1000HP GTR Bullies the TEXAS STREETS! (Lamborghini's, Boosted Corvettes, and MORE!)

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Got a little bit of some street racing action coming for y'all today! This insane GTR was one of the big dogs out that night and wasn't afraid to line up with anyone. Most of the runs were on the 1000HP setting (right around 25PSI). Hopefully you guys enjoy!
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  • This is *not* Texas Killer R35. Just a buddy of mine.

    • @sam sneed true they are so butthurt lol. Texas kill r35 is just being funny

    • Cars Across Texas what’s the name of that beat in the beginning with the chirp samples???

    • @J R but he's not a Dick sooooooo.....???? You're actually a Dick for calling him a Dick when the man's done nothing to you or anyone for that matter - he's actually really chill and funny as hell. One if his truly funny aspects is how he gets keyboard coolguys like yourself to cry and whine like little girls and hate on him

    • we want more texas killer R35 even if he is a dick his car is badass.

    • Clearly,its nowhere near as fasr lol

  • Don't mess with GTRs....as you have been warned..lol

  • Ppl race GTR’s just to have the pleasure of getting their ass handed to them by one lol

    • You take those L's with a smile on your face.lol

  • 1:55 Kyle hooting again

  • I love that the Corvette never gave up lol. That’s respectable.

  • Damn bruh so is Texas the state with the average car having 800hp ? Lmao

  • I love supercars drag race💕

  • How can an ls3 Vette beat the gtr but not a zr1??

  • That Red ZR1 is punching up quite a bit, very impressive actually.

  • When is it going down again I got a Zx14 want to see what it does against these beast??

  • Boreing

  • For every car guy, there is his gf on the passenger side texting

  • What year gtr was that ?

  • That ZR1 was actually fucking quick. Damn.

  • a guy with an AWD? Single turbo EG6 Honda gapped that GTR already

  • hahaha just can't beat an AWD auto car. Just can't. Every time those manual cars shift they lose 2 cars instantly LOL

  • Love how it took an ecs base model vette which I hope was an ls3 to finally gap the gtr

    • @C6_Jimmy damn dude, how much power you putting down?

    • Yes sir stock bottom end LS3

  • That C6 is fast, he's giving the gtr hard time even though he have less hp

  • Signing in[] 864 to the 562💪

  • Who tune the gtr

  • i thought boosted coyotes can never be beaten. This TT coyote got walked hard by a 6 cylinder none the less


  • If that zr1 was 1000hp it would get that gtr

  • Too bad it's not a "real" St00pidfast "TUNED" car, still a bad ass ride non the less. 🤘🏾

    • @Cars Across Texas yeah I know, just saying too bad it's not a St00pidfast tuned car. That would have made it all the more better. Guess I should have added that last part to my first comment.

    • Didn’t mean it as tuned by them! I just meant that it’s stoopid fast lol

  • Dude that GTR just walked everybody. It lined up against

    • It did trade wins with the ls3 vette

  • that red c6 vette badass...

  • If that zr1 had 900 it probably wouldve won cuz 800 was doing some justice jesus

  • That GTR pulls away like my ex

  • This was awesome! Lol

  • I love domestics but I feel like the only one that can put out work is the viper

  • What does pov mean?

  • I wish I had a GTR. I am near Dallas area. I don't even have money to tune or turbo my 2016 Genesis Coupe. I graduated with my bachelor's in December 2018, did the most amazing Summer internship in 2019, and now I have no job and not making money during coronavirus apocalypse and tribulation. Everything seems hopeless. I wasted ten years of my life going to school while kids were getting rich on youtube, and females showing their bodies on instagram. I would feel good to have my Genesis tuned a little and cruise around with an aftermarket exhaust and make videos, but I can't even do that right now. This life is a waste.

  • 1000hp hellcat you can see why American cars are so behind.

  • Texas cars are pretty slow, this GTR has no chance in my country

  • Literally gapplebees

  • 7:28 what made this run so different than the first run? R35 up the boost on the 2nd run?

  • Soooo...... either that GTR is well over 1,000 or that white Hellcat is well below 1,000!!! I know there's a weight difference, but that was an ass-thrashing!

  • ZR1 owner: I want a rerun GTR owner: Okay, I'll gap you again

  • Selling my GTR in Cali if anyone interested

  • This GTR made everyone else look like no one was moving! I have never been in a 1000 hp car! Maybe ask your friend if he would take me for a ride??? 😄

  • Europower/dme gtr?

  • Most lit vid in a while cu

  • That hellcat🐢🐌🤣🤣🤣


    • Coming from an NA mustang 🤣🤣🤣

  • What are those flashing lights on the highway for?

    • Those are for the toll roads here. They snap pictures of our sticker and plates.

  • You guys are dorks because of course you are gonna smack these cars down . Bunch of pussies bro. Race cars that are your equal or are faster not cars you know you are going to smackdown.

  • We have a 1200 hp gtr here, mannn it’s scary hearing it leave a car meet lol

  • Roll racing in Texas is unmatched

  • Bro how come I can’t see you in my subs?

  • When you see caracrossTexas pass ur house😍

  • Why does this guy sound like Seth Rogen?

  • You need a ecu tek rolling anti lag. Instead of creeping away you would just instantly be gone.

  • Sorry in Texas this GTR is not fast.

    • theres another red gtr thats fast asf

    • That car dusts 99.99% of the cars in texas. wtf are you talking about.

  • That Carbon Edition C6 ZO6 at the 20 second mark, sweet.

  • 4:19 what are those flashes ? speeding camera??

    • 😂😂

    • Toll road. They snap pics of your plates so they can send you a bill.

  • how many 1320 videos did you watch before basically doing exactly what they do lol

  • Bad ass video 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • R.I.P Vanessa Guillen and other soldiers slained due to military actions Do a car parade Justice for Vanessa and other soldiers missing and found dead 😓

  • It’s all fun till a twin turbo v12 supercharged stright pipped supra pull up

  • this is the content we love. LOVEEEEEE

  • That thing is a MONSTER, gotta give it to the Japanese man, they know how to build a CAR

  • What part of Texas are y'all from??? I'm in Wichita Falls. Absolutely LOVE your channel 👍👍

  • Let me know when you come out to San Antonio, i have my built GT-R also and my track hawk that I have yet to race.

    • @Daniel Meinhardt I can promise you not one of the cars in this video is street legal. Unless his trackhawk is stock that aint legal either, but hey, thats part of the fun

    • Since you have one I’d probably be best to ask you. Is it street legal? Like I really don’t want to wait till 2032 to get one.

  • Everybody gangsta until the guy with 1300hp civic pulls up

  • When I watched this video you had 666 likes that's scary.... I'll make it 667 likes thanks for the video... Stay healthy...

  • How often do you guys meet up?

  • I have noticed speed camera type flash when passing 😓

  • GTR is fast.. but I want that C6 ZR1. Greatest car ever made in my opinion.


  • More vids like this please!!!!

  • Crayyyyyzeeeee

  • Isn’t that a speed camera at 4:03

  • The guy counting 1,2,3 sounds angry as fuck 😡✋🏽😂🔫

  • Nice

  • I love it my boy keep up the work and I love the video 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Where’s the civic that beat killer R35🥱🥱🥱🥱

  • im digging the 1320 style videos lol

  • 8:17 Dude that was a manual 5.0? That dude's shifting was insane. It sounded like it was a dual clutch trans because of how fast the shifts were. Props to him.

    • 100% auto you can hear the glide of a converter

    • Yeah whoops! I was thinking of a different car when I captioned that lol. That’s my buddies car with a built 6R80

    • Ah ok.

    • No it shifted once in that first clip and that was definitely auto. 6r80 100%

    • I was thinking the same but no way thats a manual. If so I would like to be his student in training because those are literal god shifts.

  • Make a video with the civic hatchback 🚗

  • When u get the z06 built you should change the revving in your intro to the z06 revving

  • Cars across Texas = the next 1320 good job man keep up the good content.

  • Myyy earss. Btw Sick Intro to the video

  • Them GTR's back at it ;) (Oo\_____/oO)

  • Awesome...ty!

  • Great video brother :) They shut down Texas once , that was enough now we all know the virus has killed less people then the regular flu every other year. It has a 0.001 % fatality rate these lying scumbags have no right by law by second amendment to tell us to stay home ever! Stop the spread of lies !

  • He’s not racing anyone in his HP class.

    • Cars Across Texas I bet it was still quite the adrenaline rush!!

    • Because there was nobody out who was lol. We even tried scaling the boost back 🤣

  • Why you do them like that, you give them a head start and think they are winning then you hit the gas and fly by them like nothing 😂😂

  • manual if your dick is small and u wanna act like you have a big one, auto to win races.

  • So no one is gonna point out the fact that none of the cars he went up against were even close in power?

  • Gtr killing it! It was also nice to see a 911 going at it too!

  • id love to experience sitting n racing in a 1000 hp street car one day ! was that speed cameras flashing or tolls?!

  • Put a evo vs that gtr who wins then answer the evo

  • I love Americans muscle but man this gtr 35 is something else 🔥🔥

    • GTRs..period...

    • Theres plenty of American muscle that'll stomp this GTR in Texas

  • Great editing!! Where do u get your music?

  • That pc ss was a m6?

  • All fun and games till the twin turbo vipers come out to play 🏎️💨

  • 4:04 were those speed cameras

    • @PI86 What do those do?

    • tollway roads, toll cameras

  • Just watching that turbo kick in makes me want to buy a car I cant afford

  • Now this is a sick video!

  • Intro and vid 🔥

  • Crazy car content!! Love the video.