INSANE Fast Cars Make FAST 1/8 Mile Passes! - Street Car Takeover Houston 2020!

تم نشره في 2020/10/27
Wheelies, Fast Cars, and Insane Passes! Street Car Takeover was a blast. This was my first time being able to make it to this particular event when it comes to Houston and it was a blast. Lots of cool cars and lots of people checking out the HPC Viper that I got to bring!
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  • Sheesh that 720

  • I wish I had a fun car

  • Wait, you are hopping into a Viper? Why didn’t we see it? Or have I missed it in another video?

  • So. Nothing more boring than a 1/8mile or 1/4 mile

  • Turble trucks

  • I liked that 2nd gen camaro

  • Great job CA🇨🇱. Btw you need a tripod that camera was a bit shaky lol. Favorite was seeing a 4 door heavy ass Charger run 5's in the 1/8th.

  • Sn95*

  • Do you know how embarrassed i'd be if my car fell apart on the track?

  • 1320!!! Absolutely loved watching race days, it was like a racing movie series with them filming.


  • I have always found the eighth mile so unsatisfying. Gotta have the quarter.

  • That 1000hp black RS3 was my favorite. Lol

  • Its hard for me to pick a favorite race because there was a few I liked watching. Though my my favorite cars were all the old school muscle cars.

  • Everybody having a great time. Nothing like cars bringing people together. #peacethroughcars amazing array of cars. Love the freedom color cars

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love c8 lot 💯💯💯💯💯

  • fun at HmP next time take the vette👍

  • Nice to see the TX Spd camaro make a clean pass at the end. I hope they have everything worked out on it. So it can really make a full run in the 1/4

  • Love that track! Always fun to run there

  • Hey that 1/8 racing looks like fun Bub 🏆

  • Where are you finding that the orange charger hellcat is the fastest hellcat in the world? if so are you talking stock motor and blower on spray record.

    • @SRTmeow thank you sir!

    • @Josh Reynolds that orange hellcat is the fastest hellcat charger, zhtunes on insta i beleive if you wanna see the record runs

    • @Cars Across Texas yeah all I can find is Leon epling’s black challenger he calls 007 before he gutted it. But even then it’s a kennybell with a different trans and rear end pulling 7s in a quarter mile full body with a cage. Anyways thanks man great video.

    • That’s what they said at the event. Figured if anyone would know it’s the organizers of SCT

  • HMP 😭

  • Jajaja the 1320 video guy " Say hello " jajaja

  • Awesome coverage bro! Thanks for putting my car as the thumbnail 👍

  • Nice that’s the 720 I raced Saturday

  • Ohhh that race between the Hellcat Charger and Challenger was amazing to watch, which is why i watched it three more times!!

  • Faces! I miss seeing faces. No covid there?

  • I Like The Dodge

  • Who is your lady friend Drew?

  • early

  • I meant charger lol

  • Dam the hell cat moved

  • one of the best ways to start a vid!!! mclaren 720s

  • The lane where the green car is is shit it dosent work at all

  • Man that viper😍

  • exciting content