1000+ Horsepower Street Cars Get POLICE HELICOPTERS CALLED On Them! (Team Savage TX2K20 Pre Meet)

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Tons of wild cars came out to the Team Savage TX2K Pre Meet. Lots of build street cars along with exotics. The Sheriffs apparently got complaints of racing so they pulled up 9 cars deep and brought the helicopter out even though this will probably be the most chill meet from the week. Enjoy!
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  • Cop: “Dispatch we’ve got a group of free Americans having fun on private property” Dispatch: “10-4 Send in the chopper ASAP”

    • I agree with this right until they started pulling out on public roads unsafely. You can probably thank that truck that almost lost it for the police response. I'm a car guya nd even I would have reported stupid shit like that. It ruins it for everyone else looking to just have a good time.

    • @Zoe Will And I have no problem with that. Hell, I like to fuck around occasionally too when nobody is looking on open roads with no traffic or surrounding houses, so I get it. But on someone's private property surrounded by unprotected spectators who are running around being idiots, and the drivers not always having the best control, then it's probably best to save it for a track or sanctioned event with safety barriers in place. But again....what do I care? The Cars and Coffee drive-ins I do don't have this wild shit, so it's no skin off my ass. Sure makes for great entertainment on AR-one too.

    • Vladpryde dude stop having your panties in a wad, what a sad life you must live

    • @Vladpryde burns outs are fine wen done safely and away from the general public. Its alot of risk to take in traffic with zero pay off. If its an empty road..go for it...in moderation

    • @AnotherDumbWelder And you want to kill people being a douchebag instead of just staying in your parent's basement with your bong and Xbox, then I'm cool with that too. It's not like I hang out at these Darwin gatherings, so what do I care.

  • I want to costomize a 2019 Chevrolet Comaro ZR1 1LE 8.8 L. V8

  • I was just wondering does that guy like to party? Lol wtf

  • Any1 know what song the supra was playing at 5:27

  • 2:28 is that the Kuruma from gta💀

  • I like the dodge demon

  • 1:56 Him: BRO...iS tHaT a sUpRA? Me: *grabs dad's sunglasses and glass-cleaning spray and a cloth* WOAH! *sprays glasses and wipes them* iS tHat a sUPrA!?!?!

  • me living in Georgia: Umm.... I see cars like this every day....

  • You have achieved 3 stars in real life, wtf? lol

  • Bruh, sick cars

  • If fast and the furious casting was public

  • What if I ride my flying car that’s look like a phoenix into this? Btw remove the regular honk into a caw

    • @AlphaMale_gacha I honestly made an Phoenix flying car but it illegal to fly it and the gas/maintenance cost is just..

    • That would be epic as shit

  • Damn cops are wild down there, I’ve only seen cops once in Wisconsin

  • Nice cars. Im still walking to work :)

  • respect to to the niggas bumpin them boy$ in the widebody supra

  • respect to the niggas in the widebody supra bumpin them boy$ 🤝

  • 3:37 & 8:37Damn!🥵 does someone know his number of insta. Cuss he be looking fine, plus that car🥵😳

    • Pause it at 3:39 maybe those stickers will help have the video at best quality

  • Aye $uicideboy$

  • That’s crazy I live at the apartments right next to this lmao I passed it when it happened

  • My mom just told me to turn down the phone yall carz waz to loud 😭

  • I'm going to subscribe to this channel because hopefully I can meet up with you guys in the future with my GTR that's over a thousand horsepower

  • I really wish I was at these meats because you would flip out on my GTR on what it does to

  • Just wait til I pull up in my 2000 explorer and kill everyone with my ear piercing brakes and power steering 😤🥱

  • Bumping suicide boys in the wide body supra🥶💀😈

  • What was that song in the back grownd

  • The hellcats 🔥🔥🔥

  • Lol you said is that a supra no man that's what you call a bmw pretending to be a supra

  • Either the srt Jeep with the purple camo, Looks hot. Or the challenger that was rgb as fùck

  • At 14:00 iwas thinking IS THAT A KURUMA

  • Nissan and McLaren

  • “El Cuh almost lost it” had me 😂😂😂

  • 3:45 a surprise for sure but a welcome one

  • Imagine going into Karen’s neighborhood with this squad

    • she's selling her house now, they went back to the neighborhood

  • Some of these cars look like the ones we maxing armor and looks out in GTA XD

    • Of course. The guys are the dudes who have the same cars in gta as they do irl

  • Me rolls up in my cardboard car Because Im too young to drive

  • Love that choppin SS. T Beast

  • :clown: Cops

  • Not sure why but after that Karen Incident I'm a new fan of this channel now keep it up boys great stuff lovr the cars you bring on here. The 👍💯

  • My question is where tf the meets are in waco? Planning on moving back soon so i wanna know ahead of time lol

  • hey they thought you might need a spot light like a rock star lol

  • I'm not completely sure but on the color shift Corvette the color is called midnight purple 2.

  • Good to see they waste tax dollars on stupid crap in Houston. Louisiana is the same way, I just avoid the whole thing cause it's not worth the trouble. Easier to go find some back roads and let it rip on my own.

  • "Pulled up in a Demon on God... !" 🤣 🤣🤣

  • It feels good to live in a no cat state (FL)

  • Lol the silly v8 license plate

  • Who’s red GTR is that?

  • 1:42 "this is super clean" ive never seen so many airvents on a hood in my life, this is ugly

  • Man you crack me up. You remind me of my buddy Jimbo

  • Your videos are great you def know where the nice cars are and if you do get a vett your doing big things Z06 and ZR1 are the best US cars ever there’s only one other car that was built here that compares in my book and that’s a viper but no good unless twin turbed

  • That camaro lit up some nitrous on his entrance thinking he was Brian in his skyline😂

  • Having early 2000's flashbacks of the Kmart raid....

  • The red Porsche just hits different best sounding in my opinion 😆

  • The widebody supra playing Paris by $uicideBoy$ love it

  • “el cuhh almost lost it” 😂😂😂😂

  • Your camera really shows the real colors👍🏼

  • I'm pretty sure it's 10k per hour for the chopper

  • What they were doing on private property didn't get the cops involved. It's when they started doing stupid shit on the streets and in the parking lots of other businesses (like that bank), that got the cops involved. Don't bitch about the $$$ wasted with the helicopter when you are the reason it is there in the first place.

  • The camera isn't that good at night

  • S3000? I thought it was S2000

  • ....mainly clickbait......

  • 12:57 😅😅 "Deforestation going on here...Every chop is a 🌲"

  • Great use of our taxpayers money fuckin pigs

  • There’s no such thing as a redeye hellcatIt’s just a widebody kit

  • 15:50-“this s3000 is super nice”🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Just discovered your page. I will be sharing vids for sure. Keep up the good content. Hope you do get your C7Z soon. I too am in the market.

    • @Cars Across Texas Very nice. Fingers crossed I can scoop me up a C6Z soon. I'm in desperate need for a new toy. Thank you for the content and keep up the good work. If you are ever in SC, hmu.

    • Emory Corbin yessir, a 2010 C6 Z06 in Crystal Red Tintcoat

    • @Cars Across Texas did I comprehend right in this video to understand you used to have a C6Z?

    • Emory Corbin I appreciate that man! Hoping to get mine as soon as all this virus stuff blows over!

  • I wonder why there's so many helicopters in the Houston area

  • That dude has nitrous just for the look at me

  • Y a 720 spends more time in the shop

  • That demon at 1:11 called out my redeye multiple times until I would run him. I finally did and ended up putting 3 cars lengths on him lol 🤷‍♂️

    • 4Banger that’s wild homie 🤯

    • Tuned redeye/hellcat with upgraded anything will put a demon to sleep


  • hey guys can I participate with my forenza?

  • Cool video! Thanks! It was some sick cars out there! Man!

  • Red GTR at 3:37 got in a world famous crash @3231320 for vid

  • 14:18 is that automatic evo

    • The MR comes with a 9 speed manual/auto

  • Eli came a long way. One thing about him is he puts his heart and soul in the work of the cars they build. Suprized he didnt fight the cops being it's a place of business lol

  • McLarens are shit ZR one Corvette 2019

  • Videos are really cool but you have to stop saying sheeesh 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Subscribed clean channel brother

  • That red GTR is throaty 🤤

  • 12:16 Leroy's little brother

  • you can do better....based off your channel name

  • 10:01 e30 on the right

  • What's the Instagram for the red Porsche 1000whp???

  • 11:30 dude must not know difference between supercharger and procharger.

  • Is that a Supra? Nope it's a Z4!!

  • Dude recording is annoying as fuck. Just record the cars... fucking Christ.

  • Bro.. I live down the street from HPC... How can I find out where meets are happening

  • Ws6 best car in the video

  • This foo' said "El Cuhh" lol

  • That mk4 Supra is ugly af

  • That camaro doing a burnout in the wells fargo parking lot.. wells fargo: why are you doing that with our car in our parking lot?

  • Who else is watching this while broke and driving a shitty car? XD

    • I don't even have a car or a driver's license lmao. I honestly don't know why I'm here. But this was cool.

    • @Cletus Zimmerman Thanks, you too.

    • @Vladpryde hell yeah man, a budget and connections will change your life. Take care of yourself

    • @Cletus Zimmerman Dude thanks for that site! I'm definitely saving that. I'm moving into a house at the end of June, which is going to save me over $500/month in lot-rent payments for a manufactured home vs. that of apartment rent. Now that I have this money, I can put it towards the car. I might just drop the thing out and have it rebuilt with Northstar Performance parts. I'm certainly no mechanic though. :( And yeah, late-90s GM cars weren't great.

    • @Vladpryde gotta be careful when buying into gm, especially Cadillac. Rock Auto is a blessing for us home mechanics. I decided to give up on car payments since I've had new cars not stop for the last 6 years. No more for me, I like money haha

  • american cops are so weird

  • Bro how do you know when the meets are??

  • they send a coptor to tell you to stop making noise & having a good time,was still a good meet/nice cars

  • Dude shut up ur annoying af ruined video

  • 11:19 "RESPECT " hahahahah for him not mashing it

  • imagine trying to kick me off this private property! that was great

  • Road pirates