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This meet was short lived but was a solid turnout. This white 370z was shooting flames when you can hear something pop under the hood. I didn't look too close myself but I was told the belt on the motor just snapped. If it were me I wouldn't have chanced driving that home but homie sure did lmao. Enjoy the video!
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  • That guy just embarrassed the whole vq community with that g35! wtf

  • My homies where all there

  • Dawg I was standing right behind you at this meet and was too scared to ask if it was you, that anxiety of us it actually him

  • Wow. The bullet hole in the AMG 🤣🤣

  • Do you think that you could come to Denton? I see some cool stuff around here

  • 4:26 "pretty impessive"

  • Find it funny after he breaks his belt an O'Reilly 's ad plays lol

  • 4:28 yes that is impressife lol

  • Can y’all do a meet in Galveston

  • You heard it shred as you where walking up

  • Any fire shooting outta your car is illegal.

  • Yikes, shooting flames for no reason l0l

  • I was gonna buy a VQ but after that I'm having my doubts. Not about the belt about the corny ass owners lmfaoo

  • FR-S had a whooping 202rwhp.

  • Hi Cars Across Texas! Your footage is amazing! Any interest in having it featured on ChiveTv as well as our car centric channel Throttle Tv on the Atmosphere Network? atmosphere.tv/channels/throttle-tv We'd love to feature you and would make sure to credit you anytime your footage is used :D. If you're interested feel free to reach out at kris.walker@atmosphere.tv

  • I, as a Dutchman would love to see something like this

  • I swear chubbo, if you say sheesh one more time, I’m gonna find you and slap you

  • I've realized that at some car meets people rev their engines looking for a spot. Do they park or do it while in drive how does that work. Like they rev while in drive but don't even move can someone explain that.

    • Texas FC most likely putting their cars in neutral and hitting the gas

  • 3:26 is not a wing...it's a waang

  • 5:49

  • Suzuki swift in a car meet of muscles

  • I don't get people that rev their cars. Shit is retarded

  • Of course it’s a 370 with stock motor and wheels just looking for attention lol

  • That g35 talking about doing donuts....lol. The unpainted fender... lol

  • 🏎👀🔥🚦💪☄

  • That's a classic 370/350z moment, pop till the engine pops

  • awesome video as always ;D

  • Get a Mic cover bro the wind kinda ruins the vid

  • Sick cars! And that sound at 8:39... got me chills

  • I met you, Sinclair, and Bigbee TV at this meet! Love y’all 🤘🏻 (i was the skinny white kid with glasses in a red shirt lmao)

  • 1:15 is that a Sentra

  • That is so bad for you’re fuel

  • 7:20 that Paul wall tho lmao

  • The grey cammed 5th gen was the best sounding car in this entire vid. And please lets leave the revving and pops for the guys that still live at home. They are easily impressed. True car guys think that shit is for idiots. And it really does sound like shit....its one step up from the ricer fart cans.

    • Someone’s MADDDD!!!!! 😂

  • 0:59 Thought that was freshkiicks q50 for a sec LOL

    • ahahahahahah only missin the fenders

  • I love my mustang, but damn I love a good chop from those camaros! I love your videos man!

  • 5:50

  • Good shit

  • Ford mustang cobra terminator is amazing🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    • tell me you've seen the classic vid that's like 12 yrs old of that killer black one running the block....

  • Where these meets at?

  • In my opinion if you're gonna be stupid and abuse your car like that you deserve to have it break.

  • Saturday night and I hear some of yall playing on 249 near 99... stay safe or I will get to meet yall. Lol 🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑 P.S. the rides are sick! Wish I had the cash to do some stuff to my S10.

  • Y’all should come down to SA on June 20th cause it’s finna be hella big and hella lit, just like when we took over highway 90 a couple days ago lol

  • Chill meet

  • Dude I am addicted to your videos!!! Keep uploading but I think I might lose some hearing it is worth it tho

  • Ik the nigga with the 370🤣 i told him he on yt🤷🏽‍♂️

  • I love it my bro keep up the work and I love the video and c6 💯💯💯💯💯

  • I bet that TT 5.0 is nasty!!!!

  • Speedhouston on insta tells all the meets and there’s one every Tuesday I forgot what restaurant

  • If your interested in other types of builds like 12 valves and Cummins Swaps Check out my Channel! Currently Swapping a 12 valve into a '73 International Travelall and a Cummins R2.8 into a Scout II!!

  • Any people in denton dallas area of texas who do car meets?

  • seriously HEAT WRAP on the intake how fucking stupid are people

  • Hey my group was putting on the meet last night I got a bunch of videos of the fights if you want them also one of my buddies broke his hand punching someone in the face

  • I’m at 3050 lbs in a fifth gen. When I tell you, you gotta TRY to lose weight in a fifth gen, man, it’s takes a lot of dedication to do so. Respect to that sixth gen weighing 3100

  • That’s the end of that 🤣

  • 5:50 your welcome

  • Nice cars and content

  • 2:22 😂😂😂😂

    • SANTIAGO AH KID ong 😭😭🤣

    • Chico smaks ツ he’s a LIE he did no burnout😂

  • You can already tuned by admin tuning he has the sauce every z owner can dream off

  • Is Sinclair Photos your brother?

  • 8:38 made me nutt

  • Preciate putting the 3v in the vid

  • There’s no way that SS weighs 3100 lbs.

    • Cars Across Texas how do I join the next meet? I got a 2020 M2 Competition.

    • BAYAREAMX bro it does haha, it literally is completely gutted. He even took off windshield wipers to save weight lmfao

  • That's a awesome freakn meet no lie wish i could go to those 💯💯💯👌🔥🔥

  • G35 has a vlsd

  • If it’s gonna shoot flames, Atleast let it sound good

  • Terminators are dope asf 🤤

  • Sometime I wonder what these people do as a career. Currently grinding for my dream.

    • Just work hard.

    • These are all easily obtainable cars...don't sell yourself short.

  • 4:57 yo wtf is a Suzuki swift doing in the states tf

    • I see em around sometimes In Missouri

    • My buddy had the Suzuki swift hatch back in the day and if you called it a Geo you'd get corrected asap🤣🤣

    • @Skiddy its should fit nicely in my zc32s it has allot of space around the engine to work even with bolt ons

    • it most likely came from mexico

    • @reshon palmer damn i really want the new one, the engine bay looks big enough to fit maybe a single turbo 4g63

  • 0:37 that camaro is scary fast

  • VQ life 🔥

  • This channel is sick man!! I love that you don’t bullshit with talking and most of the video is racing and cars. Respect from utah

  • timing chain or serpentine belt???? its a vq so i know it has a timing chain is that what he mess up?

    • I would assume serpentine belt since the engine wouldn't run anymore if it was the timing chain.

    • I don’t know haha, I’m just going off of what I was told. You can hear it break tho

  • 2:50 that burnout hurt to watch.

  • Typical g35 shitbox owner “ I CoUlD Do SomE dOugHnuTs fOr yoU” Then proceeds to look foolish It brought me immense joy to see that 370 snap a belt. All that money in exhaust just to go to a meet and shoot flames.

    • Ryan Ramirez because 9 out of 10 times their drivers are douches

    • Unknown there’s a reason why people are calling them the new Honda’s in the car scene

    • Unknown trueee, they’re still good bang for buck cars tho and you can’t hate them for that ;)

    • Why are G35’s and 370’s gettin shit on?

    • TheBrandonDawson the VQ cars were cool like a decade ago. Now they got so cheap to the point where all the young ricers craving for attention can buy them and do all this dumb shit for social media.

  • I have a dream ! A dream that all Americans will stop calling Bimmers Beamers by 2025

  • 4:57 that was a suzuki swift common in the caribbean

  • bought time i see a damn term on your vids...

    • julian garcia I wish I saw more of them bro! I love them, I almost pulled the trigger on a Mystichrome termi instead of the car I’m about to pick up

  • Not trying to be that guy but...those are scissor doors, not butterfly doors.

    • Back in the day they were called Lambo doors lol

  • brother just wanted to let you know just finished editing my latest vlog for tuesday with a muscle car section complete with a shout out to your channel , look out in your instagram DM's for when it's uploaded , I know you don't know me , but trust me when I say your not gonna wanna miss it , & another sick vlog from your canadian car culture brethren

  • Bullet hole AMG 😂 still runs tho

  • Bro how do u know where shows goes down in H-town I'm always know about it the day after

  • I’m assuming by ltx motor you meant lsx

    • No sir, it’s now LTX because the platform change. Here’s the parts for an example lol paceperformance.com/c-1063787-performance-engine-drivetrain-ltx-performance-gen-v-performance-parts.html

    • Kevin Alonso Yes LT1, there’s no such thing as LTX, either LT4 or LT1 or... by LSX I meant the actual LSX block

    • Аскариии Nope. 6th gens have the new LT1. Not the LS3 no more

  • I CAN DO SOME BURNOUTS FOR YOU - PROCEEDS TO FAIL HORRIBLY ... HE SHOULD BE BANNED FOR THE NEXT 4 CAR MEETS 🙄 he was better off parking his shit and walking around like everyone elese instead of tryna show off in a fucking nissan lol 😆

  • All you people are assholes

  • Wish I can Visit and take my car out there one day 😭

  • ayy i’m 16 and got a v6 camaro put a turbo on it and a cold air intake what’s a good way to make it loud but not sound terrible ?

    • Follow on insta @slidewayzcubano

    • Ferriswh33l3svat it’s a great first car! I had a 13 RS

    • It needs a spoiler forsure

    • hoes madd yea not that but i’m only 16 i got my license a few months ago so it’s a good first car

    • Don't straight pipe it

  • C63 with the dent in right rear quarter panel??? All that money but can’t fix a dent 🤔 hand me down maybe Edit: dent(s) bullet hole

  • Niceeee

  • Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

  • 1:38 the license plate doesn't lie

  • That widebody mustang is beautiful!!!! Edit: all the cars on the car meet are beautiful, it's hard for me to choose only one

  • Hey guys how are you

  • Also, when i buy my first car, i will try everything to make it shoot flames

  • First!

  • I read: SHOOTING FLAMES, and i came really fast, then i read the rest..... Edit: that flames are so cool!!!!

  • Love it when im first to watch and like with no views