JDM vs. MUSCLE CARS SEND IT LEAVING CAR MEET!! (2 Steps, Flames, Burnouts, Drifts)

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This meet was really solid! Tons of sick cars and crazy builds showed up. Let me know which car was your favorite in the comments down below!
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  • Luv your channel bro. Gettin better by the day...always great coverage.🇺🇸

  • That Red Rx-7’s backfire was ridiculous

  • We got brother! a black man driving a Corvette rolls thru 🙋🏿‍♂️ what's up, lol idk why thought it was 😂😂

  • Mustangs scare the hell out of me. Every one of those mustangs peeling out looked so unstable and jerky.


  • Deserves more subs and views and likes

  • 3:31 no one cares there is a savage girl

  • When he said to the mustang at 9:30 "mustangs take notes" I'm like, "That dude is as reckless as they come... Thats a clear example of 'mustangs in the wild!'" The driver at 9:54 knows how to ride though. Thats a guy you takes notes from.

  • That dumbass with the RT charger with hanging lights at the botton, you should have edited him out.

  • ar-one.info/down/lWrVgtKaZpSssZk/fydyw.html

  • Anybody know The Procharged plum crazy SRT8 IG ??!

  • Yo who drives that 2g gst? I love dsms haha

    • @supermanHTX

    • @Fast Mint bro whats the ig @

    • it's mine. Thanks for the love

  • The best controlled Peel Outs ever!!!!

  • 7:20 thank me later😏

  • Wait a minute. Love for the imports, and a Saturn? Mint.

  • Who installed those underglows? You're 5 yr old son with elmers glue?

  • The oldschool camaro is awesome

  • No Mexican HWYs in Htown

  • Surprised that Vanderhall survived that pull

  • VQ gang putting it down

  • Thank you awesome content

  • Rotary 🖤🖤 I have an 84 rx7

  • Stfu and just record

  • hell yeah brother keep up the content💯💯

  • Lmao fucking fart cannon subies and damn Saturn 😂 🤣

  • Haha white charger, the tapped led strips falling off 😂

  • Lol charger with 22s and low pros 😂😂

  • If ALLAH wills it?

    • What has,.. Lower Case: alah ever do for you & ur Family? since you wanna bring ur imaginary princess into a car meet Vlog?

  • Nice cars lame commentary

  • My S5 don’t sound too bad lol fun meet!

  • My favorite car was your bro

  • Imagine spending all that money on cars just to spin in circles around a bunch of smelly pre pubescent boys to yell and holler and record you. Time to grow up a little dontcha think?

    • Imagine spending your whole day online in the AR-one comment section just to be a toxic Ahole

  • That was a clean meet 👍🏽

  • How is no one wearing a mask

  • Wow nice muscle car doughnuts and the tunner turbos 🤧 and not a crash 😅😎

  • I blow flames after eating from a food truck😳🤡🙀🤪👍

  • lmao that Chucky Cheese wrap

  • The level of hype I’d be if I got in one of this videos I’d just ungodly lmao

  • We got a brother 😂😭💪

  • I like the cars, and the videos. But that “SEND IT” shit, is the gayest little saying I’ve heard in my 25 years. It’s just a really lame thing. “They are gonna send it!” Wtf are they sending and how do I receive it?

  • il take the rx7 anyday

  • Honeslty why would someone own/bring a supra to a car meet if they aint gonna send it for the boys, disgraceful

  • JDM all the way

  • When you a rx7 like that you dont need a gun

  • when are you going to mexico again to record racing. that was my FAVORITE video ever

  • 12:06 "its a Lamborghini" in the background lol, its a starting phase, we all had it

  • Cars are some of the only things that make me happy now, thanks for the vid man really

  • I don't know man, All those cars sending it was crazy & I'll take that Supra at the end with those sick rims 👌

  • Me n my crew spotted @ 10:57 👀🙉

  • Really boring. Wanted to see a old muscle car or a new Hellcat or something dodge tear up the rubber headin out.

  • Muscle cars burning rubber will always be the king of leaving the car show. I shred the rubber when I leave in my 70 Plymouth Barracuda. Let that 426 scream while the rubber tears! Floor it bang shifting it 🔥🔥🤘🏼

    • david V I’m still thinking about posting videos. Vids on my channel are 2014. I was 5 years or 6 years in on my guitar playing lol. I may post me playing today and other stuff

    • Thats dope!! Gotta see it one day

  • Red Rx7 is clean asf

  • Damn, them boyz were rowdy. Best exit was that red car (older supra?), full slide out of p-lot.....now that's how you send it.

  • When are you coming to Dallas?

  • Muscle all day bro but that C8 😍😍😍😍

  • 2:01 haha

  • There was 2 brand new gt500’s there? 🤯 looking mean as hell bruh

  • My mans just said Sayleens mustang🤣

  • Tbh I’m sick of seeing these nutty ass mopar cars.

  • That red mustang Instagram is bloodshot 5.0. Dope car

  • That rx7 tho 😩😩😩

  • @2:02 we just gonna ignore the backflip?

  • Dude got the cleanest back flip 2:01 haha

  • You can still eat inside restaurants in Texas ??

  • Red 300zx used to be at townelake a lot...rip townelake cnc...

  • *That Black Supra sounded really nice*

  • Mitsubishi Eclipse @ 14:04 👍

    • It's mine. I appreciate the love

  • I can’t believe it... mustang drivers that can actually keep control of there cars when there sideswiping... IMPOSSIBLE

  • Any old school cars at meets idc what's there they have to be my fav and love your vids brother you got me hooked on Z06's and Zr1's

  • Nobody seen the dude flip in the back? 2:01

  • Jdm won that

  • My request has been filled

  • never seen a 2 step like that before.....

  • That was a good meet, had fun sending it in my zl1 1le

  • Lmao for a second I was like are we not gonna y’all about the dude at 2:03 just back flipping in the background?

  • @angelmotorsports influenced 7:20 💥💥

  • the good side of 99

  • Jesus that rx7 😩😩

  • You missed the Mercedes Squirreling out

  • The flames was awesome! 👌

  • A chuck-E cheese hellcat, where a burnout man can be a burnout man. Burn-e cheese.

  • Do smell some ricers 8:37 was a pretty nice drift

  • How do you guys figure out where these meets are?

  • God damn that RX7 is amazing

  • fav car was the blue 69 camaro

  • Camaro is bad ass!!

  • The Mysterious Audi Driver.

  • Peep the white gt500 with the $10k painted stripes lmaooooo

  • Man that silver Evo was the coolest car at the meet👀

  • 4:44 I just saw a tear come from Rob Dahm...rip

  • Solid car meet, solid video, very solid sends.

  • Nice

  • Yea you cars across Texas !!!!LOL

  • Yo I want all the smoke 💨 line up that vette

  • Hands down best car was the gen6 chameleon Green Camaro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥and of course the corvette and BRZ belonging to Sinclair and cars across Texas keep the videos come n and look out for your boy at the next meet and get that green Camaro some love !!!!!!

  • C8 and the red fox body mustang where my fav

  • No one gonna talk about that dude doing a backflip at 2:02

    • Hi there. That’s me.

    • Came to the comments to see if anyone else noticed it😂😂😂

    • It’s on Sinclair AR-one page

    • Same I was also going to submit it

    • I was literally about to post that

  • Those sends at the end of the meet were nice.

  • Favorite course is your Z06

  • To bad the new GT 500s have a dial to change gears