COPS SHUT DOWN Crazy Car Meet Because of THIS??

تم نشره في 2020/06/29
Another day, Another Tracktion meet. This time cops were there early but they were cool and let us stay for a bit. They finally rolled through and made us disperse due to the heightened county warning for COVID and there being more than 100 people there. Hopefully y'all enjoy!
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  • Quick fact that mega raptor worth 200bands

  • its the no masks for me

  • I haven't seen a 3rd gen Camaro make an appearance in any of these videos,

  • Y’ALL ALREADY KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! Karen: “yea cops, it’s me again & NOW they ARE over the headcount! I DEMAND you shut them down! They’re gonna give EVERYONE that virus thingy!” (cops also hear in background) Karen Husband: “and tell em’ as a pro race car builder/cop, I HEARD at least 11 of them peeling out too!”

  • This probably ain’t important but what is part of that song at 4:06 I keep trying to replay the video to get the lyrics down,can you somebody help a brother out,it’s actually at 6:19 on here

  • This video definitely proves one thing and that is that the youth don't care about spreading covid-19

  • "Coronavirus going to kill us all" hahaha

  • I stfg i thought you were the lead singer for at least a

  • Damn you Corona Virus!

  • If I ever make it in rap & I cop my dream car ima participate in 1 of these meets 💯💯🎵🐎☝

  • Anyone else fee they would hate to be friends with youtubers? A shit ton of background noise at a car meet

  • Sinclair photos lookin right in the rocket bunny 👌🏻🤘🔥

  • Anyone got any good JDM AR-oner suggestions? I’m just now getting interested in cars and I’d like to follow some more car content creators. JDM AR-oners and other AR-oners who are about Tuners

  • I would get no respect in my car at those meets

  • The galleria it's not downtown lol

  • The guy with the tc "pls give me attention"

  • Crazy

  • Not surprised, HPD be on that dumb shit 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love c7 and your black c7 z06 lot and me Chevy gang for life all day real true 👍 🙌 North Memphis 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • As a guy from NY I can’t believe how many people in your videos have their social media tags on their car. Reminds me of this. Great channel though.

  • Vid of you vs bmw 👀

  • The red old school mustang at 3:00 is awesome. I love it

  • And on this episode of Covid across Texas

  • The girl at 4:42 was trying to get you to notice her 🤣

    • And he's too busy looking at the challenger 🤣lol

  • Nice haircut man!

  • All you needed to do is riot and they would have left you alone.

  • My favorite car was turquoise charger or the gold and black Challenger or the turquoise corvette

  • Sinclair needs to get his air ride settings set up right so he can ride clean and not all 4x4!

  • Preston always steaks the spotlight with the turbo subie

  • 157th

  • Bruh Texas is doing really shit with corona rn this was expected

  • How can I find out when the next car meet is?

  • R32 is my dream car. If I had one, it would probably look just like the one in the video😍 Also good content! Keep up the good work

  • A car meet is happening tonight *Huston PD has entered the chat*

  • Kinda wish i could do this. Can't cause i live in Arizona and we can't have large get togethers yet

  • Houston Police are hall monitors from school.

  • Lol I love rocket bunnies, slower than syrup lol

  • That Turbo Subie always gonna be my Favorite 👀👀

  • Cool cops! No one got any tickets from what I seen in the video😎👌

  • Great thumbnail shot 😁👍🏻

  • Is that m6 on upgraded turbos?

  • I can see why they kicked everyone out. No one out there wearing masks. Be smart about it

  • How do you know where/when the meets are

  • You look like a down to earth dude to hang out and chill with. Love the vids b0ss

  • my rav4 vs your Z06?

  • All this car meet stuff... We used to do all this back in the 90's but not with v8's and turbos..

  • Coupe roof lol. Hardtop.

  • I swear every time I watch a Cars Across Texas video I’m always hit with the need to make dope American cruising cars in Forza, Great video Brother!

  • Yuhhhhh the mega raptor!!!!

  • Drats! looked like fun. But I understand. One thing I noticed, was the kindness and niceness to the drivers and the police. No rioting, no looting, no badmouthing, no violence!!!! Everyone was cool. Thanks for the smile. Can we all donate to have the drone at Karen's house? I will give you 2 pennies!! Snicker haha

  • I find myself watching you and Sinclair even though it’s the same event.

  • Where do you find out about meets and digs or rolls?? Me and my daughter cruise friday and Saturday night to find nothing!

  • That mustang wrap was honoring the mustang airplane from WWII

  • What song was that in the lime green mustang

    • i came here to ask the exact same question 😂

  • Corona car meet

  • New in h town how can I go to this meets ?

  • I thought the cop was gonna ask me some more serious questions! Thank you for the feature. The GTR looks clean on the TV. Lol cheers dudes

  • Ever came across an Acura NSX at a car meet by chance?

  • That brz was way too ricey. He better be pushing like 800 to the wheels with all of that nonsense.

    • Its more of a show car you think just cause it has a bodykit its suppose to do 800 to the wheel? Put a rocketbunny kit on your vette and make it go 800 to the wheel watch that shit break it self on the first pull

    • Lmao

  • Made it!!

  • Oof

  • I liked the dark red Challenger with the diffuser.

  • Shoulda started a riot then you would’ve been fine.

  • FRESH CUT!!!

  • Nice vid

  • Mega Raptor 😍

  • Houston Texas 🤘 i like when you show the dogs also 👍

  • Is it cool if bikes show up? I just want to be around anything fast.

  • I know y'all see the cut🔥

  • Bro can you work on how you end your videos is starting to bother me but I’m just saying

  • Black hellcat

  • I must say, I'm concerned by the complete lack of masks and/or social distancing. I have nothing against them getting together, but at least be safe about it, please.

    • Wearing my mask in Baltimore. I will not catch the vapors!!!

    • @7 Sins No one is telling them what to do. It's just disturbing that right now Texas is one of the major outbreak states and less than 10 people were wearing masks. I guess we know why the outbreak is so high in Texas. No one cares there.

    • how about you all do you and quit trying to tell other folks what to do.

    • Definitely agree, considering they are in one of the epicenters of the virus right now. Appreciate your cars, but be smart about it.

  • I love the charger in turquoise its sick so is the corvette in turquoise

    • The vet was next level 👌👌👌

  • Seth rogan and the cop are the only ones wearing masks?

    • Seth Rogan...Ha Ha good one... I was thinking the same thing

  • 6:49 is that even legal?

  • 5:31 Funny how he ignores the Honda NSX next to the Tahoe and focuses on the puppy. (Im not saying I hate puppies. I love them, in fact, I have two of them in my home)

  • Awww ... underglows are allowed in texas :(

    • @Bali texas is lucky they got underglows. Nj, you cant have em

    • What’s wrong with that

  • karen discount😂

  • Your friends frs Man, yes sir love it

  • adorable doggo

  • 4:16 whoaa an airforce mustang with no brim

  • The Galleria isn’t downtown

  • So you can’t have a peaceful car meet with not even 100 people cause of COVID-19 but you can protest/riot in the hundreds?........ I see

    • Tell it to someone who gives a fuck

    • Yep, when it fits their narrative, Covid doesn’t matter. It only matters when it’s convenient.

  • that BRZ tho

  • lol the cops looked like they decided to have their own car meet guess they felt left out

  • Best looking car is gotta be that black corvette / yours

  • All these people and no masks 😷 jus coronavirus everywhere

  • Interview the dude with the subie you featured, I wanna hear what he's done to that thing

    • This is my AR-one channel I post about my car so go check it out 🤟🏼

    • Steezy garage on Instagram

  • what is the first blue car? not too good with identifying such high modified cars

    • @Cars Across Texas Aye, Rocket Bunny. I see you messing with CSR 2.

    • My buddies Rocket Bunny Scion FRS

  • The gold. 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Loud boiz runnin' through 👌

  • Does he respond?

  • "(Don't lie who is cars across taxes big fan") (Read my btw) Plus I was in that meet 😁

  • Not a single fucking mask bro!!! This is why Houston is doing so bad right now!

  • I bet a Karen called the police

  • Saw you at the meet keep the bangers coming 🔥🔥

  • Drop Top Fox sounds like a good band name

    • Lmfaoo. Sounds like it’d be either a small country band or an 80s/90s cover band 🤣

  • thank you, comandante lina hidalgo! mira, pinche covid es aqui!

  • your vette still wins the show

  • Karen you can advertise gdlsjwbrkcodksjrbtlcie