Jeep TRACKHAWK Launches It Right in Front of COPS at Supercar Show!

تم نشره في 2020/08/26
It was Scrape city at this meet. Lots of supercars hitting their splitters and causing a lot of cringes and moans from spectators. But Team Savage through another awesome meet with some killer cars! Enjoy guys!
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  • I appreciate those of you who believed my R33 should have been allowed to park with the rest of the cars. Unfortunately I was misinformed on the parking rules. No biggie though. I had a good time and enjoyed the car show

    • @Joe Nieto i mean, clubs out here in denver hold club meets all the time. EVERYONE is a part of the meet so long as they park is designated areas... They have a specific area for club members but they never tell someone they can't park unless they've done some dumb sh*t in the past.. Bring that thing to denver... People will beg you to post up 😉

    • @Paradox Might thank you

    • @Thomas Egan the parking was assigned to Team Savage which I was not a part of. I followed a few of the members and was under the impression that I was part of the group. Again my fault NOT the savage members. All good guys. No hard feelings towards anyone on my behalf

    • Beautiful car my man!

    • What rules prevented you from showing up? Was it a newer car only car show?

  • I would have loved to piss them off with a Nissan Versa base.

  • Corvette &caddy junk

  • do they let 350 and 370z s in?

  • thats called satin bro lol

  • So are you living in HTX? I thought from your other videos you were not. Couple of my friends are in Savage but I don't go to these events in my c43 :/

  • 3:29 david dobrik

  • the bro: texas does not have whips like that! Me: sheeeeeiiiiiiit

  • Jeep Trackhawk Launches BEHIND* a cop at Supercar show.

  • 12:25 Thumbnail.

  • i have a nissan 300zx but i dont live in houston

  • you said lovely and C8 in the same sentence 😐lol

  • The scat charger that has “supersayinblue_392” what’s the updated insta name

  • 12:22, you're welcome

  • Why they turn the gtr away, don’t watch these often but never really seen people rejected

  • Trakhawk

  • that R33 is even worth more than all those stupid camaros he's allowin in

  • did that dumbass just chase the GODZILLA away?????? no need for me to even continue watching this vid...

  • 3:29 Nissan 400z z35!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The blue car is awesome af

  • I love the reactions when people see the 93-96 Supras , after all these years its still such a beauty to see , such a rare car. one of the strongest engines ever built in those shits. that 6 inline is no joke

  • I’m sorry but that’s not an m3 that’s a m2

  • 12:33 for the launch

  • The lunch from the track hawk is 12:25

  • 9:40 he exposed them rims boi lol

  • I know that place there a school in the back

  • C8 corvette is overrated it’s not even that nice of a build and it’s slow as hell

  • who tfs bright ass idea was it to host a car meet w that meann ass inclined entrance 🤣

  • 😂😂😂less head home and play some war zone

  • the kids were going crazy for the cars :)

  • 12:34

  • was it just me that seen that or what that McLaren went out on 3 wheels 12:10

    • Hahaha yeah I just noticed that, he def skipped out on 3 lol

  • The yellow cts 😱

  • Good stuff...

  • was that thunder or the huracan pops??

  • “We get it, you’re rich” 🙄🙄

  • if you think about it, the c8 kinda looks like a corvette mixed with a mclaren

  • Anybody know some good Houston car meet pages on IG to follow. From Louisiana and would like to go to some on the weekends just trying to find out where.

  • Don't be sleeping on those Juke R's.. I doubt it was 1, but it was def no everyday juke.. With a qr25 turbo or s/c, those things are light enough to carry c8 level power to weight ratios... And they ride on rails especially with the awd

  • Lmk when the next car meet is and me and my car people will go I have lambos And c8 in my car group so lmk

  • C8 is sweet, amg is cool. Really all of them

  • Dude in the army green shirt & black hat such a head ass🌽🏀🤣

  • They should of let the r33 in am so offended

  • Nice vids bro y'all sub to my YT😁🤟👌

  • Best car aston martin 👌

  • So much cringe, when that Mclaren scraped.

  • 12:36 thank me later

  • I need to bring my SS to Texas🔥🔥🤤

  • Wait, why are some being denied?

  • Are we talking Team Savage as in Randy Savage?


    • @Chad M. yup

    • And that Mustang they refused was fucking gnarly too.

  • @ 14:50 the lambo with that rev made lighting 😂

  • 12:20

  • Chuckling at these people with no masks... it is texas after all. Merica.

  • Event planning was like this.. Lest have a car meet... we'll call it a car show.. let's find a place deep in the ghetto.. with a driveway that will damage the cars.. then invite all the colossal douchecanoes and deny parking to people based on car make and model.. that's racist you know.. so a guy is dirt poor and only can afford a corvette.. he can't join in the reindeer games because some polesmoking douche shows up in a Lambo or McLaren.. more embarrassment for Houston.. it used to be so different (way better).. That TrackCock really launched hard.. Thank God aviation isn't like the car scene.. i do like watching the videos tho.. it's entertaining to see adults acting like young children.. now, back to midget porn..

  • Why were they refusing certain cars

    • pparently there was a car club that needed a lot of parking spaces so if you weren’t with them you couldn’t get in. Just some bullshit. They’re called Team Savage or some shit. That Mustang and RHD Skyline they turned away were like the 2 sickest cars there.

  • U triggered me every time u said gold rims ther BRONZE

  • Viper is nuts

  • Not all hero’s wear capes he’s making sure no one scrapes

  • I just moved to texas near houston would like to hit up some of these meets in my do follow up on locations?

  • If your serious about aquiring the fire truck you can buy them off of old car websites, they pop up occasionally. Or just search up fire truck for sale

  • Wheels and plate on that bright blue McLaren are utter trash.

  • Ummm, what’s up with that guys wheel at 12:10?

    • Skipped out on 3 wheels!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Like the vibes...

  • 8:00 they turned down the right hand drive gtr👀

  • I'm pissed about the R33 !! Skyline life matter fuck your Camaro

  • The truck belongs to the owner of Texas auto trim and its cammed with a Whipple

  • Stay on the gas!

  • That mustang that got denied

  • texas is one of the best places to use supercars because everyone is humble(except karens) and they respect your car

  • So you just came there to enjoy cars getting scraped??.

  • So why were some getting turned away?

  • 9:36 Those curbed ass wheels tho, yikes

  • Checking in from the music City area code 615

  • Looks like Tall guy car reviews old 720

  • 3:53 what it sounds like when I bump my big toe

  • Dude I am so afraid of scraping my carbon lip, that when I see other people scrape I feel like I’ll die 😭 honestly

  • Wtf is that dude in the green 💀😂

  • If I had a supercar and saw that incline when I pulled up I would’ve just drove home

  • Really enjoying ur vids lately and u just got a new subscriber

  • I love yall. Your the bestttttf

  • 3:09 Weird flex but ok

  • Favorite car: the Juke that drove past. LOL

  • Java Green M3 is a she and that is her baby.

  • When I lower my car I need some bags for this scenario. Anyone recommend anny good brands?

  • Why were they telling cars to go away when it's a car meet.

    • pparently there was a car club that needed a lot of parking spaces so if you weren’t with them you couldn’t get in. Just some bullshit. They’re called Team Savage or some shit. That Mustang and RHD Skyline they turned away were like the 2 sickest cars there.

  • I know those spots, lived just six blocks from there.

  • Damn they bogus to them “cheap cars” they didn’t let in.

  • Why have it a spot with that bad of an entry point ......

  • You always make great videos... watch them all the time! Hope you uploads more soon just had back surgery and can’t wait to see more videos from you.

  • warzone eyyyyyy

  • That NSX looks amazing in orange.

  • The cop car

  • Ma dude Sneaky Snakes with one of the cleanest GTS’s I’ve ever seen. Love his car.

  • Why there a cop ?

  • Yall really holding up traffic to let cars out???...... Wow

    • wa wa wa cry about it karen

  • Why were some cars passing by going to a different entrance?

  • There’s something wrong with that one guy

  • Whoever hosted this meet is a straight up idiot. Horrible location and what a dumb thing to turn away cars, especially after they let in about a million basic Camaros, Vettes, Mustangs, BMW M3’s, and even a Mercedes E series, but they don’t let in the 66 Mustang or the R33. Like what the fuck? Not cool.

  • Why was he denying cars to go in?