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I put my Z06 on the Dyno to get a baseline before I start modding the car! Keep in mind that it was 85-90 degrees with 100% humidity when I put my car up so the numbers could be higher but the torque number still surprised me! Enjoy guys!
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  • Keep in mind it was 90 degrees with 100% humidity lol. On a better day the numbers would be better 😏

    • @cars across texas the SAE corrected numbers are better in a hot and muggy environment. It will give a better number of what the car makes.

    • Gabriel Godina when you have a boosted car it runs more efficiently on cooler, dryer air. So when temps outside start getting into the 50s and 60s you’ll start hearing people refer to it as boost weather. The cooler, dryer air makes the car run more efficiently and therefore increases engine performance. It’s the same exact thing as why people put Cold Air Intakes in their cars

    • Down in Texas it’s hot as hell

    • What do you think about luxury cars

    • My boy keep up the work and me Chevy gang for life all day real true 👍 🙌 North Memphis 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • That’s not funny that was actually me and my friends in that car

  • Got a love how genuine that cop was! It just shows what the main stream media is portraying that police officers are all bad is not true! As a veteran I thank him for his service to the community!

  • I thought those are 650 stock???

    • Cars Across Texas why do you have drag radials on the front lol

    • 650 Crank horsepower. Some of that gets lost transferring to the wheels

  • Nice job on the detailing

  • Sweet whip bro.

  • Can’t go wrong chemicalguys cleaning. Looks good

  • Yo, who miss thickumz in the pink dress? Mmmmmm.

  • Like your content so far 😊

  • 8:11 your welcome pervs 🤤

  • 5.yeet thats my boi lmao good video dogg

  • Dude that said 554 Is from the future! Arrest that man , I just want to talk to him about my timeline is all.

    • I’m Right here or @bluesxtplus on insta😂🤣

  • Damn he did A good job cleaning your car 🔥🔥

  • Pretty good number on your Vette!. Can wait to see the next video when u get upgrades and take it back to the dyno.

  • That detail looks ridiculous I can imagine the camera does no justice. That thing looks like a mirror

  • I’m confused. Isn’t ur vette a M6 why do you have paddle shifters?

    • Cars Across Texas so it’s basically to turn rev match on and off

    • It makes more sense when you drive it haha. It delivers a perfect down shift every time without fail which would be super nice to have in a circuit race. 🤘🏻

    • Cars Across Texas THATS y I’m confused. Lol y would they waste money on giving manual cars that don’t need paddle shifters paddles that’s a couple hundred dollars in each manual car. If it’s a manual u still rev match with the clutch and shifter. That’s just wasting money in production

    • It is a 7 Speed Manual! GM keeps the paddles in the car from the Auto cars but repurposes them for auto rev match!

  • yo where is thatguymarin

  • Good numbers on a stock car. Sounds vicious on the Dyno. Can't wait to see where you go with it. You deserve greatness!

  • Wait wait wait you said its ceramic coated but then waxed it? 🤣

    • It was a Glaze that I applied in the video

  • When you get more mods on the ZO6 im down to get gapped during our rematch

  • Nice to shoutout small businesses during these times.

  • Trump 2020 best President ever

    • Uhmm yea wrong channel for ur ignorance, bigotry and racism

  • No offense but it looks like you've been losing weight! 👍🏽 Keep up the good work and God Bless!🌈🕊👑🔥♥️🙏🏾

    • I appreciate it haha! But I think me trimming my beard down just helps a bit. Gonna start working on that now thought! No real 9-5 means a little more time to get in the gym. :)

  • Vette aint no joke!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • I'd love to race that 3-valve mustang against my Camaro. My V6 would probably surprise the hell outta'em. 400+WHP is no joke.

  • 8:11 that is a thicc Z06 rear end 😲

  • C7Z in black just looks sinister, love it.

  • When ceramic coating it's recommended for at least 2 days with out water getting on the paint, watermarks increase with fresh ceramic.

  • Oh that Tiffany Blue. 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Hold on, last week this channel was at 120K Subs, now at 165k? Dang brother

  • Repping that MRL shirt 👍

  • What would you guys choose as a fun daily 2015 infinity q50 or 2016 Ford Taurus sho. Light modes

  • bring the Vette to LMR

  • Idk when this vid was recorded, but the reason why its "cloudy" is mainly bc of the Saharan Desert Dust that hit Texas and other states as well which is causing it to look cloudy.

  • Damn fine starting point. You're going to be shoe shopping pretty often after the upgrades.

  • I bet since the vette is stock...devirginize the Z06 with a tune, headers, full on exhaust with cut outs, and really get nasty procharger or a Big turbo or baby twins

  • Nice vid man! 🔥🔥 those R888 are always so loud on the dyno lol

  • Can’t ignore the fact that one dude guessed it spot on at 554😂

    • I just knew it was gonna be 554😂

  • Nice to see a Good cop for a change with a good sense of humor.

  • Over 550 horses, now that's a running herd Drew. Can't wait to see what the future holds. Be careful buddy that Covid 19 is creeping up again, stay safe Drew. 😎🙏👊👍

  • Now I'm wishing I lived in Texas so I could go to some of the crazy car meets. I just picked up a '17 NSX last weekend. :)

  • Hoping to get a c6 stingray soon🙏🏼🤲🏼

    • c7* Stingray name was dropped from 1977 to 2014

  • This vette just hits different

  • Been following since the parades and Karen videos. I have a suggestion relating to your camera work. Might be better if you slowed the movement so we could focus on what you are showing us and you get really shaky/jerky especially when you get excited. Just a suggestion keep up the great content and good luck on growing your channel.

  • 135i with less than $5k in it made 580whp/650wtq🤷‍♂️

  • If your Vette has 650hp stock is that from crank?

    • Yessir. It’s 650hp/650tq to the crank stock. So these numbers here are what it’s putting to the wheels!

  • Thanks for posting my car man! Your car did great considering the hot air we had yesterday. Keep up the great work man I’ll see you again soon!!!! 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Great to see police actually being respected for once.

    • The Hash Slinging Slasher cops are cool as hell but it’s sad that cops were created to catch slaves

    • Officer Bolden is a homie. Wish all cops were like him haha. I have respect for law enforcement period tho.

  • I will never understand why people have nice cars and don't wash it themselves smh

    • I view detailing as an art my dude. It’s something that takes practice and id rather just take it to someone who 100% knows what theyre doing. On top of that I find it nice to give back to some viewers of mine and support smaller businesses

  • Ceramic coatings should have warnings for scratching. If you scratch the paint the entire panel has to be stripped with acid to be repainted or it'll never look right. Personally I'd use it on headlights and brake lights, carbon fibre and things that cannot be resurfaced. I still dont have my rs6 back but I think I've figured out how to swap it from auto to manual. If its possible I'm going bigger turbos and dual fuel rails. "nothing gets you back on your feet like a broken car"... A dynomometer is a dynamometer. Mustang or dynojet makes no odds as they have programmed correction values. Calibration is the key! Cant wait to see if you go supercharge or turbo.. Turbo is my guess.

  • Damn I’m impressed especially on the tq my ctsv made 540/520 with just headers and cold air intake

  • You can see on the graph where it was pulling timing and cutting power. Good baseline. Now get better fuel. It’s the cheapest HP you can buy!

  • 🤘🤘

  • Keep the videos coming Fam 🤘🤘

  • This video will probably blow up.

  • Pretty good numbers🤘🏽

  • Watched the video. Liked it. And ran through all the ads. Boom.

  • So it made exactly what you guessed. Wheres the surprising result?

    • The torque. Wasn’t expecting it to put down 580. I thought torque would’ve been around 540-550

  • i’m really looking forward to get into the car world. i have a 2004 SS Supercharged Monte Carlo. it’s the fastest car i’ve ever been in. but i’m looking forward to dropping a small block into a car and modding it to my hopes and dreams

    • i love cars, i’ve had 2 montes, only one is a supercharger and there is an immediate difference. i love it. i’d love to drive with turbo to atleast be able to compare the 2 even though it’s like comparing apples to oranges i’ve heard, but i’d definitely love to develop my own opinion

    • I’m doing that right now. I’m dropping a 5.3 in my e46 m3. :)

    • That’s awesome man! The car scene is so amazing because each car becomes the owners unique vision.

  • Bros videos go hard af

  • 100th like 😋

  • Lose the OKLAHOMO plates....

    • @Cars Across Texas Gonna do a vanity plate?

    • I’m trying! COVID is making that hard to get plates rn!

  • What mods are you going to do on the zo6?

  • What camera do you use

  • Haha that's right, get on it son. Content is coming out and that rocks. I really think you are going to own this, you know so many ppl and they know you (that counts). TY, Peace...

  • Damn that boy can wash down a car for real the VETTE looking pretty and shiny

  • I love it my boy keep up the work and I love the video and I love c7 z06 lot 💯💯💯💯💯💯 good 👍 👏

  • Keep up the great videos!!!👍

  • Hi big fan but im from norway so we don't have things like that 😔 but want to visit texas soon after this rona season

    • @Cars Across Texas i'll try as soon as i can my sister lives in san antonio so i can probably stay there

    • Come on down when it all passes man! We’d love to have ya visit!

  • Whats the size on the toyo's ? When I go to the website and put in Z06 I get no results ? If you reply, thanks :)

    • @Cars Across Texas Ahhh okay ! Makes sense now ! Thank you.

    • 295 in the front, 345 in the rear! Had to go to replica 19x12 wheel in the back instead of the factory 20x11 to fit the tire that I wanted

  • That's sick! I bet it's a blast to drive.

    • @Cars Across Texas can't wait to see it!

    • Absolutely man! And it’s just gonna get even better! 😁

  • I lovee the zo6

  • Why would you need Wax if the car is ceramic coated.

    • @Cars Across Texas all good, I loved the ceramic coat I had on my Challenger. Still looked like a mirror when I sold it. Keep up the good work man. I enjoy the channel

    • He just threw it in for me lol.

  • I heard when you’re early Cars across Texas responds:)

  • Zo6 or new c8 or new challenger hellcat

    • @Cars Across Texas ye. Cant wait to see the c8 zo6

    • I love my Z06 man. Can’t beat the looks with the power all with the manual transmission 😁

    • Well if you want reliable and easy power the hellcat

  • Early af

  • Dope

  • Hi everyone

  • Keep it up bro🤝💕

    • Certainly trying boss! Lots of big stuff coming up 😁

  • Gotta love the grind this man quit his job for us y’all remember that

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    • I think someone else has you beat by a few seconds 😳😏

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