How To Keep Your Car Meet Chill: BRING A BASEBALL BAT!

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Speed Advocates hosts some of the best car meets in Houston and they always stay pretty chill. Here's the reason why! Sometimes it's a baseball bat, sometimes it's a hammer. Victim Count: 1 - at a car meet a while ago lol.
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  • Bat as intimidation ? Phuck his meet, unsubbed

  • *corvette revs once to maybe 4k rpm* Regulator guy : "keep it chill keep it calm" ya'll a bunch of pussies I'm dead 😂😂 acting like a fuckin rev is gonna shut the damn event down smh

  • Dude with the bat would definitely be riddled with hot .380 led real quick. Attacking someone’s car with a bat while they’re inside legally ables them to employ the “stand your ground” law. If that’s the smartest way you can think of dealing with your problems, might as well stay home. Dumbass.

  • I got a 1972 buick riviera boat tail, I'd trade in a second for that Chevelle SS

  • Yeah........the consequences for doing a burnout shall be meted out by the law, not a vigilante with a baseball bat. If someone is willing to accept the legal consequences for doing one, that's that. You hit their car with that bat, you're gonna take a dirt nap.

  • in texas and most states that aren't commiefornia if someone tries to damage your property ie your car then you can use deadly force to stop that shit. doing burn outs at a car meet is illegal and frowned upon generally but you have no grounds to even insinuate or threaten to damage someone's property.

  • Dude I ain’t gonna 🧢 that r8 was lookin sexy bruh it looks so good

  • You respect a bagged nissan truck from the 80s but talk shit about every honda you see. You couldn't build good self-esteem let alone a motor

  • What the fuck he going to do with a bat? Get shot it what

  • That s14 is craazzyy styled like a drift car but got that phat setup in the back

  • Towmater

  • Jesus reading the comments no wonder its international news when america DOESNT have a school shooting

  • You should go to coreys car show may30

  • F Type R > AMG GT

  • You should see how car meets go down here in Oregon, some meets have a boxing ring to stop fights from starting.

  • Try pullin the bat shit like that in SoCal you get shot lmfao

  • Hellcat’s suck😂

  • The genesis with the dominoes sign had me rolling

    • The dudes name is Alex ankrom on AR-one. Hella funny shit

  • He would get shot come close my car with a bat

  • Screw the bat, id be packing

  • Hope he knows if he hits someone’s car he’s getting sued... not like I i k poeple should do that but it’s destruction of property

  • Did you just say "big ol nut right here" when you seen the Camaro at 2:07 😂

  • If anything all that bat does is antagonize people to do the exact opposite of what he wants 🤣

  • Burnouts get the bat. Bat gets my bullets. Let's see who wins.

  • I got 4 of em 😂😂 I got 30 in this mag hit me I’ll hit you “ I was scared for my life “ foh

  • Shit looks like a public parking lot, if anything carrying that bat around can get you killed. Walk up to the wrong car and you’ll get popped over have a threatening demeanor with a blunt object. Not a good idea lmaoooo, really fucking stupid if you ask me

  • Really, threatening people with violence, makes you the bigger man does it.... If you dont like the exits, your doing the wrong thing.

  • Ug sexy 240🥵😩😩 nah not the Nissan (;

  • my roommate has a 16 hellcat in jazz blue and its so nice.

  • Bro Ik my takuaches saw that lowered truck and the Mexicans talking in the background at 3:55

  • Who else was waiting for some burnouts

  • you real bold to hit somebody car with a bat and not think you finna get shot lmao it ain't worth it

  • this is why i dont go to “meets” the ppl who run them seem to always be crazies

  • Lol, the dude with the bat ain't hitting shit standing way over there - In TX where peoples fkn grandmas will shoot you.

  • Don’t bring a bat to a gunfight...

  • Guy: * does a burnout * Baseball bat: ok bud, you lost the right to your kneecaps

  • Lol I wish an idiot would try to hit my car with a bat. He’s catching a hollow point in the forehead

    • David Jones im sure you would take the money over the murder charge

  • This is what happens when adults run car meets. The little poundoff idiots doing burnouts...donuts and revs know better.

  • Soooooo you spend all that money making a car fast and then you just go hang out in a parking lot and talk about it. I'm getting old because that's silly shit to me. Go run em' ladies.

  • how is bringing a bat being chill? will only get you wacked by a homeless with a burner, try that in LA

  • Digging that blue Excursion next to the orange R8

  • 1:48 Ssme, I was thinkin the same thing.

  • Put that bat away man, you look silly

  • Yea .. That bat can’t stop a 5.56 round 😂. Careful dude

  • Where can I get an invite to one of these events I've always wanted to take my 2018 Camaro SS (modded) to one of these car shows.

  • All the best car meets outsides of stafford

  • Mater 😂😂😂

  • fuck that dude with the bat... i garantee he wouldnt do shit with it... let me find out he came in his ricer....

  • Wings are ugly and should not be On a vette but to each their own

    • First off..... spoiler* and second if you really knew what they were for you wouldn't have typed this

  • Wtf these pussys think they gonna do with that bat they got me dead😭🤣🤣 “i got 4”

  • So who’s the clown with the scary bat 😂

  • What car is it in 5:52?

  • Guy with the bat must not realize he is in texas where everyone has a gun. Hit someone or their car and see how well that goes. People get shot for less than that every day.

    • Says someone that doesn't carry a gun lol

  • 8:57 ...If that's N/A, I must be Donald Trump.

  • Lmao catch me with the bat while I’m going sideways bitch 🤣

  • I agree with you on the camaro. 2nd gen is my favorite too

  • Hellcat

  • not gonna follow some lass with their instagram sticker on their car...

  • 8:50 by n/a you mean Nitrous Assisted right? x) is that not a nitrous express solenoid?

  • 3:47 720!! minitrucks still kickin it alive

  • awe man, too bad i missed the meet, i would have brought my Coronavette

  • ALERT!!! fun police at the exit with a bat! engage your cutouts! that whole bat thing... iunno bout that man. you're just putting people on edge. i mean a level of order is for sure a good thing, shit like burnouts and donuts or any destructive type stuff is a no go i can respect that, but passively standing and policing the exit like that, telling a dude whos revving their exhaust to "keep it chill" while next to a guy with a bat? fuck outta here are you serious? i mean what do we come to the gatherings for? to respectfully engage our cutouts and grandpa around at 5mph or endure the bat? are these now no smoking zone gatherings too? have some fuckin fun man! jesus. theres a nice thick, fat fucking line between asshole fuckboys and car guys having fun together, maybe being a little loud, and not hurting anyone or anything. your bat on the other hand, would. and another 4 at home, might be a sign of something a lil more disturbing. i wont be personally attending these car meets i dont think... id rather protect my car from flying donut cars than a bat

  • The white Camaro was not na look at the nitrous solenoids by the intake

  • Imagine tryin to act tuff with a bat 🤣 sit the fuck down boy.

  • The N/A performance Camero was hands down the beast of the night! It got my man love of the night award!

  • The bat gets the gun😁👍

  • Yeah shove that bat up his ass!! Try that shit down here in south Florida and see what happens

  • That blue Gtr is that the guy who beat the shit outta some guy who pulled a gun out at T2K? At a gas station

  • DMG private property!!!! Brilliant idea....maybe in New York, haha but texas where one has right to protect self when fear for life. Walking towards and hitting cars puts you in that category. Better ways to enforce, try a low pressure paint ball gun. Get couple colors blue first warning yellow 2nd and red for now your out. Hit windshield No damage point taken (hopefully) hang a sign warning paintballs attracted to tire smoke


  • Hall monitor with bat funny.

  • You would get a lot more problems with police for threatening people with a baseball bat than someone doing a burnout

  • Your boy better keep that little ass bat at home before his punk ass gets shot up or his ass beat with his own bat lol

  • That camaro sounds like horses galloping

  • No offence but if a mf trys to hit my car he be hitting it with his body in at least 4th gear

  • idiot with the bat wanna get shot lol

  • Ya wanna know how to keep a car meet chill these days? Dont go at all. All people care about these days is showing off. Its nothing but modern day ricers now. If you really wanna keep it chill, find a time machine and go back 15 years. I understand people like to have fun. But its nothing but cell phones, fighting, burnouts, people trying to block cops from doing their jobs, arguments, someone crashing, more fights, etc. Kids have already ruined any hope of "chill" long ago. Also, my favorite cars were that Chevelle, the V8 S14 Nissan, and the Volvo wagon

    • Big 'ol Booty Cheeks “hey nice car you wanna rev for me” “nope this the 90s we just look”

  • That lifted genesis was badass

  • I wish he would hit my car with a bat.

  • How about put up a sign that says “no burnouts” instead of having a bat....

    • Jared Becker It’s legal to shoot him if he brandishes a weapon and attacks your property with you inside. The only one at fault is the dumbass with the bat. Its called “Stand your ground.” Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    • @Boosted V8 yeah that's why folks leaving Detroit

    • @Cars Across Texas people don't read em either...spd limit 65...we flyin +100

    • Tom Luzzi you thinking the 90s cuddi dont get me wrong you speaking some facts but that percentage is off by 40.

    • Jared Becker you’re probably one of the dumbest dudes on here

  • Did he say ls7? On that black z/28??

    • cam 717 correct its a 7.0L ls7 hand built.

  • Signing in{} 864 to the 562💯

  • This is great but I hope you guys aren’t having meets right now (not sure when this was filmed) considering the virus.

    • Jeffrey Pytlewski these shoes from almost 2 months ago

  • That C2 Corvette 😵😵

  • Who likes the not so popular cars ? I did like the Old School Datsun / Nissan Low Rider with air ride now that's a very rare truck.

  • My favorite car was the red corvette but some clown crashed it in bad weather doing about 5 mph..😉

  • 4:36 🔥 and that ppv iam trying time buy one

  • If people keep it civil then we get to keep having car meets. The car scene in Houston is on the verge of extinction. Whether it be Bombshells. Rudys. Any venue. They are ready to shut their doors on the car community for defacing their property. It's a car meet for a reason. Not a sideshow 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • This was a good turnout. More photos of that show anddd That Pewter SS can be found on Instagram all day big homie!💯🇺🇸Search for Big_Effin_Daddy

  • Yo loving the channel ! Dont feel bad I bought a 2017 ford EcoBoost last week but hey I'm loving it

  • That's a nasty little cam in that Camaro SS.

  • I love them all, just awesome 😋

  • Baseball bat hits my car I'm taking out my draco and spraying them, fuck around with the wrong ppl

  • That Chevelle SS 👌👌👌

  • my car is the thumbnail car.. so needless to say when i saw this video in my feed it scared the shit out of me lmao but good video man!

  • That idiot with the bat should watch out...he’s in Texas where even my grandma has a conceal/carry permit.

    • @U Got Rekt Mate Fuck shooting the knees. Dead men don't talk.

    • The Texas Penal Code designates certain areas under the protection of the Castle Doctrine: your home, vehicle, and workplace. Namely in this talk, vehicle.Texas law states that you have no duty to retreat if you feel your safety is being threatened. Mr "you're not gonna do anything" sorry to burst your moral bubble, but if you're approaching me and my vehicle with intent to do damage, I will draw on you. I will give two orders. Stop coming towards me and drop the bat. If those aren't met, you will be given a final order to comply. If the third warning is not met with you following it, I WILL shoot. You can live without a kneecap.

    • Oh you gun kiddies. "Don't fuck with me, I'll SHOOT you" no you fucking won't. Shut up, tough guy lol. If you got in a situation where the bat was needed, you were being stupid and there's probably like 6 other guys who also want to kick your ass. Grow up, be an adult if you own a piece. You're making car owners and gun owners look bad by being like this.

    • @‏‏‎ Shush, liberal. You don't get to speak ever again.

    • Jokes on you Texas is an open carry state

  • Cool video...cant stand the narrator🤦‍♂️

    • 🤣🤣 you must be his bitch...btw I'm not even subscribed 🤣🤣 dumbass

    • then unsubscribe

  • SheesH

  • "LS swapped 240, on a tire." Of course its on a tire. Thats what cars drive on. Guy has no clue what he is talking about.

    • TROLL

    • I bet y'all call front runners "skinnies" too. 🤣😂🤣😂

    • Yea. Im dumb. Ive forgot more than you will ever know about a car.

    • IMAGINE trying to critique someone but not even knowing what you’re talking about. GTFO off of my channel lmfao.

    • David Prejean your fucking dumb he’s talking about the drag set up

  • I never get more than 2 likes, ima like my own comment to get it started, go ahead everybody. Thanks 💪🏼