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We went on an epic 100+ Mile Car Cruise with the Houston Headturners! I got to hop in a couple of pretty sick cars for some video. Hopefully you guys enjoy!
Houston Headturners:
Noah Sneezes (the photographer and thumbnail credit):
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  • Those blue eyes...

  • That's a lot of beautiful rides

  • 3:19 A custom PT Cruiser with Wok wheels...

  • Anyone else watching from Cali?

  • Came for @ghostg8gt 🤩

  • 9:25 he is a brave soul for showing up again

  • If anyone knows where to get those clear lens tail lights from please let me know

  • Where did he get his tail lights from I want those for my c6

  • Love the videos ! I’ll be relocating to Houston from Cali this week , can’t wait to attend some events like this once I get there 👌🏻

  • Too much wind noise... and learn another word, you say "as well" too much..

  • 15:30! That's me 💪🏼

  • Man this looked like so much fun 🙌🏽 I miss going on car cruises 😔 can’t wait for COVID to be a thing of the past

    • Dude with covid going on it’s an even better time! When it all was first happening the roads were empty!!

  • Tundra ⛽🔥🔥

  • “My Car is Down Though”.. I mean what else is new when it comes to chevy, What do you expect it’s a Chevy🤷🏽🤷🏽

  • You ever go to the meet on Saturdays in the south shore Home Depot never seen ya there

  • That strip crossing the bridge into and out of Galveston back in my day was where the cops would lay low and pull over our mini-trucks and muscle cars for speeding.. Looks like things have changed..

  • The wind noise ugh 😩

  • That G8 sounded bad to the Bone. Got to love the Camaro

  • Come out to Vegas and race me insta nathantucker399

  • That doesn't look like "2 lanes"

  • I love those chargers, mean looking

  • Omg that tundra ! 😱 i need to make mine like that

  • Where can I find about the meets and cruises?

  • Is there a mopar ban or something I went to meet yesterday and only saw ONE hellcat

  • The red z06 without the roof is hella clean

  • I flippen love that kia stinger. Best of the day for me

  • He said that thing made 600 hp 🤣🤣🤣 right

  • You say every car is clean or very clean bruh

  • My favorite part of this video is that Toyota Tundra looks stupid cool😎😎all time favorite

  • Vettes and Maros all day every day!! 💪🏽

  • Lovely cars. Pontiac G8 gets the cool award from my end.

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  • It’s so weird I found a local well 2 hr away ohio youtuber from a Texas channel and I came here from a crazy lady stopping a birthday parade cruise that got me 36k plus likes on a comment

  • Of only there was a wind sock

  • What a hell of a group. Bet that ride in that nasty G8 was fun. Agreed Mopar has the best colors. That would be such a bad cruise. Nothing better than hitting 100 miles of highway runs besides some nice curvy mountains. That Vortech Vette was rolling out.

  • Houston Headturners. Sounds like a gay club. And nothing bad with that.

  • That Cobra in beginning of video for me 💦💦💦

  • *insert beauty shot here*

    • 3:58 Best Restore Hair

  • Damn u always cut the cars In half in your shots.

    • I know I don’t know why I’m stupid soemtimes lol. My screen on my camera doesn’t work anymore so I can’t really see what I’m shooting

  • That Toyota truck is badass !!!!

  • I just want the dude the the fundra @

  • When is the next one? Looks like a nice cruise. I will be there for the next!

  • I love that wrap on firefly's Charger. I know I've said this before on Sinclair's channel but still. It's a badass wrap!

  • Great video as usual!! 👍🏿

  • The Toyota Tacoma looks good i like how he o she got it

    • @Ahmad Zereini oh sorry my bad either way it looks nice.

    • It’s tundra lol

  • That bagged Tundra is insane

  • aWsOmE video!!! And that’s for the LoVe!! Bunch of great cars!!!

    • 3:59 Do you want thick hair?

  • I have some plans for a Dacia, just need to import one and i will be set.

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love g8 withe lot my favorite car lot 💯💯💯💯💯

  • Wheres that guy Marin he has a nice Corvette also

  • How can I join cruises like that?

  • Yesss!! More videos like this plz !!!

    • 3:58 Best Restore Hair

  • the video was fire my ears just didn’t enjoy the wind noise on the freeway 😭😭

  • Thanks for coming along with on the Street Cruise!! Look forward to collaborating with you again soon!

    • 3:50 Restore Hair 2020

  • Epic day! Lots of fun hanging out with ya Drew on the Houston HeadTurners Street Cruise. Great video!

  • Nice 👍😎

  • Girl: He’s probably with another girl... Boy:

    • 3:55 Get your Hair Back!

  • Love all the LS rides in this trip.

    • 3:47 Do you want thick hair?

  • This is one of the best videos on the channel!

  • Awesome vid! Cruises are so fun.

  • Both cars you rode in chop hella hard lol

  • Now im upset i didn't go 😑

  • I like that g8

  • How many corvette C7 there?

  • Earlyish


    • @Omen on 30 framez Mach 1 will probably be mu choice.

    • @Omen on 30 framez eh I like driving stick and for the price of a gt500 you can get a gt 350R and super charge it and still have $ for more upgrades

    • Eh nice but gt500 better

    • Sameeee

  • 300 my dads former car

    • Gustavo Martins da Silva If you ever get a chance you should buy the SRT eight Version of the 300 and maybe do so mods to it

    • 300 was my dream car, them i saw a Tahoe and forgot totally about it.

  • The tundra aka the fundra

  • Love the white g8

  • This video SHOWS how capitalism is Gret!!! How else would THEY WOULD BE ABLE TO OWN THESE CARS UNLESS THEIR CARTELS!!!

    • Gustavo Martins da Silva ahh yes of course MY grammar

    • Man you need to wrote this all over again, cuz u grammar is really killing the English.

    • lmao you’re not as smart as you think

  • On that Eastside....

  • Nice bro. Good content!!!!

    • How wide is the C6 tires in rear?

  • those g8 headlights look super cool 4:25 edit: 9:25 i’ve seen that guy in a video before 🤔😂

    • @AverageIszac Supercarsuspectsssss!!!

    • 😂

    • AverageIszac nah I just watch the vids. I live in the bay area.

    • Hahaha broooo were you at that meet when all the cops showed up? I remember him causing all that attention and crashing the meet. It was going so well too

  • Where in the hell is your car I miss seeing it 😢

  • Your making conservatives sexy!!! YOUR AND YOU PARTICIPANTS ARE TO THANK!!!

    • 3:47 Get your Hair Back!

  • Love it I wanna bring my 4th gen camaro down when we get it out of the shop next week. Should be pushing 800+whp

    • 3:58 Best Restore Hair

    • Very intrested to see 800rwh-1500rwh builds

    • Getting mine back from the shop in a week as well! Mine will have 500whp+

    • Drop that @, wanna see the build!💯

  • Love how that c6 chops! Great vid as always!

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    • 3:42 Thick hair on video!

  • yo

  • Sinclair was first but I had to show love to Cars Across Texas ! 👌

    • 3:42 Get your Hair Back!

  • So many awesome cars.

  • Nice