C7 Corvette Z06 Goes STREET RACING! (Turbo Trans Am, Hellcats, Mustangs, and MORE!)

تم نشره في 2020/10/25
This Manual C7 Z06 with a few bolt-ons went out to street race in Mexico! Lots of solid runs, hopefully you guys enjoy!
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  • Gapped across Texas!

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  • I'm pretty sure that supercharged r8 is the same one that got gapped by that grey crewcab f150

  • These videos make me miss going to NSFR with my SC Q50! Great content man

  • lmao fuck is going on with the rear diffuser on the Camaro SS ? Shit looked like a doggy door flapping in the wind.

  • More boost

  • That a10 NA gen 3 coyote putting in work! May be gutted to shit but thats the sacrifice of staying NA and keeping up with boosted cars

  • Always good runs with you brother!💯

  • Crazy how NA ten speed stangs are keeping up with zo6s..

    • @Cars Across Texas guys will strip every body panel in their car for free fun races 😭😂

    • I still got my ac/heated seats and a man pedal. They have a Kirkey seat inside a tin can lol

  • I’m surprised how well the bolt on mustang gt and bolt on camaro ss kept up with you.

  • How much power the c7 z making?

  • Ahhhh the bakery life........

  • Yo where that music at the start from

  • Still mind boggling how you missed the easiest gear to shift up to. 😂😂😂😂😂 I've missed 4th under serious fatigue/sleepiness after work but that's no excuse.

  • What's sup bro how are you doing

  • There’s e85 at the pump .!!! Clap ... clap ..clap ...clap .. Deep in the heart of Texas ..!!

  • Single .. 38... no kids .. drive a GT500 So why not move to Houston ??????!!! Sheeesh

  • Maybe I missed it , did the c7Z have a pulley swap or intake?

  • Theirs nothing better than an Audi 😍

  • Did that 10r80 lose to the 6th gen camaro

  • Great video brotha! Glad to finally see my TA in the video 🤘🏽

  • lol zo6 barely pulling on a bolt on SS need a new tuner

    • agreed, that SS did way better than expected, should have been down a good 100hp or more

  • 123 wow that's getting down the road bub

  • Its funny when you see trans am's you used to race in 20 years ago racing today

  • Great video, next time please leave the specs up for a little longer before each run 👍🏽🙏🏽✌🏽

  • street action 🔥

  • Keep up with the good work my dude 👍🏻👍🏻🔥🔥. Also loved the montage in the beginning 👌🏻👌🏻.

  • fuck that C7 i wanna see that grey formula run 👀

  • DREW: checking in 📈

  • That red z06 was spraying 😂😂

  • That's crazy you could kill someone lise control of the car etc.... You can't bring back a life.

  • Straight to the point, awesome vid!

  • I can allegedly hear you guys all the way from mexico at my place in Copperfeild at night

  • Everything is beautiful. You did well

  • When I see this I smile because think of 80’s rock, specifically 2 song come to min Van Halen jump and quite riot come in feel the noise

  • Omfg f*ck watching football, pornhub, looking at the wife and all...that there was some awesome content! Love how you have footage heading back in!!!💪🏾

  • Your Vette is mean & now I'm more into Vettes than Dodge & mopar 🤣

  • Ahh rolling races gotta love them. I haven't done anything like that for a while. I wish I still had my car I used to do racing in.

  • Thinking about getting rid of the McLaren 720-S for the 765LT when it gets here. Any thoughts brother.? Also missing 2nd in that damn car BLOWSSS. Lol

    • @TyGoated24 Yeah, I was waiting for Brooks from dragtimes to get his. I know his friend that just got 1 and should be here soon. But ill check that channel out as well. Thanks.

    • 765lt is a faster lighter car so I suggest it , and also u could go watch " the straight pipes " channel's review on it

  • he stepped on my phone and got popped call that Shot on iPhone

  • fbo 10speed sounded like a 6 speed manual...

  • 7:21

  • The N/A cars ran you better than most of the boosted cars

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • 1320 vibe...I can dig it...TY CAT!

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love Trans am lot and Camaro💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Love these racing videos keep them up bro.

  • They should make they’re way up towards Dallas area for some real speed

  • When are you getting your corvette back brother! can’t wait to see and hear it again ROB OTTA LAS VEGAS 🚗🙋🏻‍♂️

  • “Those 10 speeds just arent even fair” probably the most accurate thing I ‘ve heard this week

    • @Andrew Schwab You got it backwards, if a manual wins you gotta give it respect.

  • C7zo6 FTW

  • Man what a beautiful c7 z06 oh my god, my dream car literally or a c6 z06 the Trans am was also sick!! Also a huge Camaro fan 💯💯

  • Fuckin Audi was rolling 😅

  • Did that Hellcat even try to go lol good runs man!

  • What does roll mean ? Like for example 40 roll?

    • 40 to 140 essentially

    • @Jaelin Broadhurst got cha thnx .

    • @iKlap you on cod yep

    • @Collin C oh ok so they start from 40 then after the countdown the race officially starts ?

    • Its the speed the racers would start at. So on a 40 roll, the racers would both cruise at 40 then countdown to race.

  • This is what i consider a productive evening!!

  • Ohh yeah! This was extremely gratifying. Thank you.♥️🔥

  • I love this channel. You put your car to work that night! Great runs!

  • Can someone please explain what happened at 2:02

    • If you’re talking about the flame that’s from the wastegate I’m assuming , but if you’re talking about the race it look like low boost but a big turbo setup it was laggy

  • when a bolt on coyote keeps up with a c7z. FORD!

    • issa shelbygt500 yeah your name has people confused here lol. I have a 2012 5.0, I know the one in the video is an 18 plus 5.0. Those 10 speeds are killing me rn. I want that extra point of compression

    • @Sadboi Racing I know its not a shelby, I came from a 17 5.0

    • BuffaloWings for sure, i was replying to Issa Shelby

    • issa shelbygt500 still not hard, 3 mods and a tune

    • @Sadboi Racing My man that is not a gt500

  • That camaro better fix its rear diffuser!

  • When is your Vette coming back. Shits taking way to long

  • Dang that was a long time ago I was at that meet

  • Is this the same video that you removed last night or early this morning?

  • i fuckin love that trans am

  • I see street racing I click!

  • This man doesn’t miss. Uploads always on point

  • Trans Am was one of my favorite Pontiacs, them i got informed about the existence of Plymouth and Since them, Both brands are in my heart, just like every other brand, it's hard for me to choose a brand/car from all the one available.

    • @Omega Squad my 02 WS6 weighed at 3300lbs and my formula weighed 3146

    • @GG Peso 3500lbs is a Tank? those cars are probably one of the best looking musclecars ever and if you can find one in decent shape have the aerodynamics to hang with the Vette guys ........well of course after you mod it lol

    • Ya I’m still working on my trans am 79 I’m so close to 750 but it little lower

    • Trans am ws6 still keeps up and looks better than these new cars and its 18 years old

    • @GG Peso Yes

  • Dam badass video some nice cars y’all be safe

  • And that's how we do it in Texas Boyz

    • Texas is KING is street racing .. I wanna move down to Houston

    • Hell yea u guys got the best street racing/car scene i ever seen. Im always highly impressed when it comes to Texas 🔥🔥

  • Why was it taken down then re uploaded

    • @Cars Across Texas youtube algorithm is such a pain tbh

    • @DMoney Industry pretty much lmfao, this is what pays the bills 😅

    • @Cars Across Texas *gotta please the algorithm at all cost*

    • Put it up at the wrong time. Better for the algorithm at this time rather than midnight

  • thers's nothing better than a night with the boyz

  • Camaro was taking off before you even said 2

  • First

  • Hey

  • First 😜👍🏽💪🏽