INSANE 1 OF 1 AUDI R8 SHUTS DOWN CAR SHOW! (Crazy Turbo Sounds!)

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Today we go out to the Tracktion Cars and Coffee event hosted in conjunction with Ferrada Wheels. Tons of awesome cars showed up but a few stole the show more than others. That 1 of 1 Bagged, Boosted, and Body Kitted R8 was absolutely insane. Then when the show was over and a lot of people rolled out the insane 6x6 Jeep Gladiator rolled up! Enjoy guys!
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  • That guy in the cts-v at around 4:48 looks SO serious. Lol. Lighten up my guy

  • That twin turbo R8 was sick! That whistle gave me a semi 🤣🤣jk

  • Only bad thing about that red Supra was the fake hood scoop

  • Love the evo

  • song?? @3:57

  • That brownish colored mustang was nice. Kinda had like a military color if that makes sense. Hope I don't sound like an idiot. Lol Favorite car? The nova

  • 13:18 I want that horn 😂😂

  • He yeah white privilege

  • my favorite cars is the hulk hellcat.

  • Same cars different paint and rims most of em lol muscle my ass

  • Loved seeing the 03 Cobra, the C5 and C6 Vetts, the stang gang, the ole schools 69 Camaro and Nova, and all that German love..... WOW, that was a great car show!!!👍🤘


  • A lot of riced out muscle cars in your neck of the woods. You’d get a lot of points and laughs with some of that shit in Cali

  • the c8 was the ugliest car there, such a disappointment!

  • I just bought ferrada FR7 for my black GT500 no regrets ....

  • Signing in[] 864 to the 562💪💯

  • Awesome capturing this event and thanks for showing the YMB some love @ 3:28 cheers! Subscribed!

  • Your car the best bud ❤️❤️

  • wtf is corona in texas lmao

  • Is that a wide band gauge pod or boost?

  • Bro these videos are sickkkk! Kinda sucks knowin ill be able to afford to be apart of a crazy ass show like this one.

  • It’s always the classics. They’re better than every car that was there. Most of them cars were bought and then customized, not bought, built, and driven.

  • Baktuthamoney checkin in 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾dope video my brother 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Okay but have you heard Lil Uzi Vert’s R8?🔥🔥🤤

  • The Challengers that pull up 🤩 and that GT3 🥳😍 Watching all the way from Cape Town, South Africa 👏🌍

  • At work watching this while eating pluckers 😂😂🤘🏾

  • 9:17 IG: SH3SBAD_GTR looking like 🔥🔥🔥 Lil mama driving it 😂😂😂

  • The r8 is just like Lil Uzi’s

  • Why does he get excited about cars you see everyday but he doesn’t get excited with the classic truck or the old school camaro? I wanted to see more of the classics but he makes me watch boring everyday mustangs and challengers that I see 100 times a day. Kinda boring tbh...

    • C Bell24v but good try, trying to sound like you proved a point, talking to the wrong guy. I’m not a car guy, I just do it for the profit in cars and re selling therefore I had to teach myself about how to rebuild engines, JUST FOR THE MONEY, I’m NOT a car guy but I’ll learn anything for the money. You just dream about owing a lifted truck or new gen “muscle cars” but educate your self on what came before those cars and the history about the new age muscle cars.

    • C Bell24v He doesn’t even talk detail about their engines he just says the name of the color of the car, the name of the rims and the engine it came with but never goes in depth about info on the engine or even what type of problems and adjustments you have to make in order to have room to put upgrades, most of the time the parts don’t just fit and it would be nice to get details on how they got to fit upgrades in their vehicles. And yes I do see fully build cars everyday because I’m restoring a galaxie XL Sportsroof. I get you’re a fan but I’m not hating just stating facts. You probably know about the new gen camaros and mustangs and challengers so I don’t blame you either about not knowing a single thing about what it take to build engines. Everybody goes to a shop when they can do it themselves. To see my car follow on insta @israel_andradee I mean for crying out loud it’s “cars across Texas” not some random guy showing clips of a new age cars only, com’on.

    • you're seeing TT supercars and fully built cars on an everyday basis? interesting

  • J-Rod's Camaro is insane. He has been chopping for many years now.

  • R8 is life goals right there you can have the pos american v8 cars I will take that v10 any day over any other car everyday

  • Sounds like when I fart after eating lol

  • If you love America don’t buy Starbucks they hate the cold the don’t like America

  • Man I miss the sends!!!!

  • The Jeep 6x6 is my favorite

  • We're can I fine these cars show at? I would love to my kids to see all the cool cars.

    • @Jonathan Vang-Cortez I live in his area. I just want to see were the show are so I can take my kids to it. I don't do Instagram, to many crazy people on it.

    • I believe he has an Instagram where he posts some of the meets in Texas

  • pos audi prefer your zr1 vette Drew

  • Your neighbors love you now😂

  • I liked that supra and the viper

  • was that itsjusta6 at 6:20? just me?

  • Ay i made the vid at 1:34 in the back. I swear im always the only Jaguar XFR at car meets lol

    • Shiane Harris Thanks broo. Yeah in red it really shows its bodylines

  • The CTSV was the best in my opinion

  • How many pony’s on the z06

  • New Instagram sh3sbad_gtr Chrome blue wrap GTR at 9:15 Like and follow

  • You gotta do a meet with itsjusta6

  • Yo I seen the orange bagged stang at UH lol

  • Car sounds like sex in person 🤤

  • Bro that black Nova was pretty sick

  • Great vid, great time - I’m Brandon/BZ in the C8 Corvette w/ prototype Avior Exhaust ✌🏼

  • Man said cold start in the summer texas lol thats a hot start

  • Dislike for skipping the wrx ): @1:45

    • Go cry a river about it

  • Camera had sleepy eye at the start. 😴

    • @Cars Across Texas thought you were testing out a new filter or it also needed coffee.

    • So goddam humid it just fogs up

  • The wing on the R8 is the most impressive part of the car, I’d put that on any mid engine.

    • That wing ugly ion like how they centered it

  • 7:44 Masterful editing

  • My favorite car out of all was that hellcat challenger @ 8:45. That shit is soooo sexy with those Drag day!!!!!!


  • The R8, The old Chevy truck, and the Supra where some of the cooler cars there in my opinion.

  • When that R8 pulled out my mind was blown man but that Supra nearly blew my earbuds so I've gotta go with that. All the cars were sleek and badass 👌

  • Get a diesel gmc for towing

  • Well the wrangler was my favorite even though it was a bit odd. Other than that the Nova really caught my attention.

  • Vette sound good man !!!

  • Falling in love with that Chrome Blue wrap bro, super nice 👍👍👍

  • How do you not get a ticket for no front license plate? I don't want a license plate on the front of my car but don't want a ticket either.

    • Well right now being a car that is still technically from Oklahoma I don’t need them. When i get my Texas plates I just won’t really care. Zip ties will fix it and it’s a super small fine for a fix it ticket

  • Getting to 200k. Can’t wait for some more Vette mods

  • That C8 is amazingly beautiful. It looks to slick and smooth.

  • Fairfield 🤔

  • Boring

  • Some sick rides!! Great video 👍🏻

  • That C8 is nice. Enjoyed them all

  • Everytime i wanna roll coal on a prius i must remind myself i run rice under the hood of my duramax

  • A nice monopod would be easy to carry and save your arms for the long shots. Thanks for your hard work, love the videos.

  • @6:14 itsjusta6?

  • that r8 was fire asf i wish it had suck rap on it😂😂

  • Best part about this video is Bella😩

  • Wow that was a huge meet. I would love to of been there 💯🤙

  • Yo.. imagine the vette getting a parachute🤘

    • Wouldn’t need one

  • Haircut looks Good Brother 😎😂

  • I like the Porsche gt3

  • Tt R8

  • Most of the 6x6 gladiators are being hellcat swapped and some hellaphant swapped

  • Termi for me 👍

  • Savage representing. 🏎💨

  • You should wear a mask.

    • ReyTheGreat809 He’ll be fine. Just wash your hands and don’t touch your face and you’ll be ok.

  • great video as always :D

  • Best cars outta that whole meet we’re the 69 camaro and nova in my opinion 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • i agree

    • Facts. I can’t agree more with you

    • Straight up, he gets excited for cars you see everyday, kinda boring lol

    • Give @bad9er.garage a look on Instagram if you wanna see all the classics

    • Derrick Stanton 69 has an LSA and nova has super charged small block Chevy

  • stage 4 cam coming soon ?👀

  • 5:17 plz. for the love of god. ESPECIALLY at a. CAR MEET. Take the splitter guards off 🥴

    • Kyle Gildersleeve No, it’s horrible. They look hideous.

    • but its awsome

  • Say is this Phillip Azar from canyon gate ?

  • 2:50 what is the color scheme?

  • That cold start!!! Damn!

  • Poor R32 got called a R33😪

    • Cars Across Texas haha it’s all good!

    • I was on about 4 hours of sleep over the whole weekend so I was a little tired and out of it 🤣

  • Hey how you doing dude sorry for missing early upload

  • Should definitely cam your car man

    • Kevin Garcia Pretty sure that’ll be next, or a smaller pulley.

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love c7 zr1k white lot my favorite car 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Do you need to shut the vette off when you go through the drive thru?

  • The audi

  • #LakeCountycollageAndNasaMakingBTC4students #BookMarksWANTED

  • Vette sound amazing 👏 🔥🔥🔥

  • you are ceiling the Corvette

  • My uncles 04 gto is nasty as hell n clean hurts your ears