CAMMED C7 Corvette Takes on the TEXAS STREETS! (TX2K20 Action Already Starting!)

تم نشره في 2020/03/10
We raced anyone who lined up which led to a very action packed video! Hopefully you guys enjoy. Get ready for even crazier racing videos coming soon!
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  • Even gmas minivan beat that C7 that night

  • Check my Texas speed stage 3 cammed Grandsport with Corsa full exhaust and headers and aventador exhaust tip no mufflers.

  • C7 gets gapped by everyone even by a Prius and a soccer mom minivan 😂😂😂

  • corvette ☝️☝️☝️💩💩💩🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🤬🤬

  • Send that c7 to Chuck at HHP

  • Lol damn hated to see my C7 brother getting smacked around like that. That's why i supercharged mine. Only ECS blower and catless ARH at 8 psi it gained 161 rwhp 125 rwhp

  • the big winner here was that Stock AMG ! it did quite well for itself. and those ZL1's were incredible. great video. i just subscribed.

  • Why is that c7 so slow

  • Either the C7 owner has a shit tune or a shit cam. Either way he should get that checked out. A good cammed c7 with the right tune should've been able to walk those mustang and hang neck and neck with that Audi.

  • 1........... TWOTHRVROOOOOOOOM

  • Car culture... it’s a beautiful thing

  • You bought the wrong car buddy 😂😂 “c7”

  • That c7 is shit bro mine is fbo e85 and at least keeps up with 6th gen ZL1s to at least 120 lmao bro needs a new tuner and driver mod 😫😫

    • Check my ig @Ya.boyserg To see what a decently modded and driver mod can actually do 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Cammed my ass 😂

  • Gapplebees main course

  • Sweet AMG and R8!

  • 😂Is this a prank? I’ve seen faster c6‘s cammed than this c7,,(driver or car) something isn’t right . Stock c7 440hp

  • That dude in the cammed C7 is Shifting like he's going to the grocery store that car needs a driver mod so bad

  • Sad

  • Poor C7.

  • Poor C7.. He wanted a stick, but HE got shafted instead..

  • I’d burn that C7 down it’s already full of negative energy.. bad driver, bad cam choice you can hear how bad it falls of it’s powerband, bad tune, that thing needs an Exorcism.

  • P0S. Vette..give chevy bad name. .

    • Just get a c8..darn. horrible tune or something just couldn't keep blessed bro..Nevermind me I I been drinking. Lol...but truth

    • I'll run you with my v6 Camaro lol...

    • Disappointed or you need to race in your class surely you was out classed....cammed c7...

  • For those who dont seem to know anything about corvettes or all motor cars. That c7 is prob making maybe 500 to the wheels and thats it. just cam and bolt ons, half the other cars are boosted and making close to 600 or more, something did seem off with it though.

    • Exactly n/a vs boost these people in the leaving comments are stupid. Though n/a can beat boost power for power but if down 150-200 whp nope. His cam was just wrong . The right heads and cam swap with ported msd intake can give him 570-600 whp n/a and the. He would have raped them. My c7 is heads and cane85 and mamo msd , 103 Tb and bill boat and I beat hellcats easily stock. , zl1 stock , and boosted mustangs making 650-700 whp . The right cam and heads , with trans tune and stall in the c7 is deadly

    • @Johnny Go lol i literally said prob or maybe. And i agree something was off with either his driving, and depends how big of a cam he got

    • Steve Fury I bet it’s close to 500 but not 500, the car just needed a driver someone doesn’t know how to drive a manual car that’s it. If you let off the gas you don’t know how to race a manual car plain and simple.

  • I thought people said you have to be fast to go out to Texas 2k, it looks like anybody can go.....

  • Signing in{} 864 to the 562💯

  • Dang back to the drawing board for that cammed C7 I’m sure they’ll get that thing running like it should

  • Like how much hp yall thought a cam will give a base c7

    • A cam only c7 dynos 450 for 3300 pounds should be faster

  • It never stopped

  • Someone, somewhere was thinking about getting a C7 to put a cam in it and this video changed their mind

    • 😂😂😂😂 priceless..

  • That black mustang trolling the c7

  • The weight he gained from all the gapplebees is what was slowing him down

  • Cammed C7 needs a driver mod lol

  • From: vancouver BC canada 👌🏽

  • ready for midnight performance

  • Great video! Amazing runs

  • 3:14 "Buy a v8 muscle car you can floor it anytime you want and it wont have any problems"

  • The part they don’t want you to see.


  • Those are the fastest 1,2,3 counts ever! 😂

  • That cammed c7 was a punching bag

  • It's actually easier to read subs when a tad smaller. Great vids!

  • Look out for cammed C7 coming to a used car lot near you....

    • @Johnny Go or he can take his time, keep having fun and practicing. Just needs seat time to feel comfortable with the car and he will progressively get better. Gotta start somewhere

    • TheRofflehouse someone needs driving lessons I’d show you but it ain’t free

    • I'm not selling my car just because the first night i ever ran it i sucked as a driver... that's retarded. 🤣

  • Yall have some nice roads over there in waller tx

  • That c7 was trash

  • Yo whoever tuned that C7 needs to give you your money back, that thing was probably quicker stock

    • @Albert Garcia The 18+ Gen 3 Coyotes respond better mod for mod and the 10 speed is a massive advantage on top of it already having the power advantage. The difference is much bigger than you think. Basically two totally different cars when racing

    • Armyed the one I raced was on all that just doesn’t have the 10sp auto

    • @Albert Garcia Those weren't 2016's. 18+ Gen 3 with exhaust and E are naaasssttyy

    • eternallyunderground what I was thinking, my stock 6th gen ss 6sp kept up with a full bolt on 2016 gt

  • The c7 definitely has the wrong cam.

  • Idk what up with that cammed c7 but something it’s not right at all

  • Cammed C7 needs a driver mod

  • iknow u cant win em all, but how embarracing and weak a cammed fbo chevy looks against a stock motor fbo e85 coyote for reals.......

    • Yea something for sure wrong with his tune, my 6th ss 6sp will keep up with each a 2016 auto gt full bolt ons

    • @02autogt yup chevy is getting behind really bad.....they better step up other wise is going to be the next one on closing their doors....

    • That's the world we live in today....

  • The worst C7

  • That cammed c7 needs a new tuner BADLY

  • Cammed c7 should look into a new tuner 🤣

  • This got to be the slowest cammed c7 I've seen

  • ready? 123!!!!!!! lmaooo

  • C7 driver needs some driving skillz lol

  • Ngl that dude in the cammed c7 was shifting so damn early

  • Must be a V6 swapped C7.

  • New Subscriber here 💪🏽

  • Wjat kinda bike was playing around 7:40 mark?

  • Zl1 put the smackdown on the AMG GTS. Crazy what a few bolt on can do.

    • Tuned amg gts would be a different story

  • Can’t wait to make it there this weekend 🔥😭

  • That black Mustang sounded like it was spraying.

    • 5oh_hoesay his insta he’s not lol

    • 🤣😂🤣

  • What was the song my guy always love your videos.

  • Slowest cammed c7 I've ever seen.

    • Probably a shitty tune. To be even with a stock 6th gen embarrassing

    • no, the c7 has a shitty ass driver lol

    • They weren't even close runs, more gap then my High School reunion.

    • That's because they cammed a Stingray.

    • was thinking same thing, it was gettting wrecked by a 6th gen SS

  • Lmao @ that police driving by slow🤣🤣🤣

  • Finally tx2k

  • 6:36 the cammed C7 finally wins a race.

  • Siiiiiicccckkkk

  • This your c7?? Bro I'mma mopar guy but Vette is on another level

    • @C6_Jimmy the name of the company for the electric superchargers is toorcamp take a look at them if you never heard of them they're made in Sweden they're pretty badass

    • @C6_Jimmy I'm going twin electric superchargers next year with my mopar build I'll have nitrous in a couple months is my goal

    • bman classics it’s a lot of fun. My ECS blower setup should be here by next week, gonna get a lot more fun then

    • @C6_Jimmy I seen u have alotta money in that buddy has a 2009 Vette motor in a 96 impala ss moves.... so can't imagine what it feels like in that lil light body

    • mason2345 that was my C6, it does work on a lot of cars. Good combo wins races 👍🏻

  • 0:05 Music Please!!

  • Love these videos. Crazy cars over there. Much love from nyc

  • That poor C7 was getting gapped by just about everything.

  • Keep it up 👍

  • Ahh yes the season of race car!🔥

  • C7 needs a driver mod lol

    • Is there some going on tomorrow Im down to run i have manual c7 cammed aswell

    • Use sport mode for roll racing. Track mode is a no go. Turn off all your nannies as well. Press and hold tc for 6 seconds. Should be good to go then.

    • TheRofflehouse take traction control off too

    • @PPM i appreciate your advice.

    • @TheRofflehouse That setup is going to like the higher rpms. Just make sure you're getting up to to your shift points. Also don't get wrapped up in watching the other cars you're racing. Just watch your gauges and race yourself.

  • Lmao that cts v in the first run jumped every race 💀

  • *Wasn’t surprised 392 challenger lost. Used to walk those in my old Genny days.*

  • I love these Road Warrior gas station epic car reveals with music, very kool bud & killer highway battles!

  • Should've ran Daniel in my GTR lmao

    • DMoney Industry nah mine is slower than most of the cars showing up lmao

    • *GTR is the king of the road*

    • This was before he had your car lol. We did get a run against him last light

  • Notiiiiii squad wassup might go to texas hold em

  • notification squaaaad!! love the videos. keep it up 😁

  • Notifications gang lol and 2nd like as well

    • Blackboi yessir! I appreciate that bro 😁🤘🏻