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This meet was wild. Every TX2K Houston Underground Races puts on a huge event. This year they stepped it up a notch and brought it to a facility where we were legally allowed to be so no cops were there righting ridiculous tickets like the Track 21 meet last year. Everything from 1000 horsepower Street Cars to an R34 GTR to Twin Turbo Lambos came. Enjoy the video guys!
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  • haha lol so funny i called a C6Z a C7Z on accident. little brain fart. it happens.

    • Also "they like to party."

    • Clint Redmon noted. Sometimes I don’t realize how much I’m saying things lol

  • 14:39 @thatguymarin👀👀👀

  • Los Angeles streets would destroy these cool rides. Texas highways so smooth and large.

  • Great video 👍

  • hella edgars

  • Great coverage. Stop saying "cuh". It's awful!

  • AY this dude looks like he likes to party

  • your knowledge of cars is impressive

  • That catfish ain’t playing

  • I’d say the khaki mustang is probably my favorite(dream car saleen s7)

  • 19:15 i’m in the hood

  • So underglow really is making a comeback 🤣🤣

  • Supra

  • The Impala is my favorite

  • Poor supra

  • I was hoping they would all blow bored of seeing this shit PUT IT IN GEAR AND START FUCKING MOVINNGGGGGG

  • And the supras

  • And the hurican

  • The Audi R8 V10 or the V10+ GT3 RS or the R34 or the R35

  • My favorite car there is the Audi R8 V10+

  • The state sancho just made my day 😂😂😂

  • 4:09

  • Unno much bout Cars Across Texas, but I heard he likes to party 🥳

  • I'm just putting this out there that the old school car and blackwidowsupra would be a interesting 2 step competition.

  • It’s a shame who ever tried to roll the fenders on that Supra

  • Tow Mater was clearly the only real car out there

  • Black Widow Supra will kill those cars. They sound weak AF!

  • Lz correct me if I am wrong but ain't the R34 Skyline illegal in the states. But I love to see a R34

    • Yes technically it is because of the 25 year import law BUT If you have enough connections and WAY more money than you would if it was legal you can get the car in legally

  • Dude you really needs to learn About japanese cars 😅 you knew the r34, the gtr and the supra mk4 but you kept quiet on most of the other "jdm" cars

  • At 19:04 some one needs to roast some marshmallows with those flames🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • I think my speakers blew out on my phone

  • 15:03 what kind of dumb fuck would bring their dog with extreme senses to a car meet?

  • 17:25 rip my ears

  • #BADASS / LETS GO 2020

  • Fav car 🤔 hands downs Supra

  • Glad to see someone putting that silver Supra to good use! I remember it was sold on a government auction, it would be better to see it on the actual event instead of the meet though.

  • You showed goonzsqauds home made ss car

  • What do all these douche canoes get out of watching these cars farting out these stupid flames ? It seems as gay as 10 dudes fucking 6. And if I had $5 for every time this guy says "He must want to/he likes to party" I could definitely retire.

  • Kobe truck is lame. Maybe Kobe paid the dudes rent or cell phone bill

  • Great video man, Also RIP Kobe Bryant

  • You're like a Supercars Suspect but in Texas

  • Pretty much never buy a used Z

  • 14:51 😂😂

  • The old school MK3 Supra and the widebody Supra FTW

  • Where , what location was this meet bro? I'm local and I totally missed it ! (2005 sti)

  • Watch "Turbocharged Camaro REVENGE" on AR-one

  • Quick question, there's not SMOG test in Texas? How y'all pass emission test?

    • There are, as long as there's no cel light, horn works, and no illegal tint you're good lol. Most of the emission shops here just want you in and out

  • Aye that’s my Vette @ 11:11 haha. V8 CUH

  • The mustang that said "ImStock" what was he doing exactly ? Was that terrible sound him red lining?

  • How is this nobody talking

  • Man you a broke ass hater fuckin nerd with no life

  • They dumb shouldn’t be in front the car

  • Ayeeee im the silver GTO 😁😁😁

  • Thanks for the cool videos brother

  • Can you do a more toyota supra race

  • 17:47 woah that was close maybe they got hit

  • 4:08 & 4:16 Cool Disney Pixar Cars in real life

  • When's the next one? And where someone HMU @evences123 - ig

  • It’s funny that girls are pretending to care. It’s like girls pretending to care about football. It just funny

    • they're there for the clout and attention. not to mention that these cars have a shit ton of money put into them

  • "Look at this catfish" lol made me scream in my livingroom. Thanks!

  • Hey man do you know if there are any meets coming up for Saturday?? Not sure where to find them.

  • Great job on the channel the wife has decided to put the Hellion twin turbo sleeper kit on her fully built Scat Pack we'll see you guys out there soon we're also doing it to our 6.4 Ram Power Wagon

  • CEO of calling a Holden a Chevy ss

    • yumyum GAMING real Holdens are extremely rare in the US. 99.99% of them you see with Holden badges are just rebadged SS. There’s no significant difference but Chevy SS were sold here, holdens are not.

  • The purple car is mine it's a 62 biscayne

  • 8:32 fastest car there no cap and watch 17:20 when the flames comes look at the girl😂

  • Well done, bro!!! Until next time...

  • Who wants that smoke?

  • 18:43 so many liberty statues 😂

  • Who else thought that Mustang 2-step at 21:00 sounded like complete garbage?👋🏼

  • Apparently a lot of people ar this meet like to party


  • they are coming to impound everyone’s ride

    • The1969ssx66 I saw that too

  • 2:50 c7z 😂😂

  • 7:19 The true meaning of custom maed 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • its a 2 step battle and hes just revving his shit box all proud lmaoooooooooooooooooo

  • That 350z was embarrassing lmaoo


  • Lol one guy got salty he almost got ran over by the 370z , don’t stand in front of cars 🤣

  • Talk about car porn🤣, sick video as always man 👍🔥

  • I see my hovercraft ie* the Widebody Porsche Cayman S, I would have brought the monster van but it's getting some updates!!!!! Waiting custom wheels for the Porsche!!!!!

    • Daniel Penny that’s dope man haha, I can’t wait to see the finished product. I’ve tossed around the idea doing a widebody Cayman build.

  • U h town refinery boys get back to work

  • 2:54 blah blah blah c7 z dude it’s a C6

    • Cars Across Texas I know I was teasing

    • Brandon Zgadzaj I know, I’m not that dumb lmfao. I had a C6Z. I just slipped up and said the wrong thing

  • Show some bikes

  • thank you

  • 20:43 when you find a gun from the toy store and just keep shooting it

    • Never heard 2 step like that before, I wonder what he asked for from the tuner 😂 "gimme them automatic nail gun pops bro"

    • Sounds like a Helicopter

    • Mohammed Zahra lowkey sounds like a toy gun

    • Mohammed Zahra lmfaooo 🤣

  • I was the MK3 Supra in the rev battle. I should’ve turned up the rev limiter to throw bigger flames 😂

    • I wanted people to lose their legs tho 😂😂

    • Yo but those were still some big ass flames tho

  • 2:51 “high rise intake on the c7z” 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • DailyFNvlogs - I would too, ill probally say “ look at that procharged c8”😂

    • 😂😂😂 no biggie you just sounded extremely excited

    • Cars Across Texas - 😂😂

    • DailyFNvlogs sometimes I get a little stupid. No sleep doesn’t help my case either lmfao

  • 11:37 but whos leaking breh👀

  • That impala was something else. I was on the other side where the exhaust was and still was loud af

  • 👀

  • That E98 was spittin 🔥🔥

  • kyle from blackwidowsupra would ran past these kids on a 2step comp

  • Love the vids

  • Thank You for coming out! Awesome Vlog you got here.

  • I bust a Nut 🥜 Every time Is See The Black Procharged Nova 😂😍

  • I wonder how many going to suffer from hearing loss 😂

  • I appreciate you feeding my addiction to cars!👍

  • Had a fun time in Mexico last night with that Audi R8 fake taxi he was very surprised by my stockish Hellcat but I had absolutely nothing for his 3 other buddies 1000+ GTR's and Blk Lambo lmao great video keep up the great job!

  • Everyone n anyone is there

  • Wish i was there next year forsure