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I didn't record enough from this meet to make a regular length video to release on a normal day but there were still plenty of cool cars here to show y'all! Lots of awesome reactions to the cammed Dodge Viper! Hope you guys enjoy!
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  • Damm not my food truck looking clean lol but shout out to Anthony for the show

  • When you turn on CC it’s says “music” when cars pass by

  • 2:31 I couldn't stop laughing

  • I live down the street and never heard about this

  • Thought this was texas wheres the American cars

  • Nice Rx-7 dude!

  • That engine light just makes me cringe haha

  • It looks like that parking garage was all cement. I doubt people could hear..

  • Viper IS a supercar!

  • At 4:10 I thought the r8 sound like a leaf blower 😂

  • Yellow looks great on that 720.

  • I appreciate your support my brotha God bless

  • Another sick video brotha keep up the good work

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love little video and I love c7 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Spam rip neighbors😂

  • That Rat Rod was dope

  • So we not gonna talk about what the book title says at 2:30

  • U should invest in a camera stablizing mod to get the great shots when walking, this ones got potato camerawork.

  • Ngl seeing the past vlogs has really made me want a Viper. It’s so slept on

  • 3:40 Honda ruckus

  • Good vibes brother ....killer viper

  • Sorry not Sorry

  • Get a Mosler.

  • The scooter I believe is a Honda ruckus

  • The Viper is a supercar lmao

    • @Thomas Ryan its to powerful to be a sports car, it can't be a muscle car because of its V10, and on top of that it keeps up with ferraris just fine

    • That’s what I thought!

  • Is that a Supra ? JDM dream car for sure but I love that Viper you're in my friend 👌

  • LMAO.. thank you for the Bronze wheel clarification brotha.. 😁

  • The Lexus at 3:53 was 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • im not early but im sorry

  • What's the holdup with the Vette?

  • I Like Dodge Charger / RT, SRT,Challenger/RT,Srt.

  • Good one man

  • So my birthday is this Sunday and I plan on the following weekend going to a car meet will there be one in Houston I’m from San antonio

  • 0:50 sweetygirlz.online

  • The start up on the viper scared me cause I have subs in my “home theater” and the bass hit hard tht rumble omg beautiful v10 sound

  • catalina not fancy enough? :-p

  • 2:03 s13**

    • S13.5 s15 front end s13 rear end

    • @Cars Across Texas we gotta get you a trip to Tokyo

    • @Cars Across Texas we’ll give you a pass since you got a cammed viper and all lol

    • I don’t know JDM stuff that well lol

    • Since it had the silvia front clip, wouldn’t it technically be a Sileighty

  • Kinda surprised you didn’t talk about the Shelby Series 1 @1:14. They aren’t that common and are pretty cool.

  • Nice

  • I thought it was the R8 at 4:08 that sounded like a bike lol

  • How am I only the 32nd like cmon boys let’s just click the lil thumbs up for this man

  • Fun Fact: The Chevrolet Corvette C5 was the last production vehicle ever to come out with pop-up headlights.

    • Only the first gen of the Miata (NA) had pop-ups headlights, the second gen (NB) had fixed headlights.

    • Actually? That is a fun fact. I figured it’d be the Miata or something lol

  • I know its a death trap but i want it so bad

  • You neighbors should be glad they can hear a Viper waking them up every day.

    • I know right! I wish more of them had cool cars for me to wake up to in the morning

  • Rip neighbors

    • They love me bringing this eye candy into the garage for them 🥰😂

  • Hi


  • Never stop. Just more and more Auto shows. Just love lookin' at the Texas lifestyle.

  • 5th

  • Yoooooooooo

  • VIPER!!!

  • First 😎

  • You know your early when you beat the notification icon 👍