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What a wild TX2K this year has already been. This could've ended a whole lot worse.
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  • Dude pulled a gun but nobody even reacted‼️😂

    • because everyone has a gun?

    • It’s Texas

    • Welcome to Texas.

    • everybody's a "man" when packing 🙄

    • Mans a walking L 😂

  • Dude confirmed it. Mustangs are like tampons... only pussies get them.

  • IMAGINE this shit is on the internet and u are this idiot- dont be this idiot^^

  • The Fat & the Furious

  • Imagine pulling a gun on someone and absolutely nobody giving a fuck

  • And he was driving, what a complete idiot!

  • With his Abraham Lincoln beard! Douchebag!

  • He's a floor fighter LMAO!

  • Some people just can't enjoy the beautiful taste of 🍻 , I sincerely hope his girlfriend dumped his ass!

  • Takes off his shirt too and he's all fat!

  • Pulls a gun? Wow! Weak!

  • Wow what a bunch of winners my gawd

  • What is the name of the movie? 2 beats 2 stupid

  • “I’m that pussy” proceeds to get knocked around like a heavy bag.

  • Funny how nobody said shit till the cops came. Smh yeah pussy u pussy clap clap clap but he pulled a damn gun and nobody rushed him after he had her put it up. Lmao

  • How embarrassing. Trying to act hard and emds up having zero hands.

  • Whatever the date was, he might as well get that shit tatted on himself, He ain’t going to forget it. What a game changer.

  • 1:17 He used 0.2 percent of his power

  • Worst night ever for chubby. Feel bad for his lady.

  • Regardless of what he did at the end day whoever called the cops is some pussies...

  • This is why I’ll never drink a day in my life.

  • 1:50- 1:51 - titties like a woman get manhandel

  • El morro ha de haber dicho en su casa: "Eh ahorita vengo, voy a la gasolinera a que me den unos vergazos en la cara y regreso".

  • he even fight the dude in blue who stopping the fight? lol

  • 1:48 the blonde almost got skinned and said EEEWW lol classic

  • One pivot step,two sloppy windmill punches and everyone is out of breath haha. These big ole boys are funny and pitiful,just pitiful.

  • How many times you gonna get beat up ?

  • 1:55 sooo this video is sponsored by bang!!!!!

  • if this happened in cali there would be a bunch of snowflake kids throwing signs and laughing then when the gun gets pulled they would litterly cry and piss there pants.

  • So does anyone know what happened to him till this day ? His Instagram anything??

  • He pulled a gun on a crowd of people?... and in Texas? ... and lived to tell about it? Dammm

  • This is why cars and coffee is a better alternative.

  • Dude the black guy was holding tf outta his tiddies

  • Ain’t nobody there a real street racer anyway. They bought brand new cars and put them on the street.. try handling something that’s 1000+ horsepower and 20-25 years older. Then you street racing

  • I Know This Man Ain’t Pull Out A Hi Point. What You Gonna Do Throw It At Him

  • I love how In Texas nobody runs when they see a gun 😂 Like yeah so what, we all strapped...

  • Only in texas

  • Calls someone a pussy and then proceeds to pull a weapon

  • Looks like a fight among elephant seals.

  • I hope you gave a copy of the video to the cops. The part where he pulls a gun and actually levels it at that guy before his wife/GF /whatever pulls his arm down should land him in a whole lot more trouble. He was a real idiot alright. Stock but nice if not exceedingly quick car, he couldn't be bothered hotting it up, he couldn't even be bothered keeping that niceish car clean and while drunk he wants to race and fight. That is not a car guy. He's got zero respect for the fairly good machine he's driving and obviously wouldn't stand a chance against any of the other good cras I saw there that I know have been worked up a lot more than a stock mustang.

  • Maybe 😂😵 he should of came with some friends

  • ''how to to everything, absolutely everything wrong in front of 100 cameras in 1 minute''

  • why are they all so FAT?!

  • he pointed his gun right at his ole lady

  • He's very LUCKY that he wasn't shot by a CCW owner, you point a gun at someone all bets are off you could've been killed for that, you go to the morgue and the hero goes home!

  • 1:18 girliest punch I've ever seen😂😂

  • What a night for the dude, first he gets his ass kick and then gets busted.

  • Odessa Tx

  • 1:31 she a dime but why is she hanging out with car nerds tf

  • Taking his shirt off prob didn't help much .

  • Ive seen some fat jelly rolls throw some mean combos but this guys takes the cake swing his arms like hes playing patty cake.

  • How you pull out a hammer and no one was shook smh

  • That’s a digital camera, look at that quality 😂

  • I know him! 😮

  • bro the cam guy needs to learn how to get the shot i see the sky all day fuck

  • WTF

  • "Just take your L dawg"

  • Darwin Award right there:)

  • did he get any chargers for pulling the gun out?

  • Someone needs to stop screaming at the end, holy shit, someone please leave your girl at home for fucks sake.

  • Holy shit 249 right down the road from me.

  • Demasiadas hamburguesas en accion

  • Alternate name for this: Men with itty bitty penises

  • had to be a mustang driver bro

  • White boys saying “homeboy”😂😂😂

  • Holding a gun against an unarmed man actually makes you a pussy

  • 1:31 Hot.

  • This was a terrific example of human debasement. I wonder if he stands by his actions. Furthermore, if he apologized, I wonder if his car homies have welcomed him and the mother of his children back.

  • Can only fight with a gun shithouse

  • A lot of of people in this video need to walk more and drive less.

  • And the crowd cheers while your getting at least a DUI. Hell be fine after a 6 month program and around $15.000 in fines Great night for him.

  • Karma was on drunk dude's ass. 😂

  • cars across texas got me i was like how this drunk dude pull a gun and leave lol nice guys love the meets

  • u suck

  • u suck

  • u suck

  • u suck

  • u suck

  • u suck

  • He didn't got laid that night, lol.

  • man to be that young and so fat and out of shape..sure hope that girl dumped his trouble making arse.

  • Why is the girl getting arrested tho

  • I'm off to the car show. Are you taking your gun? Yes, are you taking the killer dog? Yes!

  • Nobody said chill when he had a gat out...

  • ...and for sure his moms or his dads car too and looking at his obese ass sitting the entire day at home playing video games.

  • I'd rather stay an introverted gamer than to be social dealing with these degenerates.

  • Gtfo no American Fighter threw a punch.

  • Worst day of his life. I hope he reevaluates what’s important to him and makes better choices.

  • Dumbass lol. He must’ve went in the wrong group calling out people’s souped up cars to race his stock Mustang 😂🤣

  • Entire fight he is like a roly-poly

  • Tamara was released from jail and unloaded an AK-47 on a race meet the very following week.

  • Wow people supporting the cops !

  • The scary thing is that piss head had a gun.

  • That's a L for Texas for having produced a "man" like that.

  • 😅😅

  • That guy is a bullet sponge

  • Fat titis can't fight 🤪

  • Dude was probably on some shit

  • Mostly fat peoples I’m astonished

  • You people are snitches why you guys have to call the cops at first I was like these guys in Texas are like the Cali people but no you guys call the cops and beat his ass you guys are a joke you guys should of bet the crap out of him so he can know to never pull a gun if he is not going to pull the trigger