kinda embarrassing... That GT350 deserves a better owner 🤦🏽‍♂️ I’m from Texas btw and I promise you not every Texan is a supporter of that man.

  • The oj broncos my favorite

  • 5:41 Srt4 neons? I love them, especially electric blue 😍, actually doing a bit of a restoration on the famous Maine srt4. Search up srt4 Maine and you’ll find all the news articles. Some kid got pulled over doing 146mph on I-95 by state troopers. Anyways I’m fixing it up and posting progress on Instagram @srt4electricblue if anyone likes these cars and is interested.

  • We not gone talk about that dogs blue eyes 😯

  • #s10gang

    • J.R. Thomas what

    • Where is the VID from the Westheimer Car show??

  • Appreciate my boy for having a Mexican flag on his shirt while their is a bunch of trump supporters

    • Trump and Biden are both pieces of trash

    • This is Cars Across Texas, not Cars Across Los Angeles my dude

    • Im mexican and i like trump over biden anyday its the illegal immigrants that he doesn’t like

    • What’s that got to do w it

  • Bro, we need some progress videos of the Vet!!! Not throwing shade, love the videos, just want to see some work. Keep grinding. H-Town love

  • Biggest truck and smallest penis.

  • DUDE!!!!! Make "bruuuder" t shirts

  • Gatta keep the camera still you move to much man lmao😂😂

  • I love the Lamborghini. Lamborghini are my favorite makes of vehicles

  • I need that S10 Brother & GT 4 is goals for a dream car 👌

  • Will OJ Simpson get the new Bronco? 🤔😂😂

  • My 95 Caprice classic takes 2 keys though🤔

  • That truck is a waste of money

  • The chevy c10 and the monster ford would be my fav in the vid

  • Great vid but fuck all the Trump supporting dumbasses

  • That ss sounded mean

  • That camaro with purple wheels was nice

  • I really wanted to see that guy get in the truck lol

  • That s10 looks like a baby f150 with those headlights lmao

  • those 2 dislikes are from people that got their car stolen xd

  • 5’10 tires .

  • My favorite was the cobra that you saw 5 or 6 times and mentioned once.

  • Driving around with a mask on......😆 🤣

  • My favorite was the hellcat with the bronze wheels it's nice

  • Nice callout to black ops 👌👌

  • Loving your video much more now, better cars, not reving like crazy, much better crowd!! I saw that SN95 at the closing of your vid, sweet spot for those, most mustangs really... love lightnings!!! Keep up the great work dude, we are enjoying them!!!🤘💙

  • Im in love with gold wheels

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love CTS-V lot 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Cars across Texas you’ve inspired me to get a muscle car. I’ve been on a saving plan to get a Corvette. I originally wanted something foreign such as the Supra or GTR. Im going all American. My daily is a Civic BTW 😂 I

    • sameee im thinking about a corvette or Gt

    • I got a ‘15 Mustang GT but definitely would love a C7Z one day! Good luck man!

  • What do you have against Ford Lightning’s? I’ve never seen ONE on your channel yet

  • Your videos are so much easier to watch when there's not 30 cars revving the piss out of their motors.

  • Real question, will they replace my car if it gets stolen while I was using their product? Thats a guarentee I can get behind

  • soo I'm a girl 11 years old and I love your videos what does that make me

    • Can someone tell what’s up with that pfp

  • My favorite car is the tryareo aventador no cap

  • someone tried to steal my moms truck 3 months back while she was at work and we heard the alarm go off i went out the with an gun in my hand he was gone few mins later somebody else car got stolen nearby

  • La mama grande lona 😂😂😂

  • Man, tires that big = mud diving contest

  • 5:20 "Its not a supra its a Z4" lmao

  • Step side square body Chevy. By far but I'm a truck kinda guy.

  • Fav was the old school rat car... Thanks for sharing... Much love... stay healthy and safe...

  • I do like the Cayman GT4 the most :)

  • I think those vents on the GT4 may be after market but don’t quote me on that

  • “OJ Simpson” 😂

  • That truck has 5ft tall tires with 2ft of clearance lol.

  • 😎💪

  • I love srt4s lmao ....I daily drive one hahah

  • Do you like hummers and which model and year

  • Bet u won’t like and pin my comment 😏

  • It’s not a supra it’s a z4

  • Is there anyway I can borrow that? Asking for a friend👀

  • 30 like and lo- fuck I'm early

  • Your channel is growing n you starting to get sponsors...gongrats boss


  • I love your videos bro!

  • need more truck vids

  • need more truck vids

  • hey i like youre videos yall go like all his videos rn

  • Street legal?

  • Wow


  • Second

  • Here