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The Tracktion car meets always get wild! Do y'all like this type of content? It was a ton of fun to record!
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  • Yes I said HHR instead of SSR lmfao 🙄 similar names, both ugly chevys, I forgot to correct it 😅

  • 5:01 that charger looked mean asf

  • Cars across texas scissor doors would only fit if the corvette was widebody and had a crazy wrap and some underglow lets say blue or red maybe 🤔 but otherwise I wouldn't just go yet for it because for me it would look weird, without anything else crazy added on first.

  • Blue 6 gen ZL1

  • The goat car meet commentator

  • >LOOOOOOL I hear some gunshots going off down there buuuut. Lets get right into the action :D such a troll

  • Dude I live in East Tennessee holy shit the car culture here is nothing compared to this lol I need to visit Texas

  • dodge..always

  • I would like to come to the meet but I can't because I live in Florida but I am moving to porter texas so I might be able to

  • 2:22 when a car starts saying "i dont know"

  • A couple revs is cool but I think it’s so annoying when people just stand on the gas pedal in neutral or park. Just my two cents that no one asked for.

  • Fords sound like shit.

  • yesterday i saw an hellcat with on e side black and red

  • That orange and silver reflective wrap on that charger tho....drool

  • Finally no cops

  • Please no Lamebo doors!

    • absolutely not lol, thats why i said over 300,000 likes lmfao

  • Dude in the gray Mustang is going to be picking up his bottom end with a shovel before long.

  • Shits so gay why tf are they reving like that the only people you’re impressing are 12 yo kids

  • the coyotes come with forged internals

  • And if so can y’all bring som classic muscle cars

  • Hay can y’all role by my haws it’s my birthday on the 26 pleas repliy if y’all can

  • Does he respond?

  • Lol he said “pink Chevy HHR” lol that ain’t a effing HHR that’s the SSR dumbass lol hhrs are compact suvs the ssr is a truck

    • Read my pinned comment. 🙄 Amazes me how blind people can be.

  • Did anyone else see that deal going on at the beginning? 👀😂

  • 8:24 there go's cross

    • Yooooo thats crazy haha

  • I'm officially moving to Texas

  • H-Town folk stay wylin.

  • Nice vid them sum crazy loud bois😵🔥

  • RIP headphone users at 2:00

  • Threatening to put scissor doors on your Vette. Is a good way to not get likes!

  • #muscleking I still say y'all need a hearse

  • Are we just going to ignore the drug deal caught at 54 seconds. Was funny

    • I had to go back. That's good stuff.

    • Homeboy was throwin in on a blunt 😂

    • He's just casually giving this dude some nugs in front of huge ass crowds. Lul

    • HAHAHAHA LMAO bruh

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • rip headphone users.

  • *sees the ZO6 has police lights* my Need for speed senses are kicking in

  • Dang why does texas have the best car meets?

  • Can we not support the swing meets? Redlining for 2 minutes straight and failing to do burnouts isn’t cool. Making us all look bad

  • 5:48 sounds like a group of mad wasp

  • mustang has a brazzers license plate frame lol

  • I love Cars Across Texas but it saddens me to see these recent videos not do so well :(

  • 25 seconds in and it’s booming. Lol 😂 I love Texas

  • Mustang gt sounding off Symphony 🍻😊👍🏿

  • Scissor doors on a vette!?.... No 🤦🏽‍♂️😒🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Nothing louder then that mustang 😂

  • What’s worse mustangs or the lack of social distancing

  • Bro said “HHR” 🤣 looks like we all mess up every now and again. 🤣👌🏽🤷🏽‍♂️

  • No bmw m5 dirft

  • Ok

  • Idiots across Texas should be the name How stupid can these people get .

  • Not a fan of those meets.. that's just me though

  • WTAF!?

  • Watched this also on mr. Sinclair photos channel. Cops literally busted the meet right as he left lmao

  • Sorry, but the content of these videos are lame, it's the same mopars doing donuts, now you got cops in helicopters and stuff.... that's really messing it up for other car meets (shows) in Houston.

  • Should've let the Camry rip for the boys lol

  • BadAsssss🤘

  • What’s up drew. I was the one on Sinclair’s stream askin bout a c7 flame tune for u

  • Steve's POV is coming to Texas bro! Hopefully you get to see some of his crazy cars!

  • 💯❣️

  • Listen to those babies RoaR😝🤘❣️💯

  • We need some car AUDIO plzz

  • I love how you show every car good or bad 💪🏾

  • i would’ve expected more lowered trucks since its Houston

  • Those people doing that in the mustangs are damn idiots. I , nor does intelligence, care what anyone says, damn fools, just tearin the living hell out of those cars..

    • Just let them do them they’ll be wondering why their car starts messing up after revving for hours

  • Nice video my guy

  • Idk if you’ll even see this man, but in the chance that you do, I want you to know I got horrible news today. Due to the fact that my job gets to basically rule every aspect of my life, I found out I’m gonna miss my cousin’s wedding, which means that I’ve now missed every family event since I’ve left home and moved to Texas almost 3 years ago. I’m pretty damn bummed. But getting the notification that you uploaded cheered me up a little. Thanks for the great videos, and I wish you nothing but success and happiness.

  • Nice

  • I can't believe Chevy destroyed the SS Maro with that fugly front end.

  • Them mustangs finna be up for sale soon 😂

  • How’s your car doing are you gonna be able to bring it tomorrow

  • I follow a ton of Carr pages on here and IG and I never get notifications or know about these meats in Houston. Most of them a car within 10 minutes of my house where do I have to go to know about them before they happen?

  • Dont understand the Revving why??

  • It's not a Cars Across Texas video without those females in the crowd

  • why u be wanting the cops to come tho?

  • Nice

  • What’s up brother , fav channel on AR-one 🔥

  • C7 getting more power and that CLS 63 amg is nice

  • 5:44 Jesus me and you both wasn’t ready for that🤣

  • “I can’t breathe brother” proceeds to stand next to tires blowing smoke.

  • those swanger cars are fuckin cornyyyyy lmao

  • See you tmw mr cars across Texas, I’ll be at the VR meet

  • rev dat engine! void dat warranty lmao

  • Lmaoo they really called like 30 cops at the end of this meet

  • Super charge whine vs turbo studder | V

  • Sup drew

  • That's not an HHR its an SSR but they do look alike both are very ugly cars

    • But do you know what’s under the hood of one?

    • Both very similar names haha, I realized that when editing and forgot to put a correction 😂

  • The new mustangs come forged internals I believe 2011 and up got some forged parts in them 👍

    • 11-14 boss cars or 15 up gts came forged. 2 step is how you blow stock oilpump gears. They’re powdered metal and hate limiter.

  • Its not a HHR is an SSR

    • Both very similar names haha, I realized that when editing and forgot to put a correction 😂

  • hood exit dude such a chad

  • "La mamllona cuhhhhh"

  • You should get a gtr

  • Those slabs were kinda cute tbh

  • # send it heaven

  • I’ll be there tomorrow at the VR meet hopefully I’ll see you can’t decide to take the turbo civic or my new Drop top

    • Where is the VR meet


  • Im the black mustang doong burnouts

    • Prius actually

    • You prooly have a civic

    • I am

    • Dont be proud of that

  • That mustangs exhaust fie

  • Ayy new vid👌🏼

  • 🚗💨

  • i’m 30 seconds in and it’s already chaotic

  • You should get a project c5