I QUIT MY JOB To Focus on Youtube! (Channel Update: Full-time Youtube, Planning a Car Meet, etc.)

تم نشره في 2020/06/25
A little of a different video style than I'm used to but today we go for a little drive and discuss some big changes with the channel and with me! We also briefly discuss plans with the Vette build and me hosting my own car meet.
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  • more focus on special cars with a chat with the owner.. take it calmer and lets hear the details. that huge white truck that was the meet you arranged for example..10 minute chat with him all about it..who built it..what has been done to it..how much it cost to build ect.. some indepth test drives aswell..other folks cars and your opinions on them to drive. NO MUSTANG REVIEWS PLEASE..we all know about these things and their crowd killing..

  • Hey just a suggestion get different cars for the channel now obviously that’s a lot of money but that what people usually do to change it up a bit and keep the channel going

  • Yep life’s is all about risk

  • More racingggg brotherrrrrr !!!!

  • Good luck with your YT ambitions. Stradman did it and so can you. Maybe try to expand to not just Texas, go to neighboring states like OK. Hopefully you can get into a partnership with some big tuners, Like Shmee150 and Mansory or Stradman and Hennessey.

  • Please come to Dallas!

  • Dont forget the fights. Especially over some bs.

  • Crazy how far you came in so short of time to me imo, awesome to see

  • Bad ass bro!

  • How you let your boy Sinclair get an automatic BRZ @carsacrosstexas and you out here banging gears in the Vette? Lol!!

  • Just don’t be collecting my tax money.

  • Proud of ya my boy, can't wait to see what comes next for you brother.

  • more mexico meets

  • Great content man. How do I find out the location of these meets? I live in Houston would love to go out and support

  • You’ve got my full support brother 🖤

  • Try to collaborate with other people for example Freddy lsx ,statik leo ,and Corey

  • Maybe something about care care - how people prep for shows and what products they use.

  • Do whatever makes you happy bro congrats on quitting your 9-5

  • How come your steering wheel has paddle shifters on it?

  • Maybe a visit/hosting a car show near Janis tire and auto of oscoda Michigan. Yes it's Jeff Janis that was with the packers and the browns.

  • Awesome!! Wishing you great success!!

  • Wanna see MORE DIG RACING

  • I stumbled upon this channel last year, glad I did. I proud of you for going all in for it, that's rock and roll. Nice haircut, waiting on the new always awesome content...TY!

  • I Always watch your videos the whole way 🎥🔥 and time to make your dream to a reality.

  • Lookin Fresh. Feelin Fresh. Wishin You The Best!

  • Count me in, a man who devoted his life to what he loves no matter the risk is a man I can get behind

  • The Karen vids pushed you over the top and now propelling you forward even faster. Congrats and you should send her a thank you for the revenue generated from both those vids that probably paid for your new Vette! LOL

  • Hey bro. Katy Tx. Here. You could get with some of the guys you meet up with and review their cars?

  • Dude you going to Austin or especially San Antonio would be amazing you would have a huge outcome from San Antonio I know that

  • You got the dream job now brother. If I can help in anyway man, just let me know. I’d really like to organize a callout in the future.

  • You're might regret it. just sayin.

  • Good shit brother. Happy for you 💪🏼

  • Glad you quite and are gonna start doing vlogs

  • Awesome brother! I believe in you 💯

  • Good for you man! Fuck a 9 to 5

  • You did that for us

  • i hope it all goes well and i hope we can help you. youtube isnt stable but all the luck to you. hope to head to Texas when Trump dosent hate me/ hate ppl of color

  • I’d be down to take the R34 to an Austin cruise to coffee and cars

  • Go to the dig spots

  • Congrats man this is awesome!

  • congrats bro, this will be the best decision you’ve ever made!

  • Congratulations on your new full time passion!! 🏁🏎

  • Come holler at me and my roommate 2 Mustang Boys one full bolt on E85 GT 2012 and my roommate's 2011 GT500 full bolt on with a Kenne Bell mammoth here in Stafford

  • You live in far Northside I can tell from the background

  • Don’t be scared we will be here to support !

  • I believe in you you got it big dawg 👍👍

  • Put a trailer hitch on your vet and put a horse trailer behind it the you'll have a one car... LOL just teasing... I wish you all the luck with this new chapter of your life... It would be cool going to other cities in TX... Thanks for the video... Much love... Stay healthy...

  • Life takes risk

  • A lot of your content is American muscle car mostly, you have very little Euro and Import cars, try getting a balance of all to attract more viewers. Also do a ride of the month where viewers vote on ones that you feature on your channel on a weekly basis and interview some car guys on their builds. love the channel

  • I thought you bought a Focus for a second... then i re-read it lol

  • If you Upload daily I’ll be here

  • women of cars across texas. im sure there are some hot women down there with hot cars.

  • POV cam?

  • We can get it poppin in Dallas

  • Do daily car vlogs or story time about the car scene in different areas also car spotting but good luck 👍

    • Do car reviews too

  • How about a hill country weekend cruise? I've done it with the SA Saleen group a few times and it was pretty fun. Plus there are other things to do around there that are not just driving if people are interested.

  • If you would like to review a Heads and Cam Camaro with Nitrous just let me know would love to get your thoughts on the car and what you think of it. being your channel is cars across texas it would be cool to show off different subs cars across texas!

  • Have you figured out the location for your carmeet? Can’t wait to go 🤘🏻

  • Good luck and congrats again on the new journey! Im sure with 165k subs you are well on your way to doing something great on this platform! Looking forward to the vette mods!

  • Do more drive by birthday or just because. The people loved it and so did I. Thank you thank you thank you ☺️

  • Good luck brotha! Glad to see you’re doing well! I just spent 2x as much on my new truck for youtube haha. Dream chasin!

  • Don’t do daily vlogs you’ll get us bored and get less views therefore less money just uploaded like 3-4 times a week

  • I'm not skipping ads from now on

  • Why don't you do reviews on some of these highly modified cars out there.

  • That’s gotta be one of the greatest things quitting a job

  • Good for you, and you gotta upload daily consistency is key

  • Dragging

  • Bro this is the dream I am working for as well :D Nice that you did this video so!! As always keep killing it!! You are awesome bro :)

  • Good luck man im dreaming of the day i can do this lol just started my channel

  • Well good luck!

  • what time of job did you have? Cart pusher? Younique seller?

  • Respect to you homie so glad I found your channel! Can’t wait to see all the future content

  • Here before 1 mil subs

  • 1 suggestion, try to use the phrase "with no further ado" a bit less

  • My man, you need to come by KILLEEN on a friday night, is a nice turn out .

  • where did he used to work at? Kinda curious as to how he was able to afford that Corvette.

  • I work in repossessions, god if only I could quit...... I fuckin would. Hey man love your commentary, more in-depth reviews on awesome cars from the car meets....corvettes, Porsche, jeeps and classic muscle are my favs 😉.

  • I’m happy for you man, and for the ideas...you could give us your review and opinions on different everyday race cars.

  • I love this car content man super happy to hear youre taking this full time glad to see the future uploads keep up the amazing work

  • Should keep the job men at least work parts time

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love c7 z06 lot 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 me Chevy gang for life all day real true 👍 🙌 North Memphis

  • Some builds would be cool. Do some cars and detail on their builds would be cool. And going to car meets out side of Huston.

  • Wishing you much success! I'd like to see more videos with your mum. I enjoyed the last one 👍😁

  • If u come to Dallas I promise u it will be the best decision u ever make🤟🏼💯 Dallas folks know how to get down when it comes to car meets

  • make a patron my guy

  • Get Richard Rawlings in on the car meet if you go up to Dallas


  • Dude hope shit goes well for you. Give us some daily vlogs, the journey of modding the vette.

  • what was the job you quit my guy 💯

  • San Antonio & Austin both have good amount of cars that attend shows !! Since ur name is carsacrosstexas itd be pretty cool & new experience hosting in other parts of texas.

  • Yes sir ! Agree you have a lot of life to live bro !!! Don’t let anybody out a thumb on you be your own boss !!!

  • Starting a personal project car, car build, or just doing some car add ons would be great content. People would watch it and want to see the next video to see what happens next. Would boost your channel and make more groups of people watch.

  • You got a sub my guy! 👌Si quema CUH!! 🔥

  • Hey bro if I were you I’d make merch. A lot of Truck AR-oners sell merch and make hella money off it. Most of them have less subscribers than you too so you should be able to do it. The way they do it is by making truck giveaways which incentivizes people to buy merch. Anyway I hope this helps bro!

  • If I see you make AR-one your main source of income, I'm out. Your channel will change and discusses me. Ive only been here for a month or so. Ur editing is amateur is a reason I dig it. I'll watch maybe if I see a vid but I'm out. The way you talk about your channel. Wish I were humble with your channel. Don't like ur attitude. Sorry

  • Anything with a car involved is great content. Even just a repeated video of your car going down the same street for 10 mins

  • Check out rffspot and try to do something similar but ofcourse 100% of what you want. Try to use it at as format.

  • Maybe you can go some rallies/collabs with other youtubers, maybe some vlogs modding the new vette 💯💯

  • You have such bad luck in the rain. Your hair has lost control, skidded and ended up upside down on your chin..

  • we will support your decision.and thanks for uploading such awesome content.