ANGRY Hellcat Owner Tries to FIGHT HUGE CROWD at my Car Meet! (VR + Vehicles Car Meet #2!)

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This meet was WAYYY bigger than the last one and we had tons of cool cars come out. Let me know if I got your car in the video! Unfortunately towards the end, some Hellcat owner decided to do a burnout and then got mad when people were calling him out for breaking my simple rules. This made him want to fight but I, along with a few other people, held him back. Unfortunately, this got 22 cops called out to disperse the meet.
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  • Please do *NOT* go to The hellcats Instagram to leave hate, that was not my intention from this. He has learned his lesson and we have talked it out. This is the only time I’ve ever seen him do something like that and now I’m sure it won’t happen again.

    • Lol,,, when my mom tells me not to do something I know I’m going to miss out on something fun,,, are you really saying not to,, or are you saying “not to”?

    • @CaRz 164 99.999% of people are fine. only a very small % actually die.

    • I wasn’t going to until u said so bruh😂

    • @Tiktoks Arelame Don’t wish death on people, that makes you worse then COVID. Just because you think people are idiots? Really? Such a sick human being

    • @CaRz 164 Buddy could you just maybe shut up for once? Quit calling people who agree with eachother kids. Again that shows how ignorant you are for making assumptions. You don’t have any facts straight cause of your mind thinking that calling people “kids” or “youngsters” makes you sound smart and is above everyone else. Your not

  • Lmaoo thats "mOpAr or no cAr" for you


  • He is all talk. 🤣🤣

  • 19:33 that r1 sounds good i replayed that 10 times now

  • There were so many cops hahahaha😂

  • What do these car owners do for a living? That's some serious outrages money on wheels.


  • Any vehicles that aren’t welcome?

  • 5:44 that guy said that’s a Ferrari right lol

  • I would of throw a bottle at that car

  • As a cowboys fan, we don’t claim him

  • That challenger was fucking riced out 😂

  • That camaro at 3:46. Just reminds how far muscle cars have gotten. 😃

  • Someone should have just knocked his ass out. Unfortunately thats how you gotta teach people.

  • What’s up with your mustache looks like hitler stash in the middle lol

  • Tf he tryna prove? Just move along.

  • Only takes 1 butthole to shit up everything

  • Love from NJ , video/channel is sick , gatta make my way to to one of the meets

  • #makeburnoutslegal

  • Are your meets anywhere near north Texas? I’m near Dallas and would love to come out sometime it looks awesome

  • I just subbed to that other guy

  • hey when will the 03-04 terminator cobra be in a video

  • blacks ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • 1600h.p. Just a shitload of spray that would kinda suck you gotta spend $300 a night just on nos

  • That’s a Ferrari hu, real funny, he should of just revd it

  • Dude that little go kart truck frame is way over engineered, it’d be cool to put like a 450 dirt bike motor in one

  • He said 850HP at the 10:25 mark. LOL. what a tool!!!

  • He wasn’t gonna fight nobody. Tough guy bullshit. Dudes like that get punched right in the throat

  • Cowboys fan lol No wonder he enjoys getting his ass kicked in public !

  • Hell cat boys are like Corvette clowns and Harley posers lol

  • So when are you suppose to do burnouts?

  • This kids monster trucks have more tread than the actual trucks.

  • Nice event. Nice rides. Texas fuzz shows up in force (intimidation)!!

  • Great content and kudos to you on your enthusiasm for all makes and models.

  • One idiot ruins everything! He thinks he’s at the dragstrip!

  • You always have one.

  • Let him do a burn out who gives a shit

  • Very nice meet

  • If they would have done that at that Walmart in Philadelphia last night it wouldn't have been cleaned out.

  • Joggers ruining things again

  • you did a hell-of-a-job you should be proud keep it up

  • After watching the other "car meet" videos. This is refreshing.

  • I have a feeling he wouldn't have done shit if their wasn't a crowd to hold him back. Ive seen men dive through a crowd to fight at bars. If they really want it, its hard to stop


  • bigpoppa13 is out of control

  • That lineup of beautiful cars was impressive to say the least looks like your car shows are definitely a huge success , unfortunately one arshole showed up and fucked up the whole event by doing a burnout what a dickhead

  • I truly don’t mean any harm but mopars have fucked up a lot of meets lately. It’s old. Every car can do a burnout. So what u can power brake your car. Who cares!!!! The burning rubber and donuts destroying parking lots is not what’s up plus you’re messing up a good meet up for everyone else

  • I can’t even lie, that bike sounded good lol

  • ❤️🇺🇸What a trouble making loser ruining it for everyone! Sorry bout that. ❤️🇺🇸

  • It only takes 1 to ruin a good time. That is sad cause that looked like a great car meet to go to.

  • i was there! wish i could have met you.

  • Mh wife saw this and asked me why its always a the guy in a charger d-bagin

  • If every car is "sick," none of them are. Buy a thesaurus.

  • Yeah at the meets by me.. he would’ve gotten dropped.

  • bring back underglow lol

  • Those aren’t trucks. Those are pavement princess boats

  • As a Cowboys fan we don't claim that guy.

  • I wish the Hellcat driver would have knocked dude out for that Cowboys joke. Just sayin...

  • Car meets need to start banning certain cars for acting up. Starting with mopars.

  • Y’all are seeing stuff that’s an eagles jersey

  • Sacramento car dealer in here we have cars

  • Those drone shots over the car meet at night with the editing was on point 👍🏽 more like that

  • White truck looks like shit

  • We get it nobody can behave themselves

  • That big man with the beard would’ve killed him.

  • It's always the damn Mopar people lmao

  • That Guy Should not have done a burnout BUT the cops overreact and everybody is ok with that, why did they have to shut the whole meed down? punish 100s of people for one persons actions, no one else was out of line, only helcat and cops are the worst.

    • Cops are being cool.They have warned car meets clubs that if you hang out they will let it be.Burnouts--fights--open drug use--street racing--and they will shut the WHOLE thing down.A car meet I went to sent the memo--btw the cops are allowing folks to smoke and vape weed in the open.If they let one person do this--then it will be chaos.Some of these meets attract shady folks--and the way some folks abuse cars makes me wonder if some are stolen.I an a low key guy enjoy the cars and people--but since about 2017--I wear a firearm at these because of the shady few folks that show up.

  • man was wearing biker jeans what u expect

  • Yo new drinking game everytime he says sick take a shot

  • Looks like Peaceful protests to me...

  • Says a truck with hydraulics has bags and a car with bags has hydraulics🤔🤷

  • I'm gonna drive down to Houston from Austin for the next one and show off my Corolla!

  • Wow, what a douche canoe. I don't even fully understand what the dude was upset about?

  • ...and why are drivers of dodges the worst type of people?

  • A lot of respect to this camera guy narrator. You’re keeping events classy and drama free. I like so many car clubs that like to just menace the streets. Mad respect to you and the ones that don’t act like petulant attention grabbers.

  • careful, if he wants to fight everyone there at the meet, he might run you over...cause you never know what they are thinking nowadays...they sum crazy people out there...

  • So why cant you do a burnout?

  • Next time the cops show up just say you’re having a “peaceful protest “ and watch the cops do burnouts to get out of there

  • That guy reminds me of the video I saw of the crazy guy saying I got the time now homie lmao

  • Why do some people have to measure their dicks? This looks like a really great cruise in. UGH!!

  • Says air when on hydros... and hydraulics when on air!! Lmao!

  • It’s not like the COVID-19 is out there

  • Keep up the good work enjoy your videos right now just found you from Santa Paula California

  • I like how there is random acrobatics in each video

  • I like cars.

  • Pretty sick of how many times you said sick in the video

  • He's a cowboys fan let him be. He is going through a lot.

  • He’s not right I ain’t siding with him but instead clowning him and surrounding his car back tf up and just tell him not to do it again

  • Cowboys won’t make it passed the fist round well we did. And I bet he likes the Texans who lost 2 games in a row already

  • That an any level lift not hydraulics

  • 10:54-Dog meets up be like in a Car Meet ups

  • Texasgay

  • Bunchofpedeeraasttss

  • Gayclub

  • Was there any Pontiac Trans Ams out there

  • I would be so happy if lose or won because seeing races makes me so hype and happy

  • If I had 100 dollars for every time you say “that things sick” I could afford one of these cars 😂😂

  • Dude really picked his dog up in the truck so you couldn't really get him 😠

  • Would have left doing a burn out