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Uhhh. This meet was a little crazy lol. It had a little bit of everything but the true showstopper was the crazy 502ci Big Block powered Rat Rod. Enjoy the video guys!
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  • I like how the rat rod was just casual spitting flames when it was barely moving

    • Thats why i have to wear earnplugs driving the rat rod.. my actual race car isnt that loud.

    • Yea it was insane I can only imagine how loud it was there

    • It was so crazy! That’s what happens when you’re pretty much just open block 😂

  • That guy obviously bought that 30/31. It’s a Model A not a T.

  • Oh my gawwd the rat rod sound amazing😱

  • That Rat Rod though . . . .

  • You’re annoying. Shut up.

  • Am I mistaken or was that white Evo at 9?

  • Turns out only thing more annoying than the 4 banger mustang is its owners mouth

  • Got to get more of that rat rod!!!

  • Who says a car is to loud at a fucking car meet

  • When you go to a car show with kids that always trying to fight someone.

  • Imagine thinking you the shit for saying whats up nigga, then having a shitty ass two step that sounds hideous 😂

  • 6600 NW loop 820 fort worth texas amc movie theater july18th 9pm. Car meet. ✌

  • Rat rod shut it down by far lmaoo

  • Mustangs are cool, but the mustang boys and mustang owners ruin the car and give them that bad rep. Damn shame.

  • I like how at about the 55 sec mark, N-2-Deep was playing. We used to listen to that back in the 90s when doing exactly the same thing. Oh, and C7 Z06 > C6 ZR1 :)

  • Keep dropping those bangers ☄️that shit was lit it got more lit when they were fighting 😂😂keep grinding g

  • 6:33 "Bro your not hard" 😂🤣

  • Imagine going to a car meet and getting mad at someone for revving lmaoo that bike dude should’ve stayed home he got his ass beat anyways 😂

  • Homie you gotta come up to Woodward ave sometime. Friday and saturday nights there are easily hundreds of cars out. Muscle cars, hot rods, supercars, meets everywhere. There’s at least 2 ford GTs almost every time.

  • 1:16 North Carolina mustangs roll up 20 deep at a minimum😂

  • That’s a a lot of mustangs and corvettes for a car meet

  • Who gave white boi permission to say nigga🤨

  • Saving the best for last with that Jeep track hawk

  • Another banger video!!!! Cars across Texas is gonna blow up hella fast

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video I love c7 z06 blue lot 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • You seem to like dogs. Why not host your own Cars and Canines, or Cars and Puppies?

  • Are things like this possible cuz I wanna go to one?

  • Been waiting on you! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTT!...And was someone playing, 'Back to the Hotel' by N2Deep @.48 secs? Yes, yes they were...

    • Ah for reference..

  • Showing love from california man keep up the good work 👍🏽

  • When’s your car coming out the shop I plan on getting a z06 soon and goin the same route as you my boy

  • Nice vid

  • Love your content brotha🤞🏽, can’t wait to run it again after your mods are done!!

  • @7:40 it's real nice to see something other than a mustang/charger

  • This guy channel going to explode soon 🙏🙌🏻keep your the hard work bro !!!

  • Get a jdm and maybe do a hotrod build👀

  • you should put the sound of your car on the intro

  • Got a flamethrower tune on the eco boost 🤣

  • So Cringe when they start fighting at meets 😬

    • X I L E Mari out there protesting spreading covid lmao

    • Mari Curls so we as Mexicans cant say nigga? Cause u the only black person trippin about it 😂😂😂everyone I know is black don’t care 😂😂😂😂

    • That really really irritated me then he had the audacity to say N!GGA... I’m black and I can’t stand that word. He looked and sounded like a complete idiot. Then he yells B!tch ass boy you pan the camera to your face like 👁👃🏽👁.... and all we hear are 🦗 and he gets back in to rev it 🚗 💨 = 💩 🤣🤣🤣

    • Agreed. Not really the place for it. They were fighting over the mustang 2 stepping too much

  • That rat rod was insane I want to build an old truck rat rod one day

    • Thanks man. None of mybother cars gets attention like the rat rod..

  • Bro I’m literally up the road dope video.

  • V6 Mustang at 3:14 sounds like James from donut saying “MO POWA, MO POWA BABY”

  • That Rat Rod sounded like it was nasty as hell 🤘

  • Great video as always...But little young kids talking like that is what kills the mood. Hopefully someone will teach that kid manners before he gets hurt.

  • Ur still killin me with the jersey!!!😝😝.... My favorite was the viper!!! Much love from NYC and keep doing ur thing, loving the content!!!

  • This is a old meet lol

  • Loved that beautiful blue Vette Drew, and that Rat Rod was nuts loud. Good stuff buddy. 😎👊👍

  • Cant wait to see the Zo6 gap em stangs and hellkitties

  • *Mustangs Across Texas

  • Didn’t that guy with the red shirt bodyslam someone in another video of yours @carsacrosstexas?? I like how you caught that flamethrower kit😂🤣. Maybe that’s why he’s so big mad🙃🙄

  • What’s up with the screech every time the mustang spits flames?

  • I'm looking forward for your JDM build

  • That hot rod is ripping rubber and its a good day for the boys to come out

  • Nice mustang's

  • And again, AR-one doesn't give the notification

  • That rat rod was sick.

  • That Rat Rod was badass

  • I peep my car

  • Is that your gen 2 dodge pickup back there???

  • How about you drop the guy yelling what's up nword?

  • That's a mustang infestation if I ever seen one

  • He really said “go home come to the next one” 😂🤣

    • I was so jealous of everyone that actually had their cars 🤣 there’s never that many C7s that pop out when I’m in mine lol

  • Evo looks clean😉😉😉

  • Those cars are loud

  • I would've knocked that lil dude for talking like that 😂😂

  • Whats with all the Mexicans in Texas saying nigga?

  • I guess you have to make a whole bunch of popping and cracking noises when you lack...cubic inches. 🤷‍♂️

    • Cars Across Texas hell no he isn’t!! Same motor I have in my boat! No need for cracking and farting noises for us! Lol!

    • I guess so lol 😂 that Rat Rod was not lacking in that department though! Rocking that 502Ci Chevy big block 🤯

  • Bruh how ya doing

  • My top 3 cars from this video. 1. GTR 2. Mustang 3.Camaro

  • A JDM would be pretty sick on your channel

    • Cars Across Texas hear me out, buy a r33. They’re unique and would be a neckbreaker👀. Or just wait 4 more years and get a r34

    • Been thinking about it 😉

  • 808th, im kinda late :( love your videos man!

    • All good! All that matters is your here now boss! I appreciate it 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  • .

    • @Cars Across Texas Did you just respond to my comment thats really epic

    • 🤘🏻


  • Thank you for showing off the Houston car culture. Not a lot of people outside of Houston realize the amazing car scene we have

    • Cars Across Texas I know, but I still can’t wait

    • Soupisamyth the one this weekend is rescheduled bro!

    • Cars Across Texas yeah, can’t wait for the meet your hosting

    • It’s my job! I’d love to be able to put Houston on the map 💪🏼

  • What is it with super skinny scrawny dudes getting rowdy like that for all of a sudden? Lol love the videos man!!

    • The other kid in black was talking shit cause the mustang guy was just revving, I saw a video the black shirt guy was getting thrown around lmao

    • I’m not sure lol 🤣 I appreciate it man! 😁

  • nice video as always :D

    • @Cars Across Texas :D Thanks bro! I hope I can get 400 subs soon :) And then the 500.

    • I appreciate it bro! 🤘🏻

  • another banger video in the bag brother , its funny how similar our videos are , my last video has my buddy's @kid_pistola 's 37 ford truck doinga burn out , also just letting you know I changed the name of my channel to Supercar Specifics just heads up and sunday sent you photo of the sickest shelby gt 350 evre

  • *Eddie "BIG DADDY" Roth has entered the chat*

  • Mo city baby

  • Is this a new video? It looks like the one from last week or so

    • Cars Across Texas right 😂...I see...I support everyone here

    • Yeah. My buddy Sinclair posted his video last week so maybe you saw that

  • reupload?

  • I don’t care my number....I’m just here

    • Cars Across Texas keep up doing good things! Enjoy watching

    • That’s what matters! 😁🤘🏻

  • Corona virus has entered the chat

    • b jay I appreciate it bro 🤘🏻🤘🏻

    • @Cars Across Texas lol stay safe out there bro enjoy your videos

    • Nah

  • Fun fact... 100 people can't be first or second.

  • We get hot rods and rat rods all the time here in Arizona. Love the zr1

  • Cresson track action ever????

    • @Cars Across Texas .....then come to dfw and make a bunch of film and hit up cresson. Lotta action out here

    • I’d love to road course the Vette! Cresson is about 4 hours from me though, so that’d be a bit of a trip!

  • Love your channel man 😁

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  • 2nd 😂^

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