I Bought ANOTHER One of My DREAM CARS at 21 Years Old! (Replacing the C6 Z06 *EMOTIONAL*)

تم نشره في 2020/05/16
What perfect timing for me to get my new car but I definitely didn't think I'd be at 100k subs by the time I got it! The support has been wild lately and I cannot thank y'all enough. I can't wait to start modifying this car! Enjoy guys!
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  • Yes I’m 21, I was born in 1999 🤣

    • Dude I'm a year older than you and here all of this time I thought you were like 25 XD

    • @A Big Red G 38

    • R u sure

    • I was so chocked about that :) I hope you have a great weekend!

    • With a receding hairline you must be in your forties, no way your 21, just be honest your fans will respect you more.

  • watching this with the camera not focused is gonna drive me insane

  • That car 🤮....I love it

  • 🤤

  • What did you end up paying for the car?

  • Nice bro! Don’t blame you, as soon as he got those two checks from those viral videos hey bought his dream car! Kuddos man

  • Gotta love it soon as you get in Oklahoma you know it cause the road quality drops below zero lol.

  • If you're 21 I'm 16

  • So when are we gonna see the ZOCIETY banner on the vette?

  • My dad has a c7 zo6 supercharged

  • 7:40 so we not gonna recognize that gtr?!?

  • Why is your homie rolling left lane the whole time? He ain't passing anyone. Hate that crap.

  • Lose some weight you fat fuck...

  • I remember when I just bought my C6Z06 and I was shaking on my drive home, the road was frosty and it was about a 2 hour drive home.

  • My dream car too is a corvette z06 I can't wait to get one one day myself congrats bro

  • And now, 1 week later, you have 167k subscribers. Congratulations! Look after your new car, I'll be watching 👍

  • Bro, you gotta learn to embrace the rev limiter! LOL! Redline is your friend! Come on man!

  • I must be in the wrong business. BSBA in Business Administration in 1999. I can't afford anything like that.

  • If this mans 21 I must be just turning 6

  • i’m tellin y’all , facial hair makes dudes look 5 years older 😭 .

  • Damn dude i was born in 99 as well, im as well 21 and you make me look like a baby with that beard lol

  • I kinda wish he went with the c8 corvette but this one is still dope

  • Congrats on the new whip bro.

  • Gorgeous car 🖤!....I love all the red in it!! ....very nice! 👍....lucky you!

  • Congrats dude! I love this channel, the algorithm knows me well! 🤘❤️

  • That BBQ looks legit. Makes me miss TX.

  • This dude has to be 36 ... it’s the beard man trim it man

  • Every comment about this dude age or how he paid for the car lol.. Bad ass car regardless of all that 🔥💪✅ Enjoy it, take care of it, and have fun!!! I suggest the Z06 training course in Las Vegas where you get trained by professional drovers on tracks and road courses!

  • I just made 22 this month (May) and I just bought my first car; a 2006 bmw m3. And it’s not the best car, but I love it. Lmao. Hoping to get more when or if I move to the US.

  • when i got my z06 i went through so many hoops of bullshit that by the time i was taking it home i didnt even enjoy the first drive, was just so fed up and done lmao, wish i didnt miss out on that experience, love seeing you enjoy it full force !

  • 21 years old!!!?? That is some Benjamin Button shit going on right there!

  • You replaced a Corvette with a corvette, wow, stunning, does that Retired AARP lifestyle hit different?

  • i have a good suggestion.. cam it. make it idle clickedy clackedy

  • Just started watching this channel, literally a few hours ago, and now I want a corvette more than I've ever wanted one before. Hell yeah brother!

  • Just be honest about your age, your fans will respect you more.

  • Congrats man, its a beautiful car.

  • C8?? 2020 C8 new for less money

  • Damn. Y’all can dine-in in OK. Lucky af. That’s one nice car you got there. Congrats

  • I bet he was buying beer and cigs at 9

  • 21 in Giraffe years maybe 🦒

  • Dude i envy you in a good way :). Hope you will have a great time riding this amazing car, and that you will make a lot of people smile while passing them :)

  • A true bat mobile

  • underrated channel Sub'ed

  • Wow I thought you were at least 35

  • Karen bought me here 🤣

  • Got my c7 at 21 too. Now I’m currently 25 looking at a Viper in next year

  • To whoever dislikes this vid, I say fuck you

  • Well deserved bro.

  • Arn Anderson hairdo

  • Good stuff man you deserve it !

  • he gained 32,000 subs in 5 days good for you man!

  • Anyone else notice the videos stopped since he got the car

  • Congrats! C7 gang!!

  • Can you come to tx forth worth. And if you do come email me

  • Wow... 35k subs gained in 5 days. MY MANS GROWING FASTER THAN LIGHTNING!! great job dudu keep it up!

  • Car reveal !!! 5:36

  • Wow! Congratulations. What a beautiful car. Lucky SOB.

  • who else noticed his sub count lately? crazy man love you💚

  • Dude is like 30 something. I'm 21....this dude is not 21

  • Gahh damn thats a nice car!

  • What’s your job I want that car

  • Okc bbq sucks, texas has the bbq all day, lmao

  • You should come through my town

  • Ok so what about a 1967 mustang fast back drag car, ive drawn a couple and thats my favorite muscle car, I am more of a truck guy tho. Also if you want a halfway decent drag car get a ford 460 engine bored out to 550

  • Who subbed right after the Karen vid? Bc I did😆

  • Your car insurance agent must love you.

  • to me he does look 21, just a really nice beard.

  • You all do that hanging around every Friday Saturday or what day would love to come down or over where ever you all do this for one weekend or so I am.in Buda tx

  • Definitely subbed to the channel Now! I just bought my first C7 Z06 2 months ago now. I can’t wait to start modifying it. But Congratulations of the new whip 💪🔥

  • DUDE! Thank Karen! Karen! Bring it to Las Vegas

  • instant sub. I fuck with you brotha, i like you're attitude.

  • There must be "something in the water" in Texas. You're 21!

  • It's because of Karen 🤟🏾🤟🏾 you growing so much

  • GTR sounded better but you have alot of time to tune your Z06 to what you want homie, keep it clean and have fun bro

  • Love you’re video’s great content! Thank you for you’re hard work! 💯

  • Me living like five minute walk away from that earls

  • How😔

  • I live in Fort Worth no way you were by Lancaster that’s so cool and crazy wowww

  • Bro car is so sick bro i want a corvette exactly like that but louder

  • Looking nice 👌

  • 125k subs on AR-one doesn't get you that nice jokes though.

  • Congrats bro you deserve it 🚀

  • Wish I could visit Texas.

  • He carries himself as an older adult , I’m guessing that’s why everybody acting so surprised that he is 21. I have a beard as well and people always say I look older because of my beard and how I act

  • You should buy a gym membership and invest in a personality

  • 21????????????????? Then im 1 years old goddamn

  • Congrats. But typical AR-oner. Start to become famous has some views. Then buys expensive cars. And channel grows and forgets about us. And just wants more and more money

  • Broo youu look like my dads uncle

  • 21 whatttttttt I'm 16 again then

  • 41

  • Currently paying off my 2016 BMW 320i which I will be giving to my little brother as his first car when he graduates from college in 2024, the same year I'll do the down payment on my dream car the BMW M2 Competition

  • The red interior is so tacky

  • Do a real pull you pussy

  • 10:25 that was the same car from the highway lmao

  • Why'd you delete your video from red eye barber's meet?

  • he look like he 30

  • Dude ive always wanted one of those focuses. Gems

  • can i know how you afford this car and if you bought it from full cash ?

  • wait so he had the c6 z06 when he was like 19 ??

  • Nasty ass ride!!! Congrats!