Dodge Charger CRASHES INTO CROWD at Car Meet! (CHARGERS are the New MUSTANGS lol)

تم نشره في 2020/11/ 9
This meet was crazy and this video is specifically the sends of this meet! On Wednesday another video of the actual meet will be posted. This Dodge Charger Scat Pack crashed into a crowd after doing a burnout! Lots of supercars also sent it for the boys. Enjoy the video guys!
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  • Shit video

  • Just a little hit and run, nothing to see here...

  • Chargers are definitely the new mustangs. See more Chargers then mustangs lol

  • I love how he started to spin and just let it happen and did not even try to correct. 🤣🤣

  • I haven’t seen the crash yet but this looks highly unsafe, people in the streets at times, standing in the turn lanes. I’m shocked the cops haven’t been out there.

  • Kids and their dodges to much for them

  • It’s funny how these goofs are bigger ricers than the actual ricers themselves lmao

  • Never do burnouts in carmeets you fuckin clowns.

  • 3:30 that GT3

  • How ironic that "Pinky" redeemed us Mopar boys🤷‍♂️

  • How do you mess up a burnout that bad, Homie didn't even try to counter steer

  • Thank you dodge for being the official new crowd control company 💪🏼😂😂

  • He was definitely burning out on blades 😂😂

  • That guy really needs to learn how to do a proper burn out

  • It’s called dodge for a reason.

  • Drives away from the 100 people like nothing ever happened

  • I guess u can he "Charged" into the crowd?

  • Hey! Did CarsAcrossTexas film this video? KPRC-TV/NBC Houston would like permission to use it on air and online.

  • Stupid! Everyone thinks they're a stunt driver, and cops keep shutting down events.

  • Time to get a new wrap & change that Instagram name 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Dodge Challengers 🤦‍♂️ the new mustang owners always wanting the attention and to cause a scene

  • Love the Flat 6 sounds.

  • Everyone standing there with their phones out is part of the problem tbh. Youre egging on shit like this then wonder why meets get shut down

    • @Cars Across Texas I guess. "HEY CMON DO SOMETHING! *car does something *WOW WHAT AN IDIOT THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS. THIS VIDEO FINNA BE LIT THO" Not really stupid arguement as it happens time and time again lol

    • At the end of the day who’s foot is on the gas pedal? This argument is so unbelievably invalid.

  • Physical security is being denied to human beings because human beings are seeking security psychologically, which doesn’t exist. In the search of physical security, psychologically I want to be equally secure or the psychological desire to be secure prevents physical security.

  • Bro you cant be doing that shit with your handles all over your car hahahahah man I love scats and cats etc but bro what were you thinkinggg haha. I dunno what it is with wraps but most people who got their cars wrapped suck.

  • I like how @ 2:20 you just look over the Tesla 😂😂😂

  • AR-one on a budget white scat yu saw

  • Knew he was going to hit someone eventually

  • Bruh sometimes stuff like that happens it’s sad everyone was so with him then so against him in a sec that’s sadly how this society is with everyone nowadays

    • Nah I still like the guy. He’s super nice and everything and I wish nothing but the best.

  • 7:14 ur welcome

  • Bro in one of your vids you caught my friend doing a pull It was a 2019 civic type r it was black

  • Please dont stand by annoying virgins anymore

  • Dodge Mustang*

  • he deactivated his insta and i bet he took that wrap off

  • Who owns the pink hellcat?

  • The guy talkin in the camera is a virgin

  • We still blaming the car and not the drivers huh 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • I like all dodge charger's but.. Real Charger's have 2 doors. Fake Charger's have 4 doors.

  • That guy is like "yes sir!! ...oh shit I'm about to die" lmfao

  • The mustang forgot to take off the charger costume from Halloween

  • This guy jokes are Cory asf 💀

  • I thought that was itsjusta6 for a sec 18:44

  • Here’s his new Instagram. If you go to reels you can see it’s him

  • lmfaooooo did dude delete his youtube and instagram? thats insanely embarrassing

  • Dude really deleted his AR-one channel after that

  • Why do people think it’s badass to do brake burnouts? They have their place but usually this happens. Anyone can spin their tires

  • They say the dodge chargers are beginning to be a Mustang of 2020 💀💀💀 they can’t handle that much hp

  • Charger crashes into one crowd automatically the new mustang? yeah ok lmao its gonna take a lot more crowds and a lot people to beat the mustangs reputation

  • That charger released its inner mustang lol

  • When did this become what people go to car shows to see, sickening 🤮

    • Everyones trying to be a youtuber now lol. Cant enjoy the show, but they def enjoy seeing people crash as they egg them on haha

  • Where are the police when I go to a car meet in Atlanta every exit there’s police cars

  • I just hope no one was hurt if you can’t control it don’t do it

  • Smh to this day ppl dont know how to let off the gas when ur shit starts to go side ways

  • 7:14 That boy swung it into a parking spot Not Even Trying! Lmao

  • Can someone hit the people that keep running in the middle of the street. They deserve it.

  • to people that stand in the street when the cars are flying by going 110 i will not feel bad if you get clipped

  • Dam that dood hit those folks and ran off. SMDH

  • XTG-9537 Licence plate?

  • This spot will not last long will be shut down by TXDPS like memorial cars and coffee. I miss your old videos from cars and coffee!

  • The saddest part about this video is not the charger pulling a mustang but it ending

  • 12:42 the most hated mopar lol

  • I think he’s supposed to rename it “onedangerousscat” now 😂😂

  • 8:50 too much power for gay honda driver

  • Crazy seeing the youtube car community be at this car meet😂🔥

  • 9:51 "What are they V8's" Ferdinand Porsche has left the chat...

  • Sorry Mr. Cars Across Texas but I read the title as Mustang crashes into crowd at car meet without even reading it fully.

  • What a bunch of idiot's

  • THE TITLE 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I can't find the chargers Instagram now🤔

  • That pink charger just as bad as the one that went into the crowd IMO for future car shows

  • Ok but any person who is gonna say sum shitty to him really needs to not speak because they don’t understand that them cars are hard to control these lil g35s aint shit them scats and stangs drop power fast and they aint easy to hold so dont talk shit when you can even get your 2004 nissan sentra to do a 1 wheel peel because you dont kno how it is to control them 🤣🤣 btw i drive a charger scat never wrecked it tho thats his job🤣

  • What meet was this? I would like to go to the next one

  • Thx for making the mopar boys look bad.

  • can we talk about how lucky that charger was to slide perfectly into a ramp and miss the curb completely??

  • No supra fan but the White mkiv was the best sounding one at this meet.

  • I love the sound of American V8’s but good lord that Porsche @3:33 sounded AMAZING 🙌🏽

  • 7:16 😂

  • Ok, look, people don't know how to drive at all so they get a charger to act cool then crash

  • I love the fluffy poodle 😆😍

  • Did the charger guy delete his Instagram? I’ve been following him for a while now

  • 7:14

  • Stangcat

  • Ayo he didn’t crash he perfectly drifted into between the open gate and the telephone pole

  • That green lambo almost got STUFFED FROM THE BACK stopping in the street like that lmao great vlog

  • That dude just dipped???

  • Yo what meet was this ??

  • just a tip that idiot should have known dont try to do crap to show off that you dont have the skill behind the wheel to do

  • Chargers are not the the mustangs

  • @life_of_palos

  • I guess the mustang hAs a new competitor

  • Texas got lambos for day I'm in kansas and have seen three in my entire life 😂

  • Hey no-one die ✅ 👻 and nice cars Mac

  • I wish more Vipers and Ferrari’s would attend meets. Always too many Corvette’s and Camaro’s. The best I can offer is one of my Hotwheels haha

  • *skrt skrrrt*

  • What an idiot I don’t understand why people don’t check up on the pedestrian or at least ask if everyone is ok. Men just drove away like nothing happened 😂😂

  • Never trust a vehicle that has been wrapped. Almost always driven by idiots.

  • It’s starts as a good burn out 7:15 but ends so badly 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • H&R Cars was there

  • Chargers definitely are becoming the new mustangs smh

  • The clowns of these shows are usually the Ford Or Chrysler guys no matter where they are in the country at a meet.