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This was my first car meet with the loud exhaust on the Z06. This was filmed a little while ago. It was a wild meet though! Enjoy guys!
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  • If you look closely, the plate on the mustang (I think) during the rev battle was registered as "SATAN" 2:35

  • he don’t know the people in the 3 widebody hellcats

  • Neighbors wake up : “ What’s that noise Karen?! “

  • We got we got we got we got we got

  • Mustang's decided to circle jerk

  • Hey Cars Across Texas? how do i make my car chop or sound nice? Ive got a 92 toyota corolla 5 door. Its a beater but i want it to sound good

  • At the end he was bashing the swinging, but hasn't he gone to and filmed swinger meets plenty of times before?

  • Rest in peace to those coyotes. Free revving an engine that long is terrible for them

  • 3:00 Nice Butts

  • I miss when mustang exhaust didnt sound like shit.

  • I just moved to Houston where are the meets usually at?

  • Aussie here 🙋🏽‍♂️ can someone explain a “swing” meet? Assuming it’s just donuts etc?

  • GTR didn’t show up ☝️😡

  • I see mustang I hit like

  • 5:26 anyone know which song that is?

  • lmao this is the most ignorant shit ever

  • All them mustang looks they ready to hit the crowd

  • Hey wow that was so loud r u OK Mac and is dog OK ???? Out

  • Htown memorial city area HCC?

  • Damn brand new ZL1E with 0%apr and no payments for 4 months Damn chinesevirus discount 😂😂😂

  • V6 Ponys start revving 😂

  • The GTO 😍😍

  • 7:28 Real ones kno Corey was there

  • Cars Across Texas is supercar suspect but Texas version

  • ar-one.info/down/YV7TjclxqNyXnNQ/fydyw.html

  • I love your channel!💙💜 The vids are always amazing!

  • 2:08 it’s on bags....

  • A Mustang rev off is probably the fastest way to lose all hearing.

  • Is this the vlog with Corey in it? Cause that car that blew his tire looks like that meet where corey was at when they was trying to fix his car

  • Car meets: exist Vq's that shoot flames: bonjour

  • Mr. Carsacroesstexas may i know the views on bmw m4

  • That laugh omgg it’s cute sometimes 😂😂

  • If u think that’s load u should hear my 03 Chevy impala rev like its load you can barely hear the music while reving it

  • those the chargers he pointed out were actually 3 youtubers

  • Cuhhhrona alert

  • Awesome video! Have a look at my music and hit subscribe if you enjoy it 👌😎

  • You never see a trackhawk at one of the car meets

  • Bro get earplugs hearing damage is permanent and no joke fr

  • 🔊🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🔥

  • These people be revving for 3 minutes straight every car meet and 6 months later, they gotta fix some shit.

  • I say go catless headers

  • Side louvers yes rear window louvers no

  • I think I might've gone deaf from that Rev battle myself 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Been trying to catch a meet with my C8

  • my buddies got a 392 that chops just like that.. with only stock exhaust modifications.. but its in the shop now getting heads cam right now.

  • Every dude that drives those looks the same bruh 2:00

  • ar-one.info/long/xLrEVajDuWcuvZRmZmc65A.html

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and I love g8 and c7 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • those coyote motors all sound shite..weak and raspy.. give me an ls7 any day of the week...

    • Im a chevy person but i love the sound of the raspy cyote engines.

  • I just met corey at the basketball court lol saw his wide body charger and that donk

  • motion sickness :/

  • Hates on people swinging...says hell yeah brother to literally any other type of car revving 😂

  • I’m the guy who’s license plate says satan😭

  • 6:48 if you would record people swinging, it would get you more views lmfao

    • Nah. VQs and stock Chargers doing donuts aren’t anything worth putting on AR-one 🤢🤮

  • Man I want to go to one of these meets so flippen bad

  • Where yall meet at?

  • who's the guy/girl with the crazy wrapped 300s i needa know

    • @gabe i will

    • lmk

  • yo that wrap on that 300 was fire as fuk my guy holy shit made me really want a 300s now

  • RIP headphone users. Didn't warn myself in time...

  • What’s One Bad FRC’s ig? That shit is crazy

  • Was that it’sjusta6’s Satan mustang?

  • Mustang is one of my favorite Muscle cars, only losing to the Plymouth Barracuda

  • I miss all the sends. :(

  • Meet seemed eh, but still gotta keep the vids coming! Def not a bad night out tho if cars are involved.

  • Um what? Hello? Hello? Great...

  • All the mustangs sound the same, the red gto was louder

    • that’s because they all have the same engine? except the eco boost

  • E92 m3 is my fav

  • “Oh yea” lol

  • That GTO outdid all those mustangs alone

    • iRage9 ikr 💯

    • LS2 sounds good! 👌🏾

    • Nah, it still need to be a bit louder to really overshadow, with how Mustangs were sitting next to each other with a camera and mic being destroyed by constant drowned out sounds it barely registers how loud they are compared to reality, i have seen many videos comparing exhaust sounds and Mustangs usually come out sounding the loudest, especially because of the lack of a rev limiter.

  • “finally a non slow car doing stupid stuff” 😂💯

  • all the dislikes are karens

  • Mustangs have become the new honda..

  • You got an iPhone bro? If so get yourself an Apple Watch so you can show the dB on those revs! I do all the time with cars and my kid crying lmao

  • Where is bri? 😞

  • where were the masks lmao

    • I know right, that is one thing I don't like about these car meets

  • I'm a simple man, I see Cars Across Texas upload, I click

  • Thanks drew for the great video keep it up bro

  • is it just me or is sitting there and reving your engine for 5 mins not cool

    • mike74m 😭😭💀💀

    • the mustangs were discussing who they were gonna hit first!!

  • 4:21 ECO💩 sounding like a broken Tuba 🤦‍♂️

  • If I hear another vq rev it for 5 minutes straight I’m going to rip my ears out. How can people just sit there and rev any car really so loooong? Just give her some rips and call it cool

    • J L same bro shits annoying

    • As a vq owner myself, I wanted the first guy to just stfu already 😭 Idk why people like to rev so much

    • Zacharyq Jordan about what?

    • TheBrandonDawson I feel like one when I just throw mine to 6k once. Of course it does sound like it’s shooting at people lol.

    • I feel you. I’d feel like such a chooch if I was surrounded by people and I was just redlining my shit.

  • duuuuuuuuuuude sounds incredible , soon as the borders open & if my channel can break 1000 sub's I'm com'n down to film your beast of Z06 & to thank you in person for mentoring my channel

  • All these muscle cars are loud and shii but the Japanese boys shoot flames and they sound like gun shots 😳. What are you doing, get a jdm car man 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Some people prefer engines with more displacement than a milk carton.


  • those mustang's gonna catch a check engine light on their way home

  • Send me the address to the next couple meets jefe if you don’t mind 🔥content

    • Danny Shift looking forward to it I just got new wickerbill gonna dip the car a new color did the halos and demon eye and retune with E85 fresh kumho tires all around so I’m. Ready to break necks

    • GHOST LT1 make one and post pics of your stang and we can go to car meets cruise around with the boys

    • Danny Shift man bro I ain’t got instagram FML I will soon

    • It’s on Instagram just follow him and Houston car meets

  • bro love the content, but its weird you meetup with strangers ACROSS texas with NO mask...

  • I love mustangs and any Corvette besides a c8

  • My fav is the BMW M4, his car, and the mustang's

  • 5:41 the red charger is life with Corey. The white charger is AR-onen on a budget

  • Loooovved the sound of the new exhaust under the underpass👌 Great stuff!

  • Why do old people hate swinging cars?lol

    • it's the new fast & furious hotboi nonsense

    • because it's stupid to do it in a parking lot with customers still shopping. also it destroys the rep of car owners with respect enough not to do something so 'childish' in a public setting. wanna swing your car? do it somewhere that's not open to general public and can be done safely.

  • I like the charager the mint green

  • It’s getting louder

  • Rather have a swing meet than a rev meet.

  • What up Drew

  • I can recognise that laugh before the car lol

  • When you laugh it makes me want to vomit

  • when was this car meet and where

    • Sugar land by flexera plaza

  • Just by listening through a speaker, I lost a little hearing ability.

  • I’m using head phones at full volume I’m deaf now