Modified MUSCLE CARS SEND IT Leaving Ferrada Wheels Car Meet!

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The Ferrada Wheels car meet was awesome! Tons of sick cars showed up and then sent it on their way out! Hopefully you guys enjoy!
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  • Firetruck was the best sounding car there

  • 13:16 my mans know how to handle the power; that car is good hands.

  • god bless america!

  • Anybody else see the porn sticker 6:02

  • Man I can tell you dont like mopars...mostly viewing vets.mustangs and exotics...kinda sucks because there's so many badass chargers and Challengers

    • Mopars are the Thumbnail! If I didn’t like them it wouldn’t be that way haha

  • I was at this meet I'm so mad I didn't know Doug was there

  • 3:22 thats nice

  • I like the yellow Crome charger

  • when he looks over the supra in the back to look at the mk 5 bmw lol

  • The mustang with the camber 🤔🤔🤔

  • that headlight delete is sick

  • 1:50 "Job Security"

  • 11:53 my dream car 😤💪🏽

  • Hey man I love your videos you should watch mine I’m building a Honda Civic eg watch back h22 swap 👍🔥

  • I'm surprised there wasn't any wrecks the way some were leaving by flooring it straight and then jerking the wheel hard to the right to try to fish tail them. Otherwise some badass cars was there!!

  • these people know how too ruin a charger that’s for sure, some of the ugliest modded cars i’ve ever seen

  • So when do you expect to have your c7 back?

  • Still waiting to see someone with a Pantera

  • Purple Chevy SS killing

  • Ok subbing cause of the first 2 minutes of this video

  • fav is that blue g35 and all the V8 hemi chargers

  • Wassup

  • The most embarrassing thing on earth is crashing into the crowd trying to drift lol

  • Yo, another GREAT video from Cars Across Texas, let's get it!!!! Really nice cars here man. My favorite car is OBVIOUSLY ANY model of the Dodge Challenger (anywhere from a 2010 to 2020, they really are the best 😁😁😁), but in this video, my favorite was definitely that Camaro ZL1 at 7:21. That thing looks nice, clean and mean!!! Keep up the good work as well man, I love all of your vids!!!!! 💙🔥🔥

  • 13:11 Wow That Mustang Sounds good

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and my favorite car g8 lot real true 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • A lot of these people dont know how to drive and shouldn't own a fast car. Well I guess not necessarily shouldn't own. But at least shouldnt be behind the wheel lmao

  • Each of those cars are so beautiful. Being at that place would have been like Car paradise.

  • Bro your knowledge about these cars are mind blowing! Love the content

  • 1wish Can u help me complete the challenge (read my name)


  • The charger at the end was epic with that drift burnout. Thank you for the awesome video again i been watching every video you post for months now

  • Vr and vehicles #3?

  • I’m now convinced that you’re the one that comes up with the Color name for Crayola crayons.

  • I love you’re videos man ,

  • #bowtietillidie that surf wagon In green

  • That old military vehicle is a pinzgauer 712m. Sweet old military vehicle built in sweden. Excellent off road machines that will go just about anywhere as long as you aren't in a hurry! I have plenty of Pinzgauer footage on my channel of our rig in Moab!

  • Video looked better with the iPhone

  • (^-^) Bosozoku Accelerator music Japanese car Motorcycle culture

  • My favorites are the surf mobile and the fire truck

  • Respect the fact that not a single negative thing was said about anyone’s car. Really applaud you for that

    • i mean its a easy way to make people dislike you if you do lol

  • My favorite one was the charger the Lamborghini and the Mustang

  • My boy said "Go baby" when they started leaving🤣 awesome cars. There's alot of love in those rides. Those Lambos, Hellcats, and Skylines though

  • 9:48 what truck is that?

    • I'm not 100%, but I think that's a Chevrolet suburban

  • Bro you should have used my clip on filter and no one would have known you switched cameras.. Solid vid

  • The phone was fine😂Picture quality and sound quality didn’t change a bit..iPhone is still better than Androids🤷🏼‍♂️

  • How do you find out about meets around houston? Drove my volvo shitbox around houston all day for meets that day and I finally trust it so I wanna go to more meets lmao

  • Who else is here for the jdm cars

  • To be 100% honest, the iPhone looks as good or even better. Seems crisper with better brighter colors. The audio was great too.

  • I dont really like camaros but that zl1 is clean

  • “Sent it for the boys in the firetruck” 😂🤣😂

  • The Mopars!

  • Camera or phone, You could never disappoint us with your content!

  • I think that green army looking thing is called a Unimog. I thought it was made by Mercedes, but I could be wrong on both counts.

  • DOUG!

  • That boy Doug showing up that’s lit plenty job security out there

  • No shit that was Doug I can’t believe I didn’t see him there

  • Terminator Cobra 🤘🏾 gotta add one to the channel ❤️🥶🔥

  • The anticipation for the fire truck too send it was killing me 🤣

  • 1:47 Doug!!!! I’ve been wanting to follow him but he hasn’t accepted my request on IG:(

  • I seen the gold scat at a car meet over here in Dallas looks way better in person

  • Is this a reupload?

  • That yellow chrome charger looks 1 billion times better than that 4 cylinder 300 lmao 😂(btw that ctsv sounded like music😔)

  • 5:43, hell of a mullet!!💈

  • Which one of the dodge owners F**s it up for everyone this time?

  • Is like all these youtubers go same car shows and we watch same cars leaving. Need to expand the area there guys

  • Please do a Puppies Across Texas compilation video :)

  • Ahhh, finally, the Cars Across Texas version of this car meet. :). Also, super quick technical constructive criticism: You have a tendency to aim the camera downwards, cutting off the roof of the car in the shot. You might want to watch for that. Your iPhone shooting I thought was much cleaner with decent audio and good stabilization.

  • The red C5Z is indeed LS7 swapped.

  • the Z06 sounds incredible , jus thought maybe you'd be interested in a vlog I jus uploaded brother , but it's amazing cuz we share a lot of viewers , a good amount of my sub's watch your channel , kinda thought that was sick

  • 14:31 only the real ones can recognize that car

    • @jay jones oh sorry

    • @Matt Lyle i said that because its Sinclair Photo's car

    • Was that a Datsun? Or a Jag? I've seen those before never can remember the name lol 😆

  • Green Hellcat!

  • CTS-V broke the sound barrier

  • Didn't I see this yesterday?? Hmmm

    • Ok I didn't see the last 3 minutes, love that white aventador at end, my favorite in video.

  • 1:47 Bruh Doug from the Itsjusta6 channel!! That’s pretty cool! Wasn’t expecting that at all

  • Man i think he got the HARDEST hellcat

  • Ayeeee douge from itsjusta6




  • Admiral blue C7ZO6 is badass

  • that meet was littt

  • Dodge Challenger RT,Charger RT

  • Volcano orange 570 and the chromes are my favorite also I love your videos

  • NGl I like the phone better

  • drew , ur so thick daddy

  • Early Gang wya?

  • Did you go to the corvettes for cops in magnolia last weekend?

  • The first video i watched from you was the one about Karen and her husband.

  • What do you think of the astros this year and I’m from Ohio so how do you think the reds are doing?

  • Where do I find events like this? Been dying to go but have no idea when and where

    • Brick Vision live in Houston and look at Facebook groups

  • Love ur vids man keep it up 🔥🔥🔥

  • Love your car dude its sick👍

  • wow 😒

  • First