The Most INSANE JDM Car Meet EVER! (Supras, Skylines, and RX7s EVERYWHERE!)

تم نشره في 2020/06/15
This was my first time checking out the Eat, Sleep, Car Meet and it was awesome! Ton's of crazy cars pulled up including 10-15 Supras and a plethora of awesome JDM legends. Enjoy guys! Had to delay the upload by 30 minutes to deal with some copyrighted material.
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  • Disregard 5:43-5:48😅 forgot to cut some space out between clips lol

    • Thought my phone ran out of charge lol

    • For a jdm nut like me this is just awesome :D

  • friends don't let friends put boat anchors in rotary cars 🤣

  • Sheeeeesh

  • That’s my Acty kei truck! Thanks for the feature

  • Dont think ive seen a Cars across texas video without a YesSir! 😂

  • I see he got the off white on he got drip

  • Am I the only one that thought of Trailer Park Boys with the mini truck? 😂

  • Id that space car a dAily driver wooah❤️

  • For anyone who doesn’t know, 3:28 is a Honda Acty

  • This is my third time asking I live close to houston tx, how do you locate these meets this is my first time hearing about meets like these

  • I love the white Viper! That thing's gorgeous.

  • You made the right decision with the C7Z. :). Now I'm conflicted on whether to get one, or a GT500, or a 911 Carrera S (the Turbo is just too expensive for my budget)

  • I clicked cause I’m a weeb 😭

  • Great Video .. Woof WOOF ;-)

  • Great vid, those supras were nice!

  • what’s that future song at 1:58

  • 1:02 Drake: *I'm about to end this man whole career*

  • Hey that’s me. I’m BaysideSupra !

  • 12:10 this trend needs to go it looks broken, just not for me

  • Where do you find all these meets at cause I want to go to them

  • so happy that its not just chargers,challengers, mustangs and corvettes. love it!

  • Hey bro thanks for the call out we at forgotten rides thank you stockish_2ss on IG hit me up for any custom work

  • Why the hell did you skip the LS400 for?? You showed the 86 then went str8 to the mustang i gotta give u a dislike for that

  • That viper tho is🔥🔥 thats my dream car

  • Love this channel alllll the way from New York! Lots of diverse cars on your channel.

  • I turned it off early. Srry 👍 I respect the meet and cars but I can’t enjoy brand new cars. I rather see 10-15yr old JdM and Muscle cars BUILD not bought.

  • Typical truck guy...good grief They don't need to come to car meets. @Hammersrt

  • I'm moving to Texas next month, can't wait.

  • Was kinda hoping to check out the itasha builds other than the naruto hellcat but a great vid nonetheless

  • What happen to marin in the gt500

  • Get a R34 for the channel

  • That dude with the Lexus that’s my neighbor

  • You need to stay away from drifting. Look what happened last time. Glad youre in a better place now but be safe out there in that monster of a car you have!

  • 01:11 GREEK POWER!!! Γεια σου Νικολα πατριδα!!!

  • Enter the streetspeed717's comp to win his viper

  • Nop! Mines more insane

  • A lot of these are ricers... super sad 😔

    • Ricers aren’t out of context they’re just... ricers

    • Bro stop that word out of context.

  • What does JDM stand for?

  • I was at that meet, I can't believe I didn't see you 😭

  • 11:00 you've never seen Coreys truck in person if that's the biggest truck you've seen

  • that guy in the E30 do be looking sketchy

  • Just outta curiosity what are those kind of wheels that spin the opposite direction and they spin faster than the tire itself anybody have any clue

  • Sick video man! That’s me in the B/W GTS Viper :) Just put a fully purged custom straight pipe (no cats, resonators, or muffler) built and installed by Dark Night Specialties on and tuned the car. It’s an animal and amazingly loud haha.

  • Can't wait to see the post on your car show bro!! Keep us informed..

  • La mamalona cuh lol

  • 8:06 fastest car

  • Car meets every day.

  • That brz that got hit was on a recent fitment industry's video

  • A galaxy wrap on a corvette like yours would look cool

  • Homie got the offwhite tee on 🤩

  • That c6 zr1 doe, god damn that's nice on white, I have a jet stream blue c6 grand sport but one day I'll get me a white zr1!!

  • I know it’s nothing big but every time you say “yessir” it makes me think of HemiLife44..other then that great cars and great footage, looking forward to more content 😌

  • Imagine driving up to school in that little Honda micro Truck lol

    • It’s mine. I drive it EVERYWHERE! It’s my daily

  • I'm surprised. no girls are Posing in front of your Corvette

  • i'd rather have a rx7 over a supra or a r34

    • Id have to agree. Although I love them all equally.

  • U should come to dallas meets I'll love to see u

  • Horrible paint job matching the whites on the hood on that C6 ZR1

  • Made it to another video... thank you sir! Awesome seeing you in these events! Cheers

  • Nice vid🤙🏼

  • if you swap out the rotary in a rx7 then we can't be friends :(

  • Just saying, there was a whole bunch of(15) itashas there, and you didn't cove any but one( uzumaks because v8). We may not have V8s or anything but we have just as much passion as the high horsepower boys. It'd be cool if you covered ALL the cars across Texas, not just the v8 boys

    • You could just ask.......most of us are very friendly....... except for bob....Bob's a dick. Lol

    • I try! I just don’t know as much about them and we really don’t know what I’m looking or where the wrap inspiration came from. I’ll get em next time!

  • 11:20 a definition of a pavement princess

  • You gotta get a viper cuhhh 👌

  • New subscriber. Checked out a few of your vids and love your content so far. your Z06 is badass

  • I only live a couple of hours away from you

  • Instead of calling it a supra call it a supbruuuuhhh

  • BRZ 🤤🤤🤤!!! Anyways, you know what they say, the bigger the truck the littler the dick and the bigger the prick that drives it. Absolutely HATE lifted trucks. Seems like people who lift them can barely drive them. If you are going to have one, KEEP THEM OFF THE DAMN ROADS!

  • Y’all living the best summer life ✅

  • Love all the dogs getting clogged at the car meets bro

  • 11:47 Blue Supra, Red supra, the gray Supra, and the White supra Mk3 Supra: * crying* "what about me?"

    • It’s okay he ain’t shit (I’m the BaysideSupra)

    • Oops I forgot to mention it 🥺🤣

  • 😂 is that really the luxus from scottys videos you should talk to him next time

  • No quema cuh la mamalona

  • Honestly LS swapped rx7s drive me crazy

  • RHD Specialties imports right hand drive cars and sells them pretty cheap, you can pick up a Supra pretty easily

  • I wish I had a cool enough car to goto a car meet. I just can’t afford stuff like that

    • Get a job, save, and soon enough you’ll be able to get a nice jdm or whatever you’re in to.

    • bman classics Never took a lunch break since I got my X haha. Totally agree. Plus it was 3rd shift.

    • Spooky Car Boi Nice. Got a good deal on an eco x in March. Always wanted a 350 though. If I could have both in the garage I’d be set lmao.

    • I got my 350z for 2400$ a base model but I fixed it up and painted it, all you need is a bit of money, your brain, and a little bit of love

    • I don't think alot of us car guys can bro it's alot of Vienna sausages, skipped lunch breaks,time and effort ....that's what it took for my build....wouldn't change it for the world either...u develop a'll get it one day..grind hard!!!

  • C7 all day bb

  • How do you guys know about these sick car meets

    • Instagram or Facebook! I post most of the things I’m going to on my Instagram story!

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love zl1 gray lot 💯💯💯💯

    • I appreciate it man! And those are awesome cars 🤘🏻

  • Nice video

  • If u wanna ls swap a rx7 you should have just bought a c5 vette

    • @Toe Thlef entirely different but the same

    • Or you could just Ls swap and Rx-7, because they look entirely different

    • Pretty much lol, but then you don’t have an RX7 💀

  • How do you find these meets? FaceBook? I’m trying to go to these meets when I’m back.

    • You just got another follower on Instagram. Love your videos keep it up man!

    • Facebook, Instagram, friends, etc. I also post the legal events on my Instagram story!

  • So many cars at the dog meet...

  • 1:55 mid life crisis?

  • This was a good #JDM meet! Thank you for the shout out!

    • Absolutely! Tons of cool cars came out and not a problem boss man! 🤘🏻

  • The Viper at the end 😍😍

    • Yesss! That thing is crazy. Nthmoto built and 1600hp!

  • I need to hurry up and go to a car meet but I live in South Carolina and nobody host them

  • Bro you have to make videos with your Zo6 🔥

  • nice video bro

  • siiiiiiiccckk

  • HEY BUDDY , it's your youtube buddy from Toronto , I was wondering about a special corvette that I sent you in your DM's it's a concept 7 as you know my knowledge is Ferrari , Lamborghini but since your channel inspired me to put more vette's I can freely admit I need to know more about the rare 1's , great vlog today brother

  • Sick video man!

  • Yessirrrr🔥🔥

  • Someday hopefully I’ll see a Supra in my garage

  • That 1covid9 plate though😂

  • They were playing some banger music at that meet. Love these vids

    • Cars Across Texas it sucks that u have to mute it. Love ur videos!! Keep up the work

    • Absolutely, just tough when they play music for me bc I have to deal with potential copyright strikes lol. But I appreciate it man!

  • 3:17 fastest car at the meet tbh

    • It’s my truck. I can almost hit 70 downhill 🤣

    • i'm thinking shopping cart vehicle...the wind would cut right through it..

    • I low key want one lmaoo


  • Not the Z car the JDM bois were expecting, but the Z car they needed 😂👌🏻

    • Brendon Gunter oh yikes lmao, I deleted a clip and forgot to cut the space out lmfoaooo 🤣

    • Cars Across Texas what happen 5:43? I thought my phone died for a second 😂

    • Absolutely 😂🤘🏻

  • Next video can u shout my Instagram account out plz it is fine if u dont it is Braiden9550

  • I'm always stuck working when the good meets happen around here. Time for a new job haha

    • @Cars Across Texas haha. Jealous

    • I just quit my job so I’ll be at everything unless school doesn’t permit lmao